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6/14/11-6/19/11: Daily sketches.//Dan, Pokemon, Etc.

I'm challenging myself to do a sketch sheet a day for the rest of the summer. This means 3+ views/expressions of a character, and 1+ pose, referenced from either a photo or anatomically accurate illustration, drawn at least once, pref. twice, on computer paper.


Here they are so far.

Derrick, and a super sassy pose from a photo.  I've been working on a really snarky side character and this kiiiind of became him.  Then I drew an angry Dan in the same pose, but with a different emotion in it.


"After months of practice on and off I am finally ready to conquer Liam's ugly face."  And wishy washy pinup poses too, apparently.  His face looks PERFECT here, so I made notes next to it, like, "sunken features" "narrow nosebridge" "weak chin" "low-set jaw" "thick face" "BANDANA" and "big pug nose, narrow bridge"
His ears were pierced, once upon a time, and the (small) hole is still visible, as a little dot or line.  He has big lobes naturally, not from stretching or wearing heavy jewelry.

Did a sleepover thing, watched some movie or something, sketched this partially in the dark with no reference for the facial angles.  No wonder they look like shit.
More Liam.  Pose reffed from several illustrations and memory.  His face is eh in this one.


I can explain.
I went to a relay that a friend's little brother was at, in drag, and the drag contest there kind of inspired me to draw Liam in halfass charity-drag, pretending to bang Andy.  I didn't have internet and couldn't think of how his legs would go or how Andy would be posed, so I literally scribbled him in.
Happy with Liam's face.
Lance practice to the side.  I love drawing him, it's quick, fun and relaxing. Also, 3/4 view on rats is difficult, they have such long faces.
That pose was reffed from some pinup on FA....I love that pose urgh.  Need to find a photo ref so I can perfect it and tweak it and whatnot.  It's amazing how much disappears from view but it -should- because that's how a body in that position in space works. I friggin love anatomy.


The Shining is a movie I watch as regularly as an often-played favorite TV show: all the time.
Liam as Jack Torrance was going to come eventually.  It's eerily perfect, except Liam's not a self-involved piece of shit when he's not crazy.  Jack's always like that.
Also, cute darkmoon faces, reffed from some illustrations for the mouth.
I'm actually becoming frightened that I'm going to forget how to draw dogs.  This is amazing....I draw humans a lot, I guess!
And cute girl is cute.  First image (top) is weird, lower one came out better.

Like how I was too tired to remember how to spell their last name?  Me too.


I was tired, and angry that Game of Thrones ended.  My mom and brother are in LOVE with the books and with the author too I think: my house is full of art-books and friggin board games that are all themed after A Song of Ice and Fire.  I was too young to read them when they started, around seven years ago, but now I'm old enough and my mom had borrowed the books from my brother, who moved back to Seattle, so we only have the first least there's three more seasons and a bunch of books to look forward to.
Also Boardwalk Empire's coming back.  FAVORITE SHOW EVER, who else is excited?  I srs draw so well when I'm watching it.  Most of it's adult art, though. XP
Cute photo, though.  drawing? not so much.
Playing with Liam's expressions some more.  After the disaster that was the 3/4 view on the 15th and 16th I'm not up for trying Liam that way.  Again, no facial reference.  I really should get one, or find a guy that looks like him and make him model for me.

That's everything so far.  I tend to do these really late at night no matter what my intentions, so the one for today isn't done yet.

here are more sketches from school that I've been meaning to scan for a few weeks now.
From maybe two months ago?  Andy on top, then bicycle practice (can't remember if I had a ref, I never remember what bikes look like anyway), then Liam as a tabby (horrible angles), regular liam, and liam as a wolf-thing, and Liam as a tabby-wolf hybrid.  then liam again.
THEN FERALIGATR LIAM.  His pokesona.  He loves pokemon, especially feraligatr, aww.  They're one of my favorites too and it helps that my SoulSilver main guy is a feraligatr named Liam >.>;;
Then a shameful Flaafy!Darkmoon.  I love those things so much.
Already my human style is different but this is still my favorite front--view of Liam I have.  I have other side view ones above I like more...
I think I tend to make his face too short.

His fursona is an orange tabby, or a feraligatr, or a horned toad, or a wolfish dog thing, or some mix of those things, depending on his mood and what he wants to draw.  Furries are a joke to him and the character's for fun.  Andy, however, is an ACTUAL anthro gray tabby and for the most part furries creep him the hell out.

Drunk Dan sketches!
Also shit-tastic liam on the top.  the front view is DREADFUL. I was in a horrible human art block where everyone had fatass overdefined cheeks.  The pen sketch front-view is cute, though.
Drunk Dan is awesome.  This is him in the future, maybe in his late 30s, harassing some poor fangirl-prostitute-groupie thing who won't shut the fuck up and put her mouth where the money is.  or something like that.
I love dan ;-; 

Emma practice, still from the time when everything and everyone had weird cheeks. I think I was either entering or leaving that phase though so it's not too bad.
EVERYONE, THIS IS FLOYD.  He's a tall skinny black kid who hangs out with Ernest (not shown yet) and Terrance (also not shown) who kiiinda sleeps around, has the gay lisp, and wears too much pink.  also that fro.
He's really adorable and silly and flamboyant and raunchy and flirty and socially confident. also smart.
Doesn't really want a long term relationship right now, but he'll still take your number.
HE IS ADORABLE and is a gossip king.
He hangs around with Jude, a cute little guy quickly becoming a favorite.
His hair is different now too.
Jude dates Rob, a drummer in a different band in the local music scene that Bad Spider and I Read the Giver hail from.  He's a transman in early stages of hormonal treatment who already received a mastectomy and hysterectomy on account of other medical issues (fibroids, horrible endometriosis, multiple breast tumors).  Jude is laid-back and loves music, animals, weed, parties, being lazy, and being outside.  He also watches Arthur all the time with his eight year old brother Cole.  His dad is a rock god from the Seattle grunge scene who recently got burned out on "that whole music thing" and isn't sure where to go next (one night stand with a 16-year-old groupie = baby jude).
He hates the song "hey jude" and it's not funny anymore.
he also works with Dan at a pet store.  They get along pretty well.
Also also has a cute fanboy stalker crush on Liam, totally harmless and Liam thinks it's funny/is totally flattered.  Jude is not socially awkward, either, not really.
(all this fun-loving laid back shit doesn't really apply rn in his storyline considering his boyfriend is straight but willing to stay with him, and he's got a lot of gender-dysphoric anxiety from other sources too.  also weirdly excited and hyperactive because while also being miserable about all this, Jude has, simultaneously, never been happier now that he's out.)
AFI-Now The World
I'm in love with that track and plan to illustrate it fully, soon, only big.
Dan practice.  The one on the bottom right looks a lot like Kaili's style to me.  Hm.
I LOVE how Dan looks here, in all of these. As can be seen he kinda has a baby face.
He also looks weirdly like my best friend, only not exactly.
Above that, two derp drawings of a forest spirit altsona Sophie designed for me <333 I made her a forest spirit too, for Christmas.  That deer-moth-rabbit thing.
Flaafy pen sketch from a while back.  English class.
I love them. ;-;

Darkmoon, pose reffed from life.  I am trying out new piercings for her, double nostril and labret.  No nosebridge.  I'll miss it on her :(
Halos FTW.  I also remember I drew exactly what I was in and how my hair looked when I did this...short buzzed cut, eee.

I've been too into tattoo imagery.  This is partially experimental shirt design, partially potential tattoo art (not for me, although our friend the rabbit has appeared in tattoo-esque imagery before and he'll end up on shirts...out of everything here he has the biggest chance of making it to my skin).

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