Sunday, December 4, 2011


I decided to make some ponysonas for myself and a few of my far just Carlos and Merriweather. 

Carlos is the only one with a finalized design, so I drew her out...

Her ponysona's name is Sweet Surprise, her element is spontaneity, her special talents are performance art and design, and her cutie mark symbolizes that, along with her strong ties to family and friends and interest in kink.

Her wings are really quite weak; she's afraid of flying and isn't very good at it, is only able to hover a little. Her horn is much more powerful and she is an accomplished magic user.
Sweet Surprise is also half zebra, hence the stripes on her legs.

I'm gonna make a doll of her to go with the others too, I think.  I have all the bodies done and I need to scan them.  I'm starting the clothes--the underwear is all inked except for AJ and about halfway colored.

Also, an ACEO that's probably going to my grandma for Christmas.  I had been messing around with my inks and tinted a few cards, then decided to draw a peacock (reference-less) on the card.  No undersketch.  I hope she likes it.  I never know what to get my relatives and I VERY rarely am able to draw something I know they'll enjoy, so this will literally be the first piece of art I remember planning to make and give to a relative.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Just a quick update: 
Finished, scanned, uploaded to FA last night.  Lineart commission for Magnus.
Started last night, finished this morning.  Heavily reffed raffle prize for Octopieces.

I rock.

PS, commissions are open, G-XXX, and the raffle is an ongoing bi-weekly event on my FA.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Two commission sketches, adult art update, reference sheet in the works, a few art cards.

2, 3, 4.  Now part of a theme for Shadowed Lives ACEOs illustrating the different characters.  Colors correspond to their energies, personalities, and connections with other characters and forces in the story.

Sketch for an ink commission for Magnus on FA.  Since I've been watching too much Metalocalypse, this seemed like a good idea, lol.
(in that order.  most graphic at bottom, nudity-only at top)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Andy Roth

Liam's partner, friends with some people we don't really see from his hometown in Orchard Park, NY (near Buffalo), Emma, Merriweather (Carlos too but he and Merriweather have more in common in terms of personality and experiences), Andrea, notJude's!Rob (kind of--he's not sure how to feel about him), the guys from I Read The Giver, and his friends from work.  Andy is comfortable with being alone or with Liam's friends and while he doesn't see Dan as one of his best friends he does see him as a sort of family member since he's around so much and Liam and Dan are so close.
He also looks like a librarian. :/

Andy's got some recessive traits causing his fur to be thicker and small differences in his facial structure (more catlike than the rest of his family, most likely) and physical structure (six nipples, retractable nail-claw-things, etc).  He's a ticked tabby, hence the small number of stripes.  He has a human reproductive system and organs, though, so don't draw cat parts.  Please.
He has a few tendencies he's had to learn to curb such as pouncing people he doesn't like (or does like...), clawing things, chasing things, stalking things, swatting at things....etc.  He also purrs and hisses more than most anthro cats would deem normal or appropriate, but it's something he has difficulty controlling.

Full name: Andrew Roth, goes by Andy.
Birthday: January 14, 1988
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155 lbs
Body Type: Average, on the slight side.
Occupation: Journalist, poet.
Ethnicity/Species: Grey tabby cat, Jewish, Polish.
Faith: Raised Jewish, loosely Jewish but doesn’t do kosher and all that.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Partner: Liam
Siblings:  Oliver, 1 year younger, Peter, six years younger,  Zach, 7 years younger, Zoe, 9 years younger.
Music: Bright Eyes, Ben Folds, Parenthetical Girls, Of Montreal, Coldplay, Interpol, The Shins, The New Pornographers, Extra Life (he feels they’re hit-and-miss), Keane, Brand New, Mother Mother, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Jason Webley, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Smashing Pumpkins, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Dear & The Headlights, The New Pornographers, The Boy Least Likely To, Sholi, Joni Mitchell, Smashing Pumpkins, The Jezebels, Florence & The Machine, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (preferred to Metric, likes them too), Interpol, The Starlight Mints, The Servant, R.E.M., Radiohead, Ra Ra Riot, Arcade Fire, U2.  Soft rock, indie, acoustic, folk,
Fashion: Sweater vests, jeans (skinny or regular), slacks, earthy colors, natural prints, argyle, band tees, slacks, ties, wooden engagement ring, sandals, barefoot, leather dress shoes, tennis shoes.  Usually librarian-ish/grandpa chic, erring towards dressy more often than not.  Doesn’t accessorize.
Personality: Andy is gentle, kind, and quiet, but not unsocial.  He has some incredibly house cat-esque tendencies due to a “primitive” gene he expresses that he sometimes has difficulty curbing (chasing things, pouncing things, purring and hissing—the latter two he often can’t help).  Very easily embarrassed and self-conscious, overly critical of himself especially in terms of his personal writing, which he lets almost no one read (he’s only published because of Liam’s coaxing, bribing, and trickery, but it did boost his confidence after). He already has made many sacrifices for Liam’s host of medical problems and hospital stays, but has also remained with him through the drugs, suicide threats, medication failures, etc.  He believes in Liam more than anyone.  He is disgusted by the devolution of news to hype, which is partially why he’s a journalist.  He is somewhat easily annoyed but less easily distracted.
Drugs: He used to smoke pot, rarely does anymore.  Drinks, but only on special occasions; has a veeery low tolerance level.
Likes: NPR, BBC, Harry Potter, Torchwood, coffee, cafes, Mac products, Pickled rodents and fish, East European cuisine, Sunbathing, cooking, interior decorating, fall, walks, Pomeranians, their dogs Fortinbras & Hamlet, MLP FiM, Where the Wild Things Are, Shaun Tan, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, chocolate, scritchings from Liam (haha, tail especially), stalking and pouncing Liam & pets, shiny things, catching flies.
Dislikes: Elvis, Gravy Train!!!!, Blink-182 (he tolerates them, and listens to them ONLY if Liam’s not around and he misses him). Politics centering around personal gain, incorrect news, real cats (they creep him out), horror movies, cigarettes, crazy parties, snow, smoke, pretentious asses, hot humid weather, how his fur puffs sometimes if he blow dries it, MTV.
Movies: Cohen Brothers & Miyazaki.  Also Mirrormask, Where the Wild Things Are, The Dark Crystal, LOTR, Be Kind Rewind, Little Miss Sunshine, The Birdcage, ET, Lilo & Stitch, Inception, Muppets Treasure Island,
Due to his recessive genes he not only has more cattish behaviors but features too—unusually thick fur, six nipples, retractable claws (usually trimmed, shown here out)
Bangs are swept in an effort to cover his forehead
Hair and eyes similar honey color
Face mix of human and cat features
Ticked tabby
Cinnamon fur, warm red stripes
M-shape on forehead, stripes down back, socks with stripes
Toes on left foot all white

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11/06/11: 1st Raffle//$5 Sketch Commissions

I held a raffle that was supposed to be the first of ongoing bi-weekly raffles, but shit hit the metaphorical fan and I have to reorganize myself a little, plus I got one person in for the entire raffle, which was a little disappointing.  Eventually I'll start it up again.

I was pretty happy I got to draw for Tooth, though.  :)

She's supposed to be blowing dandelion seeds around.  That's fun.  I didn't get to do it this fall because my college doesn't have dandelions.  Anywhere.

Head looks too big to me and I think the arm and wrist have issues.


Tried out ink-shading for the first time in a long time.  Sketchy, but I kinda meant it to be that way.  I did a fun little pattern of flowers on her top.  Her pose still feels a little stiff but her head's more proportionate and overall this isn't too bad, I think.  Sketching just part of a person can be HUGELY difficult when you don't have everything there to compare...I read somewhere that it's best to just draw everything and cut away or draw everything on a separate sketch and transfer part of it.

ALSO, I'm doing $5 commissions for a vet bill and if you commission me you get an additional free sketch from Tyber.  You should go do that.  G-XXX welcome, just be sure to read the commissions page. :)
Paypal is darkmoon  hates you at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01/11: Halloween!

Firstly, since I neglected to post my Halloween art....remnants may be working their way in over the next few weeks.  I'm still in pumpkin mode.
So my neighbor decided to throw a party and I couldn't sleep because the apartment was shaking so I made a bunch of Halloween ACEOS.

I worked on another project that -may- be too fragile/big to scan; I'll have to see...but it made me way into toning paper with ink.
The Shining, woo.

More of The Shining.  Liam is a frighteningly plausible Jack Torrance.

Not-Dog from Shadowed Lives, hunting for

Then a departure from creepsville for a really cute little greeting card sort of deal of Carlos with sugar skull face paint, all ready for Halloween.  And delicately licking a lollipop....saucy.

 I've got prints of all of these coming in the mail thanks to Snapfish having free tiny prints when you join (well, shipping, but still a good deal).  Plus now til mid November if you use the code PRINTSFREE you can get 100 tiny prints excluding shipping, so...a lot of ACEO prints coming to me, yay!

Friday, October 21, 2011

10/19/11: MLP FiM Dolls!

RARITY!  She's slim and curvy, medium-chested, but not muscled.  Many people may envy this build, but not everyone has it, and that's more than okay.  There is more than one kind of beauty in the world!  Plus, if we all looked like this, shopping would be entirely impossible.  All the good stuff would be gone immediately.

FLUTTERSHY!  She's the longest-limbed doll.  A delicate model build, slightly androgynous, and small-chested, but she is NOT anorexic.  If you're born this way, don't let people tell you to fatten up unless your doctor says so!  This is how you are.  There's a lot of stigma against skinny AND chubby girls--don't let it get to you.

PINKIE PIE!  (inks) She's a little heavy, but no less beautiful than the other dolls...besides, with the biggest bust, I'd bet the others are a little jealous.  If you're heavier than some of your friends, don't let that make you feel like you're worth less than they are.  Stay positive!

RAINBOW DASH!  (inks coming soon) She's fit, slim, and muscled--meant to have a runner's build.  She keeps herself fit for the sports, though, not the other way around--if your motivation to do an activity is not (at least partially) to find joy in the movement itself, what's the point?  She doesn't let her body image or fitness level control her.

OH also, more stickers.  They're so fun to make.

Also, exciting news.  Starting the -actual comic- soon.  :) as in...well...the first three or four pages, but still.

Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/11: Badges n Stickers // MLP FiM Dolls // Andy Ref WIP // Altered Book preview

Hi, y'all.  I have a lot to post, but it's really cool stuff and I'm pretty excited to share it.
The one to the left is for my IRL friend Liz.  I made the character for her for Christmas.  The one on the right is a bonus for a trade with Trey

Rest of the trade--Trey's ratpossum fursona.  Fairly pleased with the outcome--the coloring, shading especially, I'm very pleased with--I use a lot of tones when I color to make things more rich and lifelike, and I feel I did that well, but her eyes seems off to me, slightly :P.  I added a little star between Retro and Rodent, but that was after I scanned it. XP 
Okay, so since I'm going to Anthrocon and ToraCon next year, I figured I should make some fanart to sell....and I love MLP FiM, and so does everyone else, and I wanted to make fanart of Rarity for some time...and had been considering doing an ATC for each of the mane six, and I wanted to draw them in their Gala gowns, but then my friend suggested how about making paper dolls?  Here's the inks for Rarity.  
Each one's gonna have at least a slightly different body type.  I feel the show's message of "girls are all unique" would, if they were human characters, hopefully reflect this in body types.  I'm thinking of making Fluttershy a little slimmer than this, and more flat and less curvy--a typical model (the model episode's one of my favorites).  I want Pinkie Pie to be a little heavy.  Rainbow Dash would obv. be more muscular without being un-feminine, and I dunno where Twilight Sparkle would be--I feel maybe curvy, borderline plump...and then Applejack would be on the athletic side as well.  Each one's going to have their gala gown as well as underwear and a regular "casual" outfit. I may make their pets to go with, and maaaybe a little Spike with a little bowtie, haha.  Not sure yet.
I also have plans to do some comic promo art in the style of Adventure Time as well as some Pokemon and maybe if I have time some Powerpuff Girls and Flapjack art too.  These are gonna be my main focus for now, though.  Very excited.

I'm gonna fix the width of Rarity's right eyelid to match the left when I add her eyeshadow and then I feel her linework will be fine.  Been playing with line weight and this was another good opportunity to do so.

Liam's partner, a ticked tabby cat.  I did two headshots and at first liked neither but I kinda like the one on the left more.  I think he may have a white belly but I'm not sure.  
Andy's a genetic rarity--he has a more animal face, more body fur, extra nipples, and slightly more animal behavior.  Not that he's uncivilized--he usually shows more restraint than Liam could dream of, but he purrs, hisses, etc. unconsciously, which most anthro cats don't do.  Most of them look more humanoid as well.  He also has a bad habit of pouncing, and has retractable claws--his nails are supposed to be slitted, my bad XP maybe they're really blunt and the tips are visible?  Idk.
Ticked tabbies are really cute. 

So that's what I've been up to over the past few weeks.  I finished Carlos' ref last week (or was it the week before?) and posted it on her ref page on here, and also worked on a really neat altered book project themed after the comic (shadowed lives) but it got collected before I could scan the pages.  
Here's two unfinished's all I've got scanned.
warning, this file is massive.  I kind of forgot to resize it.  I probably should but it's also the unfinished version and I just don't care right now.

First page illustration.  It was cut out and pasted onto a tinted page--every page of the book was inkwashed. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


HEY, I scanned sections of more of my summer character sketches.  Emma aww, but also dan FINALLY CORRECT FROM SIDE VIEW and getting high/coming down/smooching/making gross faces at unseen food.  Also Liam n Andy.  Andy looks bad, so ignore him.  AND the Not-Dog--they're concept sketches and the face isn't right, but you know...:/

Carlos human ref WIP, thought it'd make a good example of my linework for commission information....although nude.  :/

Warning: Mild nudity under cut.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bailey Roderick Mellizano

Bailey is my oldest character still in use. I think he's even older than Darkmoon.
He's changed a lot in some ways, and in other ways he's just grown up.  

He married a girl who got pregnant by him--Amy--for the sake of the kids.  They had  been best friends as children but she became completely infatuated with him and  took advantage of him while he was high and neglected to use protection.  His three youngest--Charolette, Caroline, and Tristan--are hers.  His older girl, Tibby, isn't actually his biologically but he had her dumped on him by her negligent mother.  Eventually Amy kicked him out--she was sick of him sleeping with other men, but knew full well he was gay when they married.
Used to date Jazz, has an active sexual relationship with Gage.  
IDs as androgynous/gender null.  Underdresses always, and crossdresses frequently. 
His parents are divorced-long time coming-and he's the oldest of three children.  The younger two are far younger--youngest being a toddler and second youngest don't know.  Maybe...7?  He refuses to talk to his mother anymore due to their constant severe issues between eachother, most of which are her fault/making.  His parents also married out of obligation; his mother had gotten pregnant at 19.  Bailey rarely talks to his father either since they only get along half the time.  
Despite continued issues with alcohol and emotional and physical health problems--anxiety and inferiority complexes mostly, but also immune deficiency and metabolic and skeletal issues (hence his skinniness/anatomy),  he's a good worker, locally successful artist/writer, and pretty hot model and drag queen (drag name Missy Skeleton).
Bailey moved out as soon as he could, partially kicked out...had no friends in school, a lot of phobias, drugs and drama and other problems.  
Also also, he's friends with a ton of people, closest with Carlos and Lindsay and Carlos' parents and Jazz and Gage.

Full Name: Bailey Roderick Mellizano
Birthday: 6/28/1988
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 120-180 lbs. (anxiety/phobias, metabolic issues, bad immunity, long-term sicknesses/conditions, addictions, etc account for this)
Body Type: Long, gangly, bony.  Fragile, seemingly stretched skeleton.  Short, soft fur, unhealthy and sheds in clumps.  Far more feline than canine.
Occupation: Part-time animator, freelance writer/graphic novelist/artist, model.  Cook sometimes.
Ethnicity/Species: Japanese, Italian, Dutch.  Kitsune-cat demon mix.  Cat part of him is Japanese Bobtail (ftw!).
Faith: Cultural/species-exclusive faith.  Mostly resembles a mix of Shinto & Hinduism.
Sexuality: Gay (male-bodied and male-identifying people, not only cis men).
Partner: -
Children: His and Amy’s: Caroline and Charolette, Tristan.  Tibby, Jimmy’s daughter.
Siblings: Joy and Wolf. 
Music: The Cure, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Manic Street Preachers, The Knife, AFI, Placebo, The Birthday Massacre, NIN, Parenthetical Girls, Skinny Puppy, Say Anything, Scarling., Morrissey, Bauhaus, Oingo Boingo, A Perfect Circle, Rozz Williams, Psychedelic Furs, My Bloody Valentine, The Faint, Joy Division, Lush, Dead or Alive, Sopor Aeternus, The Dresden Dolls, Arcade Fire, Rasputina, Echo & The Bunnymen, Electric Lights Orchestra, Cocteau Twins, Lady GaGa, Apoptygma Berzerk, Death Cab for Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Dope Stars Inc.,  Assemblage 23, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Blue October, Audra, Scissor Sisters, Dead Can Dance, The Boy Least Likely To, Matt & Kim, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, T-Rex, Slowdive, Coldplay, The Cruxshadows, The Crystal Method, Third Eye Blind, Pre-Day and Age Killers, Ra Ra Riot, The Matches.  80’s, Goth, New Wave, Shoegaze, Cabaret, Baroque Pop, Electronic, Industrial, Classical.  Dislikes Country and Jazz.
Fashion: GLAM and DANDY.  That is all you need to know.
Pinstripe, suits, girl’s AND boy’s shirts, skinny jeans, leggings, boots, heels, hair clips, fishnet, skirts or dresses, vests, both bright and dark makeup, glitter, corsets/ waist cinchers, furs, cigarette holders.  Underdresses; is a practicing transvestite fetishist and public crossdresser.  Is androgynous-genderqueer, which is reflected in his fashion.  Likes black, purple, silver, blue, grey, white, and both subdued and bright colors.  Fashion varies from Victorian gothic to bright and colorful 80’s, but always with elements of glam or dandyism.  Culturally he’s been exposed to the more asian side of goth (NOT.  LOLITA.  EVER.  So out of character omg) so that can be reflected.  Spiky stuff often worn.  Often wears gloves and a mask in public because of phobia of germs and his delicate health.  Two black collars (spiked on top, bell underneath) or one combining the above elements are almost always worn (he has other, more colorful ones too).  HE’S A BIG OL GLAMFUR AND A DRAG QUEEN, HAFE FUN WITH IT.
Personality: Silly, flamboyant, outgoing, kind to a fault.  Easily given to dark moods.  Incredibly nervous, prone to breakdowns.  Often ill, coughing and sneezing frequently.  Very intelligent.  ADHD, slight  narcissist, inferiority complex, insomniac, and prone to anxiety.  Phobic.  Cuddly.  Good with kids and pets, except dogs can make him nervous.  Super gay nasal voice and annoying laugh.  Sometimes puts on annoying arrogant airs but he’s a good guy.  He loathes his mother but doesn't exactly love his father, both were negligent—his upbringing bred his gender, disorders, mode of dress, simultaneously low and high self-esteem, attitude towards sex, attitude towards work, and most of all, his need for constant attention.  He is a hard, uncomplaining worker but everything in him screams aristocrat—it took him a while to realize he is not “above” many jobs.   Sexually, he tends to be a thrill seeker and gets bored of people easily, often having several lovers at once which he drops at a whim.  Transvestite and submissive, enjoys mild humiliation and spanking, meets most of his lovers through drag or his modeling job.  Has very little free time, like...ever.
Drugs: Pot, catnip, alcohol (goes on drunken sprees lasting months, followed by periods of “reform”).  His favorites are blush wine, rum, watermelon vodka, sourpuss, and super sugared absinthe. Rare use of opium and hallucinogens, occasionally harder drugs, has had serious addiction issues in the past.  Little to no self-control with cravings (drugs and sex).  
Likes: 80’s nostalgia, graphic novels (SANDMAN, Fables, Paradise Kiss), fashion, cooking and eating food, drawing, painting and animating, drag, acting, white chocolate and fancy chocolates, video games, conventions, storytelling, fairy tales, horror, Silent Hill, fantasy, his heritage, concerts, hugging and snuggling EVERYONE, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, thrift store hunting, My Little Ponies and Carebears. Flapjack, Adventure Time!, cats/kittens, babies, theatre, film, history, lingustics, culture, goff stuff, shopping, Katamari, Robert Smith, Resident Evil, genderfuck, transvestism.
Dislikes: Reality TV, the fam, death (fears but is fascinated with it), big bodies of water/swimming (phobic), high bridges (phobic), dirty public places—especially public restrooms ( germ phobic), having his tails pulled, poor grammar and handwriting, baths (annoying b/c of all his fur), being mistaken for Chinese (he will cut a bitch), eating foods high in fat or grain content (food issues), red meats, planes (he needs a sedative to go on them).
Movies: The Last Unicorn, Velvet Goldmine, Paprika (and any other Satoshi Kon film...), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko, Coraline, The Wall, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Beetlejuice, Nosferatu, Pirate Radio, Pom Poko, Airplane!, Labyrinth, The first Matrix, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, The Neverending Story, Edward Scissorshands, The Secret Window, 1408, Party Monster, Hedwig and the Angry Itch, A Clockwork Orange, The Prestige, Shutter Island, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Being John Malkovitch.

rich brown doe eyes, cat pupils, long lashes. 
Skin around eyes is grey, with peachfuzz-fur.
Ears are HUGE, more foxish.  Inside skin is dark, dusty pink. 
Small mouth, full lips, sharp incisors, cat tongue.  Can (and does) wear lipstick.
Remember: Practicing transvestite.  All underwear is feminine.
Ears: Cartilidge-16g, can be any sort of stud or ring.  Lobes-.0g, Plugs, tunnels, swirls. 
Hair: Fluffy.  Bangs are long, asymmetrical, slightly swept to left.  Black but can be streaked unnatural colors (mostly blue/purple).  Clips, top hat, headbands can be worn.
Sideburns, LOL.
Japanese bobtail facial structure (triangular)
Sunken cheeks. 
Nails: black, bright colors, striped, designs (stars most common).  Long, well-groomed. 
Nose-small, black-brown, damp. 
No whisker pads; face is < human than animal. 
Tails-long, shed, VERY bulky.  Annoying. 

They split at the base.

9/6/11: A Book of Beautiful Things//New Badge Style

A book of beautiful things, which can be printed and assembled following these instructions:

Two new styles of badges.  I've had the idea for a long time but finally made the first one when assembling a college care pack for a friend.  The other was the second one, and the coyote skull and crossbones isn't awesome but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with it. I have another one done as part of a badge trade with someone, but I don't want to ruin the you could imagine these are pretty simple.  There's no initial sketch, and a limited color palette, which is irrelevant to character designs.  I've been playing around with my new gel pens: I bought a bunch of souffle puffy ones and two glaze ones, and they're pretty awesome.  They both make an appearance in the booklet too, especially the purple glaze pen!
So far I haven't decided to laminate these.  After all, they're stickers.

A gift for Skwid, whose character Ghostie McSpookums is super fun to draw!  I've been meaning to finish art of him for her for several years, and tried three times (they all came out well but I just kept forgetting to finish them)....this is the third try.  I'm not happy with the incorrect circle background or the over-obvious marker texture there either but I think he came out pretty cute.

I'm at college now so personal art's gonna be a little slower.  The graphic novel--working title "Shadowed Lives"--is my priority however I'm mostly just working on the writing instead of the art, as I'm waiting to find others to help me with the illustrating.  I hope to find such people at the comic-making club on campus--they seem pretty into it. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011: Design//Linework//Buttons//Hiatus

I've neglected scanning.  I have a huge pile of daily sketches but it's now so big that I think I'm only going to scan a few of them, and at that, I'll only be able to do so after I come back from vacation.
Vacation's around 8 days, I'll have internet access but no scanner with me.  Hoping to get a lot done, though.

I may be redoing my layout on here.  I'm not sure.  I have to decide what purpose this blog is going to serve....
Meanwhile, here's art I've been meaning to post. :)

Collaboration sketch for Hizzie.

Final of a tattoo design for myself.  

Sketches for above design. 
Badge for Sophie, part of a gift pack I sent her.  I like these; I may do more quick scrap badges (this is pencil and colored pen only) for gifts or commissions in the future.  Or for myself.  Hell, I never draw for myself. 

FROM HERE DOWN, BUTTONS.  Nothing inappropriate, but it's VERY IMAGE-HEAVY!  
I've put these up for input...I'll be linking the individual images to a survey or facebook or something to get a feel for which I should make.  I want to make buttons.  I have two more designs that aren't done yet, that are being drawn specifically for this purpose. 


Tess started seeing Emilie, then after Lance came out to her, she agreed to see him as himself AND Emilie (same person, different forms).  She mostly hangs with Dorian and Ernest and Ernest's friends, but doesn't mind Emma, a few of Lance's other friends.  She's rather unsure if she likes Dan or not.
Also she's my excuse to have a sugar glider character, and to have a character with a ridiculous chest.  XP
If some of the linework seems old or out of place, it's because it is.  This reference sheet was half-finished for about half a year. 

Full name: Teresa May Bell, goes by Tess.
Birthday: July 16, 1992
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 lbs
Body Type: Curvy, long-limbed.  Large chest. 
Occupation: Engineering student.
Ethnicity/Species: Sugar Glider, indigenous Australian.
Faith: Buddhist.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner: Lance/Emilie
Siblings: Kelly & Joanie, 16
Music: The Birthday Massacre, P!nk, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sick Of Sarah, La Roux, Placebo, Deerhoof, Queen, Ra Ra Riot, Garbage, Arcade Fire, Motion City Soundtrack, The Used, The Matches, Metric, Tattle Tale, Mother Mother, Dragonette, Matt & Kim, Ke$ha, Scarling., AFI, Of Montreal, Lady GaGa, My Chemical Romance, Alphabeat, Say Anything, Never Shout Never, Tegan & Sara, Radiohead, Ladyhawke, Franz Ferdinand, Bratmobile, Spinnerette, Kaiser Chiefs,  Kill Hannah, Brand New, Freezepop, 3OH3!, The Decemberists, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, The Smiths, Le Tigre, Katy Perry, Runaways, Rasputina, Bjork, Evanescence, Panic! At The Disco, Joy Division, Never Shout Never.  Pop, electronic, rock, alternative, riot grrl, folksy tweepop stuff, scenekid fare.  She is always open/interested in new music; this is just some of what she listens to.
Fashion: Tees and slacks, shorts, skinnies, leggings, and/or skirts, jackets, vests, asian patterns, cool colors, band shirts, all sorts of shoes.  Usually mature but still colorful, usually rather modest, sometimes tattered or frayed.  She fixes things to be other things often after they’ve lost their original use. 
Personality: Highly energetic and social.  Tess is in part Lance’s foil and a parallel of Emilie, but she is capable of being as calm and deep as he can be, too, and finds his interest in the otherworld refreshing and interesting.  She loves to learn and be active.  Straightforward, confident, not given to panic or nervousness.  She loves more mathematical and science-related things, and is rather fond of sci-fi and superhero stuff.  Somewhat suspicious of men, mainly because she hates being ogled and approached.  Doesn’t mind abstaining from sex, as Lance is nonsexual.
Drugs: Drinks, but very rarely. 
Likes: Science, Demetri Martin, superheroes, clubbing, the beach, sailing, music, stuffed animals, kawaii things, sewing, sandwiches, traveling, exercise, sci-fi, math, accessorizing, window shopping, movie nights, board games, roller coasters, swing sets, hiking, reading, tech-geekery, manga, candy and fruits, farmer’s markets, Star Trek, Futurama, Firefly, Dr. Who, etc. TV-wise, body mods, rugby, badminton, videogames, fried grubs, MLP Friendship is Magic, Choward’s violet candies. 
Dislikes: Having a hugeass chest, when her gliding skin gets in the way (esp. in high winds!), sleeping in late, procrastinating, secrecy, beef, crunk, sleeping in, most drugs, Twilight, the pirates & ninjas debate (in her heart she goes for pirates…), “random humor”, winter after Christmas, star anise, bees. 
Movies: Big Fish, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Star Wars, Space Balls, Mean Girls, Inception, Pan’s Labyrinth, Coraline, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Airplane!, the X-Men movies, Santa’s Slay, Tokyo Godfathers, Star Trek: The Search For Spock, Star Trek, Orlando, Kinky Boots, Little Miss Sunshine, Edward Scissorhands, K-PAX.  She makes a point of frequenting theatres for superhero movies. 

DD cup
Baggy skin down torso & legs tipped brown-black. 
Baggy skin on arms-white.
Thin, plush fur on body.
Long toes.
Piercings: 12g snakebites, 00g lobes, 8g cartilage above.
Large nipples.
Stripes run down both sides of legs, start at armpits, branch at hips.  
Back stripe starts on face. 
Non-WT face markings; NO swirls present under ears.
Full lips.
Choppy hair, turquoise (naturally dark brown), fauxhawk.
Back of legs and arms-white.
Pouch IS present; tiny nipples inside.
Baggy skin is VERY wrinkled/folded and close to her body.  In the wind or when wet, however, it puffs out completely if exposed and can actually push her a little to her annoyance.
Ears-black tipped, black-pink skin. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rachel's boyfriend, Bailey's and Aaron's best friend, also close with Merriweather, Carlos, and Lindsay.  Friendly with the east coast group, especially Mark.  Derrick's dream is to own a tattoo parlor someday, and Rachel's gonna do the piercings.  Ah, young dreams.
I've had him for like, five years, but haven't drawn him much until 2010.  I have too many characters.
He's obsessed with Say Anything and Halloween and has a habit of drawing and writing on himself with sharpies.  He's...often covered with Say Anything lyrics.  Ouch.
I forgot to make little clothes people so I'll add them later.

Full name: Derrick M. Ravenbrook—fursona/art/nickname-Garbage
Birthday:  September 18, 1990
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180-185 lbs
Body Type: heavyset, large frame, muscled, chubby.  
Occupation: Studying to be a tattoo artist & piercer.
Ethnicity/Species: German, Scotts-Irish, Finnish.  Fursona is a Norway rat.
Faith: Loosely spiritual, believes there are multiple gods.  
Sexuality: Straight
Partner: Rachel
Pets: Rats-usually 3 to 4 at a time.
Music: Say Anything is his 100% favorite band ever.  He also likes  Oingo Boingo, The Pixies, Tool, System of a Down, Leftover Crack, 311, The Sex Pistols, AFI, The Distillers, Dead Kennedys, The Beastie Boys, Horrorpops, Bright Eyes, Coheed & Cambria, Metallica, Mother Mother, Modest Mouse, Dog Fashion Disco, The Cure, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, NoFX, MCR, Green Day (middle school guilty pleasure), The Rolling Stones, Placebo, Alkaline Trio, Creature Feature, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vermillion Lies, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Catch-22, Alexisonfire, Murder by Death, Bob Marley, The Killers, Murderdolls, Rage Against the Machine, Puscifer, and David Bowie.  He likes his local music scene too.  Say Anything, rock, punk, ska, alt rock, punk folk, metal, 90s. 
Fashion: Loosely punk.  He likes comfy jeans—not overly fond of skinnies, but has one or two pairs.  Band tees are a must. Halloween is his favorite thing ever, and he often wears Halloween-themed clothes.  Does do DIY; patch addict, has several vests complete with studs and iron-ons, likes distressing and dyeing things.  Remember, Halloween and loose punk. 
Personality: Easygoing, sentimental, forgiving in nature.  Laid-back, humorous, helpful.  Also really likes parties.  He likes the docks, hiking, camping and generally being outside.  Very politically active, helps with local political campaigns and attends rallies, etc. regularly.  Derrick LOVES his pet rats and has a memorial sleeve for them that is updated whenever one passes away.  Goes batshit crazy-happy in preparation for Halloween each year, as it’s his favorite thing ever.  Furry, not a furvert.  LOVES suiting and conventions.  Crafts it up a lot with Bailey and Rachel; likes sculpting, drawing, and sewing little cute plushies.  He puts up with his friends’ crazy problems pretty well (Merriweather, Aaron, Bailey and Rachel = pile of anxiety and stupid).  Loves body art, and is totally devoted to it.  The only other thing he’s more obsessed with is Say Anything, and it’s better to not ask.  Derrick’s pretty much an average guy who likes boozing it up with friends and the girlfriend on the weekends, likes his job, reading before he goes to sleep, and trying really hard to be good at guitar in his spare time.  Very forgiving to Rachel, too, when she does dumb things.  Doesn’t let people take advantage of him, though.
Drugs: Alcohol, pot, occasional cigarette, sometimes hallucinogens.  Won’t touch hard stuff.
Likes: Say Anything, Max Bemis, parties, his job as a tattoo artist, walking the docks, Halloween, looking for tide pools and seals, sleeping in, fursuiting, animated things & comics/graphic novels (Avatar, Flapjack, Ren & Stimpy, Courage, Johnny Bravo; Sandman, Fables, Love & Rockets, Watchmen, Batman, TMNT), drawing, sculpting, playing guitar with Aaron, video games, sex drugs rock n roll, body art, pizza and fried food, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, democratic socialism, bad horror movies, bugs, NPR, reading everything he gets his hands on, music, plushies, seafood, Michael Moore, DIY, Pokemon, his small ancient pickup truck, exercising his political rights by voting, rallies, campaigns, protests, petitioning, etc., rats, dogs, horses, bacon, playing outside all day, children, watching clouds, caffeine, drag shows, spending time with his parents, Rachel’s mom, & her fiancé.
Dislikes: Ballsacks on peoples’ trucks, dumb tattoos, flying, fresh sunburns, ‘phobes, violence, tofurky, furverts, hunting, the corporatist plutocracy that is America, abusive, negligent, ignorant, and/or stuck-up people, math.
Movies: Ed Wood & anything by him, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Paprika, Ratatouille, Shaun of the Dead, The Secret of NIMH, Airplane!, The Shining, 1408, 12 Monkeys, Donnie Darko, Zombieland, Pet Semetary, Kickass, Misery, Batman (any), Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd, Eraserhead, People Under the Stairs, Attack of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space, An American Werewolf in London.
Ruddy complexion, faint freckles, burns easily. 
Sides shaved or short & often dyed leopard print.
Big nose, defined chin & jaw.
Green eyes.
Red hair, mohawk streaked purple & orange, braided + beaded bits, usually gelled.
Piercings: Ears-lobes stretched to 2g, r. ear: double cartilige above lobe, industrial, tragus-14g.  L. ear: cartilige above lobe, tip-14g.  Face: septum & snakebites, 12g; r. brow, 16g.
Tattoos: chest piece: lyrics from Admit It!!! over bat wings, skulls, & crown; lower down, Memento Mori, tiny sun and moon.
R. arm: four-leaf clover, Alive With the Glory of Love on ribbon over heart w. barbed wire, skeleton monster, then rat memorial sleeve.  Rats’ names to one side in tiny letters.
L. arm: full sleeve. Star, two tangled asian dragons, punk Frankenstein bride, sword through heart w. ribbon (blank). 
L. foot: Skull & crossbones, Live Fast Die Young. 
R. foot: coffin w. inverted cross & wings.  Goes w. l. foot.
L. calf: inside tattoo matches the one on Rachels’ arm; their fursonas.
Back: Stars on neck meet rat skull, beneath lyrics from In Defense of the Genre, then two crossed guns. 

Anthro form
Two-tone tail.
Red hooded markings.
Same build, hair, piercings.
Tattoos are optional.
Thin arm, wrist, knee, elbow fur.
Knobby rat hands & feet; feet can grasp things. 


Sketches from the 20th and 21st, adoptables (finished AND WIPs), some more general WIPs including a tattoo concept, a finished pinup of Emilie, and a racy sketch of Bailey being racy.  He does that.

6/20/ + 6/21

The 20th was pretty weak.  I had eaten nothing all day and then at around 10:40 (after my last post, actually) I ate a revoltingly unhealthy dinner while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Really bad Dan and Liam abound.  I used a magazine cover for the pose ref but I was so not there.  I was already pretty sleep-deprived.
Also the scan cut off funny and the contrast was weird; my scanner is misbehaving.

21st was great, though. I slept earlier, ate properly hahaha, and what's more is the sketches came out well.  Liam and Emma.  Emma's nose isn't narrow enough (her whole face is a little wider than it should be, I think) but the shape of everything is right. Also a pose from another, more interesting magazine picture.

I'm not sure if it's a crow or a raven but I'm kinda going more for a raven, they lend themselves to something this scruffy and sketchy in line style....Tattoo design idea.  It would be under my collarbone on my left side.  I can't really explain why I like them so much.  I know they're symbols of knowledge in Norse myth, and I've always thought of them in terms of my personality because of their reputations for being such smart birds.  They're also handsome animals, and they're sometimes shown in conjunction with dreams and as a sort of afterlife connection.  I also always wear a raven pendant.  The idea of ravens make me feel kind of protected.

A badge commission I got from Kamilya a while back that I finally got around to coloring.  Obv. a WIP....:)

A picture of Dan.  The hands fit what he's going to be doing, bashing a window in.  A forward as to a sweeping motion.
I kinda drew silly things all over the paper since it's not actually part of the image.  He's taking out the not-dog, and also Him from the Powerpuff current favorite cartoon character ;-;  Doodles of a character--Jack's ex and friend--are also on here. And a sheep cupcake.  I baked a bunch and more with a friend in April.  Also a boyfriend for the ex and friend of Jack's, a piebald deer. Elijah has no place in my storyline and I want a deer.  He won't be so pierced up though.  

 FINISHED CHARACTERS!  IF someone claimed one, they'd get to name them, decide their age, a few likes and dislikes, and their style.  That info would be typed and pasted on.  I also finish the little clothes people in the corners.  The original character sheet is then mailed to you.  They're notecard sized.  I chose to do 50 themes.   These guys are Fairy (the okapi-musk deer mix is based off of fairy-kei), Sweet (asian blue quail-corgi mix), and Punk (elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum, whose natural markings were difficult to draw XP).  My favorite guy is the punk guy, I think.  His tattoos are all based off of street art imagery, too, and the chest piece is "bullet with butterfly wings" I guess.  Yup.  Rastafarian or Nervous may have been a better prompt for him.   I might change that.

Warning: nudity and adult content under the cut.
There's ample warning before the adult content, and everything else is just nude.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6/14/11-6/19/11: Daily sketches.//Dan, Pokemon, Etc.

I'm challenging myself to do a sketch sheet a day for the rest of the summer. This means 3+ views/expressions of a character, and 1+ pose, referenced from either a photo or anatomically accurate illustration, drawn at least once, pref. twice, on computer paper.


Monday, June 13, 2011


Rachel lives in the suburbs near Los Angeles, CA with her mom and mom's boyfriend, and her own, long-time boyfriend, Derrick.  She's close with Aaron, Mei, Steffen, Celeste, Bailey, Sam, Carlos, Merriweather, and Lindsay.  Her mother and father are divorced and she used to spend some time at her father's until she worked up the courage to tell her mother that he sometimes verbally abused her, and hit her once.  She has a habit of putting herself down and making cruel jokes about herself and her body, how "trashy" she is, etc. (even her fursona's name and design shows her self-loathing: "ugly" dog breed, pest animal, and the name being self-depreciating, of course) and often does dumb things--most notably engage in sexual behavior with her ex-girlfriend and close friend Celeste--to validate to herself that she is indeed a bad girlfriend and a horrible person.  She is a recovering anorexic.  She's not a completely unhappy character, though: most days, maybe seven out of ten, she's cheerful and looking for fun.  Rachel is not very bookish, but is quite creative and artistic.  

Full name: Rachel Green—fursona/art/nickname-Trashcan
Birthday: January 12, 1991
Height: 5”6
Weight: 135-155 lbs
Body Type: Somewhat stocky, wide shoulders, big-boned. Sometimes underweight.
Occupation: College student-graphic design. 
Ethnicity/Species: Human. Portuguese, Scottish. Fursona is a Chinese crested hairless/Virginia opossum. 
Faith: Atheist.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Partner: Derrick
Siblings: Ashley & Nicholas, 12.
Pets: Winnie, Chinese crested powderpuff. 
Music: The Distillers, Say Anything, Jack Off Jill, Spinnerette, The Matches, Die Mannequin, The Killers, Tool, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Garbage, Scarling., The Cure, The Faint, Erase Errata, Alexisonfire, Nirvana, Horrorpops, Aquabats!, Veruca Salt, Metric, The Runaways, 7 Year Bitch, Le Tigre, Incubus, The Dresden Dolls, Bratmobile, Kittie, Kidneythieves, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Oingo Boingo, Gravy Train!!!!, Paramore, Tiger Army, The Sex Pistols, Your Heart Breaks, The Birthday Massacre, Lady GaGa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coheed & Cambria. Femme rock/riot grrrl, alt pop, pop rock, queercore, hardcore, horrorpunk.
Fashion: Somewhat punky, somewhat scene, sometimes questionable tastes. A lot of neons and fun prints, tanks, strappy stuff, skinnies, tights, legwarmers, short skirts, graphic and band tees, off-the-shoulder stuff, jean shorts, chuck taylors, sandals and flip-flops, cute little summer dresses, spiky things, torn-up distressed stuff. Wears bright or bold eyeliner and shadow, usually with lip gloss. She & Derrick are big on DIY and have fun craft adventures where she plays around with her wardrobe, too. 
Personality: Open, fun, active, artsy, flirty, mostly cheery or able to suck it up if she’s not, very curious, a little hyper. She’s always with Derrick & friends (Mei, Aaron, Steffen, Bailey, Carlos, Merriweather, Lindsay, Celeste). Winnie, her Chinese crested powderpuff, is her favorite thing in the entire world and she’s practically a purse-dog lady. He’s her little baby. Loves being outside on the docks near where she lives, and loves to party and generally be around other people. She’s a furry and suits (partials only) and likes the art part, not the fetish part. Does cons! Rachel lives with her mother and her mother’s fiancé—one of them is a body piercer and one is a tattoo artist. She has aspirations to be a tattoo artist herself. Rachel has some emotional scars from abusive, exploiting ex-boyfriends and a craptastic father who may or may not be her own biological father, and has a really self-depreciating view of her body. She’s friends with others with weight and image issues and has come to be able to help them get to where she is, since she’s made improvements. She is also—result of the bad boyfriends in part—sometimes a little trashy, but she’s got principles and it’s more of an aura than any real behavior. Her friend/ex-girlfriend Celeste is kind of an older-sister-mother-thing to her and they hang out frequently. Rachel very occasionally halfass fools with her, but Derrick is her constant, best friend, and absolute favorite person. She could be better to him and knows it, but is otherwise fiercely in love with and devoted to him (and constantly guilty). She’s just stupid sometimes. 
Drugs: Pot and alcohol. Other things occasionally, doesn’t touch hard stuff.
Likes: Halloween, fall, the beach, summer, body art, sex drugs rock n roll, the docks, shopping, Mexican food, Derrick, Winnie, fireworks, patches and buttons, accessorizing, hair dye, colorful stuff, carnivals and amusement parks, hanging out with her mom & the fiancée, etsy, tumblr, helping at animal shelters, concerts festivals and gigs, comics and animated things, Derrick’s rats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ren & Stimpy, Flapjack, oldschool Spongebob, South Park, Ed Edd & Eddy, My Little Pony stuff, animals, 80’s, saving the environment, punk and semi-punk stuff, scenekid stuff, drawing, collecting bizarre condoms, Cadbury cream eggs, stickers, crafty stuff, Harry Potter, horror movies, girl bands, Neil Gaiman, obscene jokes, watching cartoons on the weekend, rallies and parades (LBGT, political, environmental).
Dislikes: Kids (especially her father’s bratty kids), fat people and animals, crappy tattoos, classic literature, waking up early, being alone, her build, rainy overcast days, snow, livejournal, most furry fetishes, almost everyone from her high school, college, Johnny Test, frilly dresses, Easter (except for the candy), her dad’s entire family, herself at times, having her hair down. 
Movies: Spirited Away, Secret Window, Donnie Darko, Santa’s Slay, People Under The Stairs, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, But I’m A Cheerleader, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls.

Pierings: 13 per ear, all 18 g, left nostril, 16 g, nipples, 14 g, hip microdermal anchors (two per side), 14g. 
The kirin tattoo goes from the middle of her back to the small of her back--fairly large piece.
The chest piece has lyrics from the Distillers song Love is Paranoid, reads, "I've fallen all the way in." 
Sleeve on left arm, pumpkin and bats, then the skeleton piece. Text around skeletons is Say Anything lyrics-"You're with me all the time." 
Right arm-her's and Derrick's fursonas. 
Sparrows are carrying a golden key and lock.
FIRST TATTOO LOL, left thigh, tiny little potleaf.
Right side of torso-blue stars start to the side of her right breast and continue to right hip, getting smaller. 
Wraparound tattoo on left ankle is Winnie's name on a strip of pink ribbon with hearts on it, and his pawprint in a blue heart. 
Small features.
Eyes are dark grey-brown, similar to hair color.
Hair is ALWAYS up in pigtails or sometimes a ponytail except when she's sleeping. Naturally a dullish dark brown, dyed all the time, any colors or combinations are fine. 
Skintone: slightly olive, tans easily, never burns. 

Anthro form
Ankles, wrists, and base of tail have long fluffy grey fur. Ears and tail tip have white and grey fur. 
Opossum face. 
Tattoos are optional.
No pouch. Mammal!

Feral form (not pictured)
Stocky, short legs.
Low body-opossum build. 
Pouch is more like a pocket than a real pouch; superficial--she's still a mammal.
Same markings.
No tattoos, earrings and nose only if piercings are present.
No hair.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok, ok, real art soon, I promise.
But this is sort of like a sketchblog, right?  yeah.  so I can post what I want.  Like, human practice and new pictures in a teeny sketchbook I got a few weeks back.

 Emma being awesome.  Dan's girlfriend's real form.  she can't become an opossum, it's just cute and fun to draw.  plus he's a sort of furry artist-thing, so. yeah.  The inking's fucked and I think that thing to the right was going to be the dramatic height difference between Emma & Liam but I made him a mime instead.  :P Liam's around...5'7" I think, and Emma's like, 5'10".  Dan's...5'4" but he has the excuse of poor diet, hardcore drugs during growth-spurt years, lack of testosterone in his blood, and shitty-ass childhood to explain that away.  Liam has no excuse for being so goddamn short.
Emma totally used to play rugby. she is competitive and will kill you.  
cute cover for my senior project brochure.  It's on lesbians in graphic novels.  Kind of a speed-drawing, but it's pretty much what I wanted AND shows a ton of things that attract me, like, mohawks, green hair, curvy girls, septum rings, skinny, that's it I think.  Most self-indulgent project ever.

one more thing.
warning: adult art under the cut.