Tuesday, March 29, 2011


FIRSTLY, I made a new header.  The old one was big and ugly and I meant to remove it and somehow forgot to....Anyway.  Anyway, I will -probably- make a new one using the same elements in a little while if/when I get an animating program in anticipation of college.  

I challenged myself to make 100 images--or something like that, maybe more--where I would draw something to a song or something that would have to come easily or be worked on in whatever way I wanted.  This is finished now but it started with the background, which was splatter art.  It's not quite done, I think.  I'm planning to add some shadows and iridescent medium and some text.  So you don't see it yet.  Soon, though.  I promise.  This was to Dance in the Dark by Lady GaGa.  

I traced and reworked the old version of this.  Evelyn Evelyn fanart.  http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=2182416918151440743&postID=6558473618026877693 original version.  

 I could've sworn I scanned a trade for twinklestah, whose blog on here is REALLY awesome and you should all see it: http://twinklestah.blogspot.com
But I either didn't or finished cleaning it up before I transferred things to my new laptop.

Warning: adult content under the cut.