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Rachel's boyfriend, Bailey's and Aaron's best friend, also close with Merriweather, Carlos, and Lindsay.  Friendly with the east coast group, especially Mark.  Derrick's dream is to own a tattoo parlor someday, and Rachel's gonna do the piercings.  Ah, young dreams.
I've had him for like, five years, but haven't drawn him much until 2010.  I have too many characters.
He's obsessed with Say Anything and Halloween and has a habit of drawing and writing on himself with sharpies.  He's...often covered with Say Anything lyrics.  Ouch.
I forgot to make little clothes people so I'll add them later.

Full name: Derrick M. Ravenbrook—fursona/art/nickname-Garbage
Birthday:  September 18, 1990
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180-185 lbs
Body Type: heavyset, large frame, muscled, chubby.  
Occupation: Studying to be a tattoo artist & piercer.
Ethnicity/Species: German, Scotts-Irish, Finnish.  Fursona is a Norway rat.
Faith: Loosely spiritual, believes there are multiple gods.  
Sexuality: Straight
Partner: Rachel
Pets: Rats-usually 3 to 4 at a time.
Music: Say Anything is his 100% favorite band ever.  He also likes  Oingo Boingo, The Pixies, Tool, System of a Down, Leftover Crack, 311, The Sex Pistols, AFI, The Distillers, Dead Kennedys, The Beastie Boys, Horrorpops, Bright Eyes, Coheed & Cambria, Metallica, Mother Mother, Modest Mouse, Dog Fashion Disco, The Cure, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, NoFX, MCR, Green Day (middle school guilty pleasure), The Rolling Stones, Placebo, Alkaline Trio, Creature Feature, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vermillion Lies, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Catch-22, Alexisonfire, Murder by Death, Bob Marley, The Killers, Murderdolls, Rage Against the Machine, Puscifer, and David Bowie.  He likes his local music scene too.  Say Anything, rock, punk, ska, alt rock, punk folk, metal, 90s. 
Fashion: Loosely punk.  He likes comfy jeans—not overly fond of skinnies, but has one or two pairs.  Band tees are a must. Halloween is his favorite thing ever, and he often wears Halloween-themed clothes.  Does do DIY; patch addict, has several vests complete with studs and iron-ons, likes distressing and dyeing things.  Remember, Halloween and loose punk. 
Personality: Easygoing, sentimental, forgiving in nature.  Laid-back, humorous, helpful.  Also really likes parties.  He likes the docks, hiking, camping and generally being outside.  Very politically active, helps with local political campaigns and attends rallies, etc. regularly.  Derrick LOVES his pet rats and has a memorial sleeve for them that is updated whenever one passes away.  Goes batshit crazy-happy in preparation for Halloween each year, as it’s his favorite thing ever.  Furry, not a furvert.  LOVES suiting and conventions.  Crafts it up a lot with Bailey and Rachel; likes sculpting, drawing, and sewing little cute plushies.  He puts up with his friends’ crazy problems pretty well (Merriweather, Aaron, Bailey and Rachel = pile of anxiety and stupid).  Loves body art, and is totally devoted to it.  The only other thing he’s more obsessed with is Say Anything, and it’s better to not ask.  Derrick’s pretty much an average guy who likes boozing it up with friends and the girlfriend on the weekends, likes his job, reading before he goes to sleep, and trying really hard to be good at guitar in his spare time.  Very forgiving to Rachel, too, when she does dumb things.  Doesn’t let people take advantage of him, though.
Drugs: Alcohol, pot, occasional cigarette, sometimes hallucinogens.  Won’t touch hard stuff.
Likes: Say Anything, Max Bemis, parties, his job as a tattoo artist, walking the docks, Halloween, looking for tide pools and seals, sleeping in, fursuiting, animated things & comics/graphic novels (Avatar, Flapjack, Ren & Stimpy, Courage, Johnny Bravo; Sandman, Fables, Love & Rockets, Watchmen, Batman, TMNT), drawing, sculpting, playing guitar with Aaron, video games, sex drugs rock n roll, body art, pizza and fried food, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, democratic socialism, bad horror movies, bugs, NPR, reading everything he gets his hands on, music, plushies, seafood, Michael Moore, DIY, Pokemon, his small ancient pickup truck, exercising his political rights by voting, rallies, campaigns, protests, petitioning, etc., rats, dogs, horses, bacon, playing outside all day, children, watching clouds, caffeine, drag shows, spending time with his parents, Rachel’s mom, & her fiancé.
Dislikes: Ballsacks on peoples’ trucks, dumb tattoos, flying, fresh sunburns, ‘phobes, violence, tofurky, furverts, hunting, the corporatist plutocracy that is America, abusive, negligent, ignorant, and/or stuck-up people, math.
Movies: Ed Wood & anything by him, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Paprika, Ratatouille, Shaun of the Dead, The Secret of NIMH, Airplane!, The Shining, 1408, 12 Monkeys, Donnie Darko, Zombieland, Pet Semetary, Kickass, Misery, Batman (any), Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd, Eraserhead, People Under the Stairs, Attack of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space, An American Werewolf in London.
Ruddy complexion, faint freckles, burns easily. 
Sides shaved or short & often dyed leopard print.
Big nose, defined chin & jaw.
Green eyes.
Red hair, mohawk streaked purple & orange, braided + beaded bits, usually gelled.
Piercings: Ears-lobes stretched to 2g, r. ear: double cartilige above lobe, industrial, tragus-14g.  L. ear: cartilige above lobe, tip-14g.  Face: septum & snakebites, 12g; r. brow, 16g.
Tattoos: chest piece: lyrics from Admit It!!! over bat wings, skulls, & crown; lower down, Memento Mori, tiny sun and moon.
R. arm: four-leaf clover, Alive With the Glory of Love on ribbon over heart w. barbed wire, skeleton monster, then rat memorial sleeve.  Rats’ names to one side in tiny letters.
L. arm: full sleeve. Star, two tangled asian dragons, punk Frankenstein bride, sword through heart w. ribbon (blank). 
L. foot: Skull & crossbones, Live Fast Die Young. 
R. foot: coffin w. inverted cross & wings.  Goes w. l. foot.
L. calf: inside tattoo matches the one on Rachels’ arm; their fursonas.
Back: Stars on neck meet rat skull, beneath lyrics from In Defense of the Genre, then two crossed guns. 

Anthro form
Two-tone tail.
Red hooded markings.
Same build, hair, piercings.
Tattoos are optional.
Thin arm, wrist, knee, elbow fur.
Knobby rat hands & feet; feet can grasp things. 


Sketches from the 20th and 21st, adoptables (finished AND WIPs), some more general WIPs including a tattoo concept, a finished pinup of Emilie, and a racy sketch of Bailey being racy.  He does that.

6/20/ + 6/21

The 20th was pretty weak.  I had eaten nothing all day and then at around 10:40 (after my last post, actually) I ate a revoltingly unhealthy dinner while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Really bad Dan and Liam abound.  I used a magazine cover for the pose ref but I was so not there.  I was already pretty sleep-deprived.
Also the scan cut off funny and the contrast was weird; my scanner is misbehaving.

21st was great, though. I slept earlier, ate properly hahaha, and what's more is the sketches came out well.  Liam and Emma.  Emma's nose isn't narrow enough (her whole face is a little wider than it should be, I think) but the shape of everything is right. Also a pose from another, more interesting magazine picture.

I'm not sure if it's a crow or a raven but I'm kinda going more for a raven, they lend themselves to something this scruffy and sketchy in line style....Tattoo design idea.  It would be under my collarbone on my left side.  I can't really explain why I like them so much.  I know they're symbols of knowledge in Norse myth, and I've always thought of them in terms of my personality because of their reputations for being such smart birds.  They're also handsome animals, and they're sometimes shown in conjunction with dreams and as a sort of afterlife connection.  I also always wear a raven pendant.  The idea of ravens make me feel kind of protected.

A badge commission I got from Kamilya a while back that I finally got around to coloring.  Obv. a WIP....:)

A picture of Dan.  The hands fit what he's going to be doing, bashing a window in.  A forward as to a sweeping motion.
I kinda drew silly things all over the paper since it's not actually part of the image.  He's taking out the not-dog, and also Him from the Powerpuff current favorite cartoon character ;-;  Doodles of a character--Jack's ex and friend--are also on here. And a sheep cupcake.  I baked a bunch and more with a friend in April.  Also a boyfriend for the ex and friend of Jack's, a piebald deer. Elijah has no place in my storyline and I want a deer.  He won't be so pierced up though.  

 FINISHED CHARACTERS!  IF someone claimed one, they'd get to name them, decide their age, a few likes and dislikes, and their style.  That info would be typed and pasted on.  I also finish the little clothes people in the corners.  The original character sheet is then mailed to you.  They're notecard sized.  I chose to do 50 themes.   These guys are Fairy (the okapi-musk deer mix is based off of fairy-kei), Sweet (asian blue quail-corgi mix), and Punk (elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum, whose natural markings were difficult to draw XP).  My favorite guy is the punk guy, I think.  His tattoos are all based off of street art imagery, too, and the chest piece is "bullet with butterfly wings" I guess.  Yup.  Rastafarian or Nervous may have been a better prompt for him.   I might change that.

Warning: nudity and adult content under the cut.
There's ample warning before the adult content, and everything else is just nude.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6/14/11-6/19/11: Daily sketches.//Dan, Pokemon, Etc.

I'm challenging myself to do a sketch sheet a day for the rest of the summer. This means 3+ views/expressions of a character, and 1+ pose, referenced from either a photo or anatomically accurate illustration, drawn at least once, pref. twice, on computer paper.


Monday, June 13, 2011


Rachel lives in the suburbs near Los Angeles, CA with her mom and mom's boyfriend, and her own, long-time boyfriend, Derrick.  She's close with Aaron, Mei, Steffen, Celeste, Bailey, Sam, Carlos, Merriweather, and Lindsay.  Her mother and father are divorced and she used to spend some time at her father's until she worked up the courage to tell her mother that he sometimes verbally abused her, and hit her once.  She has a habit of putting herself down and making cruel jokes about herself and her body, how "trashy" she is, etc. (even her fursona's name and design shows her self-loathing: "ugly" dog breed, pest animal, and the name being self-depreciating, of course) and often does dumb things--most notably engage in sexual behavior with her ex-girlfriend and close friend Celeste--to validate to herself that she is indeed a bad girlfriend and a horrible person.  She is a recovering anorexic.  She's not a completely unhappy character, though: most days, maybe seven out of ten, she's cheerful and looking for fun.  Rachel is not very bookish, but is quite creative and artistic.  

Full name: Rachel Green—fursona/art/nickname-Trashcan
Birthday: January 12, 1991
Height: 5”6
Weight: 135-155 lbs
Body Type: Somewhat stocky, wide shoulders, big-boned. Sometimes underweight.
Occupation: College student-graphic design. 
Ethnicity/Species: Human. Portuguese, Scottish. Fursona is a Chinese crested hairless/Virginia opossum. 
Faith: Atheist.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Partner: Derrick
Siblings: Ashley & Nicholas, 12.
Pets: Winnie, Chinese crested powderpuff. 
Music: The Distillers, Say Anything, Jack Off Jill, Spinnerette, The Matches, Die Mannequin, The Killers, Tool, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Garbage, Scarling., The Cure, The Faint, Erase Errata, Alexisonfire, Nirvana, Horrorpops, Aquabats!, Veruca Salt, Metric, The Runaways, 7 Year Bitch, Le Tigre, Incubus, The Dresden Dolls, Bratmobile, Kittie, Kidneythieves, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Oingo Boingo, Gravy Train!!!!, Paramore, Tiger Army, The Sex Pistols, Your Heart Breaks, The Birthday Massacre, Lady GaGa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coheed & Cambria. Femme rock/riot grrrl, alt pop, pop rock, queercore, hardcore, horrorpunk.
Fashion: Somewhat punky, somewhat scene, sometimes questionable tastes. A lot of neons and fun prints, tanks, strappy stuff, skinnies, tights, legwarmers, short skirts, graphic and band tees, off-the-shoulder stuff, jean shorts, chuck taylors, sandals and flip-flops, cute little summer dresses, spiky things, torn-up distressed stuff. Wears bright or bold eyeliner and shadow, usually with lip gloss. She & Derrick are big on DIY and have fun craft adventures where she plays around with her wardrobe, too. 
Personality: Open, fun, active, artsy, flirty, mostly cheery or able to suck it up if she’s not, very curious, a little hyper. She’s always with Derrick & friends (Mei, Aaron, Steffen, Bailey, Carlos, Merriweather, Lindsay, Celeste). Winnie, her Chinese crested powderpuff, is her favorite thing in the entire world and she’s practically a purse-dog lady. He’s her little baby. Loves being outside on the docks near where she lives, and loves to party and generally be around other people. She’s a furry and suits (partials only) and likes the art part, not the fetish part. Does cons! Rachel lives with her mother and her mother’s fiancé—one of them is a body piercer and one is a tattoo artist. She has aspirations to be a tattoo artist herself. Rachel has some emotional scars from abusive, exploiting ex-boyfriends and a craptastic father who may or may not be her own biological father, and has a really self-depreciating view of her body. She’s friends with others with weight and image issues and has come to be able to help them get to where she is, since she’s made improvements. She is also—result of the bad boyfriends in part—sometimes a little trashy, but she’s got principles and it’s more of an aura than any real behavior. Her friend/ex-girlfriend Celeste is kind of an older-sister-mother-thing to her and they hang out frequently. Rachel very occasionally halfass fools with her, but Derrick is her constant, best friend, and absolute favorite person. She could be better to him and knows it, but is otherwise fiercely in love with and devoted to him (and constantly guilty). She’s just stupid sometimes. 
Drugs: Pot and alcohol. Other things occasionally, doesn’t touch hard stuff.
Likes: Halloween, fall, the beach, summer, body art, sex drugs rock n roll, the docks, shopping, Mexican food, Derrick, Winnie, fireworks, patches and buttons, accessorizing, hair dye, colorful stuff, carnivals and amusement parks, hanging out with her mom & the fiancée, etsy, tumblr, helping at animal shelters, concerts festivals and gigs, comics and animated things, Derrick’s rats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ren & Stimpy, Flapjack, oldschool Spongebob, South Park, Ed Edd & Eddy, My Little Pony stuff, animals, 80’s, saving the environment, punk and semi-punk stuff, scenekid stuff, drawing, collecting bizarre condoms, Cadbury cream eggs, stickers, crafty stuff, Harry Potter, horror movies, girl bands, Neil Gaiman, obscene jokes, watching cartoons on the weekend, rallies and parades (LBGT, political, environmental).
Dislikes: Kids (especially her father’s bratty kids), fat people and animals, crappy tattoos, classic literature, waking up early, being alone, her build, rainy overcast days, snow, livejournal, most furry fetishes, almost everyone from her high school, college, Johnny Test, frilly dresses, Easter (except for the candy), her dad’s entire family, herself at times, having her hair down. 
Movies: Spirited Away, Secret Window, Donnie Darko, Santa’s Slay, People Under The Stairs, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, But I’m A Cheerleader, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls.

Pierings: 13 per ear, all 18 g, left nostril, 16 g, nipples, 14 g, hip microdermal anchors (two per side), 14g. 
The kirin tattoo goes from the middle of her back to the small of her back--fairly large piece.
The chest piece has lyrics from the Distillers song Love is Paranoid, reads, "I've fallen all the way in." 
Sleeve on left arm, pumpkin and bats, then the skeleton piece. Text around skeletons is Say Anything lyrics-"You're with me all the time." 
Right arm-her's and Derrick's fursonas. 
Sparrows are carrying a golden key and lock.
FIRST TATTOO LOL, left thigh, tiny little potleaf.
Right side of torso-blue stars start to the side of her right breast and continue to right hip, getting smaller. 
Wraparound tattoo on left ankle is Winnie's name on a strip of pink ribbon with hearts on it, and his pawprint in a blue heart. 
Small features.
Eyes are dark grey-brown, similar to hair color.
Hair is ALWAYS up in pigtails or sometimes a ponytail except when she's sleeping. Naturally a dullish dark brown, dyed all the time, any colors or combinations are fine. 
Skintone: slightly olive, tans easily, never burns. 

Anthro form
Ankles, wrists, and base of tail have long fluffy grey fur. Ears and tail tip have white and grey fur. 
Opossum face. 
Tattoos are optional.
No pouch. Mammal!

Feral form (not pictured)
Stocky, short legs.
Low body-opossum build. 
Pouch is more like a pocket than a real pouch; superficial--she's still a mammal.
Same markings.
No tattoos, earrings and nose only if piercings are present.
No hair.