Friday, April 22, 2011


I finally finished Bailey's new ref!
I finished it just an hour ago, in the wake of watching -many- Disney movies, a three-part crime thriller, a ton of HBO stuff and Kamikaze Girls, one of my favorite movies.  This was over several weeks of work.  I've been stuck for time for a lot of art, honestly, and I keep thinking that I'd feel more productive if I took photographs of the paintings I do for school.  Most of my time and effort goes there now...I should try to take some pictures of them all.

Bailey and I had a falling-out, you could say.  It wasn't anyone's fault.  I just made some dumb decisions regarding friendships and wound up associating him with people I wanted to get away from.  I started seeing him as a symbol of things that were ruined for me, of lies, and of things and people I was even afraid of.  I finally detached him from that by watching Velvet Goldmine.  I thought of him then in such a positive way that I did this, and it was quite therapeutic.

I went to a drag show with a friend last night, and it was also quite therapeutic, just being around so many people my age who were there with not only friends but partners too.  It was nice, seeing other lesbians my own age.  AND UM, I used to toy with making Bailey a drag persona.  I'm tempted to bring that back...we'll see, I suppose.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Darkmoon and Felix function as two versions of the same individual OR as siblings.  Similar interests and tastes to Liam and Merriweather.

He can hang out with my characters, but doesn't have a storyline (yet).  He'd probably hang out with Merriweather, Carlos, Lindsay, Carmichael, Bailey, Derrick, and the rest.  He's not as showy as a lot of them are.  I could see him also hanging out with the Rochester bands, especially Antelope + 2, whose members I haven't really..drawn yet.  I have a lot of characters, offshoots, storylines, etc. running around and it's hard to represent everybody.

Name: Felix Spencer K. (Felix, Spencer, Spence)
Birthday: March 19, 1993 
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 190
Body Type: Tall, sturdy.  
Occupation: Broke college student.
Ethnicity/Species: Coydog (Coyote-Shepherd-Heinz 57). 
Faith: Occultist.
Sexuality: 75% straight.
Partner: -
Siblings: Darkmoon. 

Music: Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Nick Cave, Larkin Grimm, Cursive, Tool, Brand New, Brody Dalle, Shudder To Think, Nirvana, Rasputina, Smashing Pumpkins, Siouxsie Sioux, old Manic Street Preachers, Skinny Puppy, Radiohead, Sholi, Morrissey, The Damned, Dog Fashion Disco, Ramones, The Stooges, Murder By Death, Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, Alice In Chains, The Cure, Interpol, Sisters of Mercy, Covenant, Tapping The Vein, Depeche Mode, Alexisonfire, CSNY, Nine Inch Nails, Say Anything, Scarling., The Blood Brothers, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, AFI, How To Destroy Angels, The Dresden Dolls, Carina Round, Streetlight Manifesto, DeVotchKa, Ween, Pearl Jam, Matt & Kim, Mother Mother, Patrick Wolf, David Bowie, Your Heart Breaks, Stone Temple Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Jack Off Jill, Manchester Orchestra, Gravy Train!!!!, Parenthetical Girls.  Grunge, goth, punk, glitter punk, folk, shoegaze, experimental.
While Darkmoon and Felix share similar music tastes, Felix prefers male vocals and doesn’t listen to pop.  He does listen to electronic music but is not fond of straight-up dance.  While Darkmoon’s favorite bands are the Dresden Dolls and Parenthetical Girls, his are Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and Joy Division.  
Fashion: 80s goth, punk, deathrock, grunge.  Always in black.  Torn fishnet and trashed denim, DIY jackets and vests, spikes, chains and studs all over.  Stripes, eyes, bats, birds, bones.  Holes in everything.  Jeans, a band tee, and flannel or jacket suffice.  Big fan of doc martens.  Black or grey with red, green, brown, white, purple, or blue.  Wears collars, accessorizes. Almost always wears Siouxsie makeup.  Symbols such as pentagrams, inverted cross, ankh, om, etc. almost always present.
Favorite/necessary necklaces are his ankh, raven, and baphomet pentagram. 
Personality: Somewhat more reserved than Darkmoon, but still capable of being talkative. Also mildly autistic, like her, it barely shows except through stress.  Creatively inclined; writes, draws, paints, does pottery and street art.  Dutiful, hard working.  Loyal, self-aware.  Enjoys being alone more than Darkmoon.
Drugs: drinks on occasion, prefers wine, rum, coolers, flavored vodka, Irish cream, and mixed drinks.  Smokes weed on occasion.
Likes: SANDMAN, Batman, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, David Lynch, Ren & Stimpy, Stanley Kubrick, chicken wings, X-Men, Twin Peaks, taxidermy, street art, pottery, the Occult, Paganism, chakra work and reiki, masks, Oceania, animals—especially cats, corvids, rats, goats, and donkeys, cooking, tofu, omelets, Tumblr, sleeping in, video games (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Zelda, Okami), mythology, theatre,  erotica/adult material, gender,  A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Metalocalypse, South Park, Adventure Time, Flapjack, Little Bear, BDSM, drag shows, halos, art nouveau, body art, iconography.
Dislikes: Close-mindedness, good-and-evil/right-and-wrong divisions, sauerkraut, baths (showers are ok!), crowds, roller coasters, humid weather, hot dogs, hardcore drugs, sensationalism, censorship, commercials, mainstream pop & dance, hotels, creepy crawlies, trashy Halloween costumes, cigarettes, coffee.
Movies: Fight Club, Where The Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovitch, Donnie Darko, Rabbits, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Nosferatu, The Dark Knight, Batman Returns, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Santa Sangre, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Little Miss Sunshine, Zodiac, Orlando, Chicago, Misery, Pinnochio, The Wizard of Oz, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Perfect Blue, The Birds, Shawshank Redemption, Pom Poko, The Prestige, Velvet Goldmine, The Matrix, Gentleman Broncos, Labyrinth, People Under the Stairs, Beetlejuice, The Wall, Paprika, The Cat Returns, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, V for Vendetta, The Secret of NIMH, Velvet Goldmine, Pirate Radio, 12 Monkeys, Silence of the Lambs. Surreal, horror, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, offbeat.

BAPHOMET FORM (pictured below main reference sheet)
Physical self remains the same, this is an expression of self-divinity, a form that exists when he's in a transcending experience, meditating, etc.  Can be assumed during sex and domination as well.  Not a "chillin 'round the house" form.
ALL THE FEATURES ARE UP TO YOUR INTERPRETATION as they can change due to Felix's mood, current interests, desire for how he wants them to look, etc.
"Ghostly"/ transparent bat or raven wings (or mix).  Usually tattered/ruffled/partially plucked.  Can show bone too, up to interpretation, situation, mood, etc.
Set of horns, can be spiraled like a ram's or long and straight like an antelope's.  Can be red, black, white, etc. usually also rather transparent but may look more solid.
Halo framing him.  Feel free to use any symbols mentioned in his list of optional tattoos (below).  Most likely the color blue will show up, or purple to symbolize the third eye chakra, with white to symbolize the crown chakra.  Most commonly used are the Ankh, inverted cross, and Sigil of Baphomet.
May wear animal bones, skull masks, etc. in this form.
Chakras may be visible, glowing in spheres within the body and/or around the body.

Long deathhawk, often ratted/tangled. Can be brown, platinum, black, blue, or mix.  Can be dreaded up.
GLASSES OPTIONAL.  Usually wears contacts.
Thick muzzle.
Thick eyebrows
Optional short, scruffy beard or goatee
Hairy body--a little chest hair, happy trail, thick pubic hair.  Most anthros don't have body hair, true, but Felix has a little present.  If he were a human it would be even thicker.   
Facial hair may be dyed or bleached
Can wear ear cuffs
Optional tattoos (all blackwork): star-and-crossbones (not blackwork, deep blue and purple), raven, Sigil of Baphomet, (back), inverted cross (top of hands, behind ear, along spine), spinal cord, tree (side, arm, lower chest), ouija board (upper chest), eye (palm/s).  Sleeve may be additional symbols—triple goddess, ankh, infinity, lotus, astrological—and animal skulls, henna-style flowers, lyrics.


Kale's the frontman for I Read The Giver, a prodigal musician with a great deal of talent.  His parents' divorce was ugly and that, combined with his desire to get his band further ahead through any possible means (and the desire to be a "cool rock star") really degenerated him into a walking trainwreck.  He is loved, feared, hated, and pitied all at once.  Through raw talent (and a lot of behind-the-scenes fucking and bribing for the best times and venues) Kale has made them the best-known local college group on the scene.
But alas, what profit a man if he gains the whole world, only to lose his soul?
or something like that....

Dave's hero, Liam's biggest punchline.  Everyone else just sort of watches him make beautiful music and  ruin himself with a mixture of horror, pity, and admiration.

Full Name: Kale Sullivan
Birthday: December 22,1987
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 169
Body Type: Slight pudge, strong forearms, lady-hands XP otherwise, untoned and a little sickly looking. Slightly feminine.
Occupation: Works at the local record store.
Ethnicity/Species: Human; Russian, English, Dutch.
Faith: He’s too cool for faith; atheist and nihilistic hedonist. :P
Sexuality: Gay, but will fuck girls. XP
Partner: oh god
Siblings: Jeremy (Jer-Bear) who is pretty much the light of his asshole-life.  5.
Music: Nine Inch Nails, The Dead Science, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Tool, Tapeworm, Skinny Puppy, Puscifer, Alice in Chains, The Smiths, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and any classical music.  That’s pretty much all he listens to, ever.  But he knows about a lot of music.
Fashion: Grimy, ripped up jeans, shirts, flannels, and hoodies.  Band tees, “stoner” colors, lotta plaid.  Wears skinnies as well as looser pants: blue, black, whatever.  Pyjama pants too.  Any shoes do just fine.
Personality: Total fucking douchebag, near-sociopath, completely self-absorbed.  Screams a lot when he is upset (which is a lot of the time) and his neighbors think he’s severely autistic or retarded or something due to his racket.  Oppositional-defiant and nearly borderline (mild borderline?).  Reacts violently (vocally and physically) to like, everything.  Manipulative, totally anti-social.  COMPLETE slut.  Loves feeling like a trash heap; loves feeling sexually used and abused.  Will sleep with anyone and anything and has a gazillion band-groupies he puts out for.  Paranoid as fuck, capable of being a really bad friend, sees self as GOD of some sort, but seems to have some sort of self-loathing at the same time.  Hates talking about his feelings to too many people, but loves complaining.  Wants to be closer to people but yet goes between liking and hating people and just finding them boring (usually he’s “bored” with people). ACTUALLY THOUGH, he is capable, for the most part, of being some weird, mostly-normal narcissist that can actually be pretty cool, so the information above and below sort of applies to certain times and situations (more to his home life and when he’s really stressed).  His musical genius is why he still has friends, and he always gives credit where it’s deserved.  He can be a good friend, even while he’s an asshole, and many people look up to him even as they look down at him.  Also still lives at BOTH homes of his divorced parents who spoil him and are somewhat afraid of/still love him. Is wary of his parents, and surly when spoken to.  Sometimes he can have a decent conversation with one of his biological parents and can be comforted if he’s in a miserable enough mood.  He throws fits still. Oh and has had (rare) psychotic episodes resulting from past, serious drug abuse.  Can get silly and girlish when in a sexymood and sometimes acts like a giggly little girl arm candy sort of thing and it’s gross to watch.  Every relationship he cares about, he cries over. He calls Eric, Wiggles, and Benny all the time and bitches.  He wants a boyfriend and wants to be loved, but obv. wouldn't make a great boyfriend, and usually winds up not attracting the sorts of people he wants anyway.  He treats his mother in law like shit and threatens to kill/maim her often and has physically harmed her several times.  Oh and hates having a job and hates school stuff—he quit college for a choice few dumb reasons.  MOOCHER.  Can’t drive.  Only seems to be actually happy when fucking and it’s more some manic, trashy energy than real happiness.  WELL THAT’S A LIE, his little brother makes him very happy, although he didn’t always like his brother.  Hobbies include sitting very still and listening to music on headphones and helping his little brother play games and color in dinosaur coloring books.  Also has Splenda, the cat, who is the only thing besides Jeremy that makes him happy/normal (that and playing music).
Drugs: Ecstacy, psilocybin, alcohol, pot, special K, LSD, morphine, ecstasy, and on incredibly rare occasion, cocaine.
Likes: Sex drugs rock n’ roll, his cat, himself, his little brother, drawing and painting, SAM MICKENS, and orange colored foods (kraft mac n cheese, orange juice MUST BE PULP-FREE or else whoever bought it will get the glass thrown in their face, etc.) and maybe a few guys he crushes on.  And I thought I should mention his little brother again.    
Dislikes: Everything else (or simply doesn’t give a flying fuck).  Oh, and fucking a guy with his dick instead of taking it in the ass.  He only likes being assfucked.  ONLY LIKES BEING ASSFUCKED.
Movies: The Wall.  That’s all I’ve got for now, I don’t think he really “notices” what he watches or rather, it doesn’t really impress him much, usually.  He usually sits at home and watches things with his brother or dad.


So, Liam is my primary writing muse.  He and I have collaborated a little on some little first-person sketches and snapshots, and one longer story.  Most of these are whiny things concerning his previous drug habits and shameful acts.  Unfortunately.  Or maybe that's fine.  I'm not sure.

(apologies for lack of a nice background, I totally forgot and was gluing things when I realized I didn't scan it properly)
Full name: Liam Anthony Starling
Birthday: November 20, 1989
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Body Type: Stout, masculine, somewhat muscled.  Bullneck lol!
Occupation: Freelance surreal, horror, sci-fi, dystopian, and LBGT fiction writer, hobby artist (watercolors mostly), theatre actor, playwright.  
Ethnicity/Species: Human!, French, German, Polish.
Faith: STRONGLY opposed to most faith.  Atheist.
Sexuality: homosexual, 100% for sure yes definitely.
Partner: Andy
Children: Someday (future daughter-Harley, future sons-Isaac & Eli)
Siblings: Alyssa, 6 years younger.
Music: Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Brand New, Murder by Death, Cursive,  Gravy Train!!!!, Catch-22, Cocks in Love*, Smashing Pumpkins, Talking Heads, Leftover Crack, Dear & The Headlights, Dead Kennedys, The Pixies, Tool, Bob Dylan, Flight of the Concords, Bad Spider*, ANTELOPE+2*, I Read the Giver*, Elvis Presley, A Perfect Circle, AFI (pre-decemberunderground), Johnny Cash, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Soundgarden, Say Anything, OPERATION IVY, The Blood Brothers, T-Bone Walker, Of Montreal, Cat Stevens, Alice in Chains, The Sex Pistols, Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Jam, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sublime, Manic Street Preachers, Explosions in the Sky, Iggy Pop, Interpol, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matt & Kim, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Rufus Wainwright, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jane’s Addiction, Bob Marley, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Doors, Rage Against the Machine, The Rolling Stones, The Used, 311, Deftones, Killswitch Engaged, Nine Inch Nails, NoFX, Audioslave, MCR, The Vines, and lol, Jonny McGovern.  Rock, punk, stoner, queercore, indie, reggae, ska and skacore, hardcore, metal, acoustic, British blues-rock, blues, folk, 90’s. 
Fashion: WOODEN ENGAGMENT RING NOT OPTIONAL NOR IS THE DORKY BANDANA as his forehead sweats often so he hides it this way plus keeps his hair from being directly in his eyes (well…no).  Can be any color but pink, always paisley.  Can also be a skullcap, lol.  Homemade screenprinted tees, band tees, theatre humor tees (Shakespeare jokes, etc), Batman, Watchmen, X-Men, and Sandman tees too.  Some mildly offensive/brash gay as hell tees—not hugely gross/sexual.  Ancient baggy jeans, cargo pants, whatever.  LOTS of hoodies, and mostly dark or muted colors, black, green, brown, grey, etc. but will wear some eggplant and some red too, hell, even yellow.  hemp bracelets/necklaces. NO RAINBOWS EVER, except a pride/rights button or bracelet, may do more for a parade or something.  For the feets, birkenstocks, sandals, skater shoes, cheap sneakers, whatever.
Personality: Two main sides: the really scary young angry tortured artist, and the big silly best-friend-ever.  He’s an insomniac and copes frighteningly well on almost no sleep.  He has a very big, often offensive/disgusting, over-the-top, sarcastic, and totally gay sense of humor—and is pretty much capable of making anybody laugh.  He writes constantly, often staying up all night clacking away at the typewriter his grandfather gave him.  For Liam, his art forms are his entire life purpose.  Well, that and his dogs and friends and life goal to adopt little kidlets, too. He’s medicated, but used to skip on purpose at times (not smart)—he felt it stifled his creativity and energy but really he was used to relying on his mania for productivity.  The rapid cycling that characterizes bipolar 2 is still present, but manic and depressive swings are usually pretty mild and manageable.  If he was not successfully medicated he would not be capable of a normal lifestyle.  He has almost too many triggers to keep track of.  He is horrifyingly impulsive and used to act rashly often, but has learned to curb this.  Who he was in high school still hurts him terribly.  Liam’s incredibly devoted to his partner, Andy, who in turn has stuck by him through even the worst of his illness (and other problems).  He is acutely aware of his addictive personality—drugs, but also betting and competitions are all potential habits for him.  He should probably avoid Dan and Rob and other friends, then. The part of him that’s the young angry artist is the part of him that’s wickedly opinionated—he almost wants someone to come up and challenge him, because while he’s somewhat okay in his own skin, some of his family isn’t and the rest of the world (well, some of it) isn’t either.  It’s the part of him that gets down about things.  When he’s on your side, he’s a wonderful listener and likes helping people and hugging people until they yell at him to cut it out.  If he’s on the opposite side, beware. :/ 
Drugs: recovering heroin user, relapses sometimes but is fairly diligent.  Pot sometimes.  Drinks often—usually gross cheap whiskey—and chain smokes like a fiend. Like…there’s a lit cigarette on him all the time.
Likes: Batman, guys, Livejournal, Cilian Murphey, dogs-especially big breeds, mastiffs, and bullies, typewriters, band tees, zombies, screenprinting, Mythbusters, racing games, horror, David Levithan, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Stephen King, Dave McKean, superheroes, movies/movie theatres, bell peppers (he’ll eat anything but this is his favorite), Shakespeare, acting, writing, whiskey, watercolor, crafty stuff, illustration/cartooning, skyscrapers, horror, practical jokes, dares, drawing, playing guitar, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Jiz and the Mammograms (lol), lizards--horned toads and bearded dragons especially, working, hardcore dance pits (lol mosh), reading, concerts, really hella gay stuff, cute little kidlets.
Dislikes: Girls, the porn industry, Pete Wentz, McDonald’s and other big food companies, the PETA, coconut, how chocolate bars are cheaper than vegetables, the cost of cigarettes, not being able to pet Andy’s tail as much as he wants (lol), himself, Jeffree Star and like every scene thing alive, women’s clothing, pigs, home improvement shows, drag queens sometimes, clowns, club kids and ravers, a TON of 80’s cartoons, Parenthetical Girls. 
Movies: Little Miss Sunshine—favorite movie ever, Pleasantville, All the Batman Films (favorites are Adam West Batman, Batman Returns and the first of the new Batman films), Mirrormask, No Country For Old Men, Donnie Darko, Where the Wild Things Are, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, Coraline, The Shining, The Prestige, Pan’s Labyrinth, Ponyo. O Brother Where Art Thou, 2010 True Grit, Zombieland. Inception,The Iron Giant, Stand By Me, Fargo, The Shawshank Redemption.  Anything by Studio Ghibli or the Cohen Brothers is game to him.

European Starling tattoo on right arm, Sandman quote on ribbon underneath: “You are alive, so, live.”
Grey eyes, prominent, permanent bags.  They age his face hugely.
Large earlobes, pierced, but he doesn’t wear earrings anymore.
Bulbous pug nose.
Thick jaw, small chin.
Hair can be short or long in front, can have dye (green or black only), usually doesn’t. 
Sunburnt/tanned shoulders and arms.  
Scruffy facial hair, often in a short beard.  
Barely-there scruff ‘stache optional.

Fursonas: Timber wolf, bandogge (mastiff-bully mix), bearded dragon, orange tabby cat.  He draws himself as any of the aforementioned, often mixing features of the different animals to fit his mood or the particular picture he’s drawing.  He doesn’t have a set fursona design.  ALSO he has a pokesona, a feraligatr.  
Usually he draws himself as a bipedal with a humanlike build, but he does draw digigrade legs sometimes too, and his pokesona often is drawn as a feraligatr usually is, on its hind legs, hunched over.  
Feel free to draw him doing naughty things in any form, but note that Liam doesn’t like to see animal bits and doesn’t draw himself with them.  I don’t like that either, so please, no dog, cat, lizard, etc. genitals ☹ Human bits only!  
He also is never drawn as a quad, but can look like a were-animal. 
Also, Liam is against most fetishes.  Unless it’s a derpy joke picture AND WE ARE CLOSE FRIENDS, you can’t draw him doing anything adult besides good old fashioned fucking with other two-legged, consenting, grown-up characters.  And please, boys only.  ☹ He is monogamous but feel free to draw him with Batman, Destruction from Sandman, or any of his celebrity crushes. XP Or his partner, Andy.  And please no bondage.  I may like that, but that’s not his deal.  
A bandana or skullcap and wooden engagement ring are a must.  Fashion follows what he wears as a human: muted colors excluding rasta or purple and yellow, faggy/band/self-made screenprinted/theatre/geekery shirts, jeans or khakis, hemp jewelry, birkenstocks, skate sneakers, or...whatever lol. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am SICK as a DOG.  Which is fitting if my fursona's a coydog.  Hahaha.

So while I'm home with the same exact damn sinus infection I had a few weeks ago (I apparently needed a second dose of the antibiotics but no one thought I did at the time, way to go guys) I've been working on reference sheets (all I do anymore, am I right?) but I also have an exciting announcement as well as some finished work that I am really happy with.
As per usual refs are under the cut.

First-off, I finally finished part of my trade with Twinklestah!
It's her fab fox girl Tika-Tiri doing some maaaagical stuff with a few bones and feathers.  My canine anatomy -sucks- and I'm the first to admit there's something off with her neck, but I'm still pleased with how this ended up.  I like the coloring and I bought this funky paper-tape border stuff that I used on here (it sort of tore, sorry about that Dx) and I really love it.  The background, I edited with little it's patchwork, for the Patchwork Plane, where her characters live.

Then it's the final version of Dance In The Dark, for that challenge I'm giving myself to live a little within my art and just sort of do things.  It scanned -horribly- but I don't really have a camera handy so...yeah.
I'm really happy with it.

Now it's just a million ref WIPs and a finished thing of Carlos.
Some nudity under the cut.

This is just a change for her current ref, which needed updating.  I just sort of totally BS'd her first ref and the anatomy was crap.  I took a lot of time on this one and I think it portrays her body type, coloring, and markings MUCH better.  I'm really pleased with her ears, the softness of the grey facial "freckles" and how I colored the iridescent scales on her arms and legs.
Her tail is different now, way thinner, but that's about it.  Small chest, slender, rather androgynous...her basic body shape hasn't changed -that- much.  Pre-op trans, afraid of surgery and hospitals and unwilling to commit to a sex reassignment operation for many reasons.
I was aiming to get her personality in the pose.  She's a little childish, loves dressing up and feeling girly, and likes being the center of attention.

This is the original ref idea, but I liked her face pointing up better so I traced and redid that.  She's stretching her arms behind her back and kind of.  stretching in general.
I wanted to--again--get her in the pose so I was trying for something casual, sexy, and teasing.  Rachel isn't exactly a sleaze but is obsessed with her own body image.  She is a successfully recovered anorexic, and used to use her body as power over men she dated, but usually wound up being used.  Old habits die hard--there's a part of her that still wants to attract men she doesn't necessarily want to date.  A deep-down desire to be an exhibitionist except she knows she'd regret it and hate it heartily (lol, she's been scouted for porn but always laughs in the peoples' faces and declines).  Also she's WAY into body art, but I didn't include her tattoos on the anthro ref.  The human one--she's usually a human--will come later.

The idea behind the design is her self-criticism.  She knows, in a vague way, that she's attractive or capable of being attractive at least, but really doesn't see herself as such through her own eyes.  She likes chinese crested dogs and has one named Winnie, who is her little bby, and opossums are vermin that dig through the trash--she sees herself as trashy due to who she used to be and the people she used to date, some of which were really dangerous men that hurt her.  So she threw them together to make something of two animals many people see as ugly.  It's really sad I guess.

his pose is unassuming otherwise it would be REALLY stupid and silly so I thought I'd save us.  I'm not sure if the proportions or anatomy are right but I like his face.  He's fun to draw.

(dan's ref used this whole let's be posing like our personalities thing, he was standing looking awkward instead of loud and obnoxious, because deep down inside he is a sad little boy)

More of Tess.  She's a shameless OMG BOOBS character, I'll admit, and her pose doesn't really mean anything except HEY GUYS I'M A SUGAR GLIDER.
She's modest and doesn't really like her breasts much, they're too big and therefore make it hard for her to wear certain cut tops and dresses and whatnot while still looking modest.  I always feel really bad for certain girls at my school who -insist- on wearing tops I'd look fine in that due to their chest size they appear to spill out of.  Sucks.  One of the reasons Tess likes Lance/Emilie so much is that he's not constantly eyeing her chest.  She's got a cute color scheme aww.  Reminds me of toast.

Also more Emilie. XP  I'm working on the background.

veeeery pleased with this!


after like two years of almost no use I am finally using Bailey again.  I was watching Velvet Goldmine over the weekend and was all the sudden LOVING him again.  It was magical.
So this is him.  I actually checked my anatomy for once.
EXCEPT I'm changing the legs, screwed up the hand horribly and tried to replace a finger somewheres else and ended up making a mess, and I really do NOT like the shading inside his ears and one is too short.  So that will all be fixed.
So I'm editing the scan.


BFFs with Carlos, lives with her and Carmichael and during certain times Merriweather too.  Does a lot of stuff for a living, makes good money, is kind of on the rise.
Also friends with Bailey, Jazz, Gage, and others.
Pretty bad childhood, she doesn't like to talk about it.  Her mother is very unstable and unfit to parent but not an unkind woman; Lindsay took care of her more than she did Lindsay.  Her father was a disgusting abusive pervert pig of a person but he's kind of out of the picture, luckily.  She has a little residual stress but copes really well with tough situations, better, probably, than any of my other characters.

Full Name: Lindsay Powers
Birthday: December 18, 1989
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 90 pounds
Body Type: Leggy, well-muscled, petite.  Slender, almost bony build, small chest.
Ethinicty/Species: Chinese Crested Dog (hairless).  Chinese.
Occupation: Fashion and fetish model, dance instructor/performer (burlesque, pole, children’s tap, ballroom, performance/artistic), drag queen, singer.  Also draws and sews much of her own clothing.  Almost totally self taught in all of above disciplines, except dance.
Faith: unconcerned.
Sexuality: straight.
Partner: Carmichael.
Music: Lady GaGa, The Knife, The Birthday Massacre, Iggy Pop, Ladytron, The Faint, Regina Spektor, Metric, Vince Giordano, GiGi, Cristina, Louis Prima, Kylie Minogue, La Roux, HelloGoodbye, ELO, Real Life, Panic! At the Disco, The Pipettes, Rhianna, Nine Inch Nails, Hot Chip, P!nk,  Duke Ellington, Dragonette,  ATC, Audra, Cocteau Twins, Daft Punk, Spinnerette, The Dresden Dolls, Chromeo, CocoRosie, Tones On Tail, Robyn, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, September, The Distillers, The Crystal Method, Sugar & Gold, Dead or Alive, The Pixies, David Bowie, Apoptygma Berzerk, The B-52’s, Shiny Toy Guns, Patrick Wolf, Annie.  Glam, electronic, pop, cabaret, goth, musical/theatre, 80’s, swing/big band.
Fashion: Being a high-fashion model, you can draw her in almost anything.  Wears a lot of pink and black, but is not limited to this!   Likes glam, drag, burlesque. HUGE on 20s fashion as well, can wear any color, especially white, green, blue, cream.  Also likes mod and deco, she enjoys doing more mature takes on Fairy Kei—that is, fewer accessories, corset elements, etc.  No Lolita.  Corsets, short skirts, skinny jeans, leggings (sometimes as pants), mod dresses, bold prints, nettings and stockings, legwarmers and armwarmers, partial tops, spaghetti straps, glitter, bows, faux fur, leopard and zebra print, sequins.  Will wear mild bondage elements.  Shoe addict, loves all kinds of shoes.
Personality: Intuitive, street smart, caring, sometimes blunt, a little gossip-y.  Likes shopping, dancing, helping others to expand their minds, solve their problems, etc.  Has a slight lisp.  Incredibly busy with her career—modeling and performing (singing, dancing, drag, etc.).  Loves conventions (art, music, dance, fashion, politically minded, etc), clubbing, performing, meeting new people, etc.  Has a low libido.  Used to be way more heavily into BDSM (subbing), still is, to a lesser degree.  Fan of suspension, latex and leather, spanking.  Not easily riled up or upset.  Incredibly dignified, but not egotistical.   Very insightful and aware of others’ problems.  She refuses to be pushed down by others and takes shit from nobody. Also a great baker.
Drugs: Drinks on rare occasion; never caught drunk.  On even rarer occasions, she’ll smoke weed w. Carlos, Merriweather, Bailey and friends.
Likes: Dance, exercise, glam fashion, teaching, baking, sewing, drawing, glitter, make-up, napping, DDR, helping others, SAILOR MOON…a lot, Jem, Rainbow Brite, MLP FiM, quiet afternoons and evenings, Disney movies, studying languages, Marilyn Monroe, interior design, conventions, drag performance, cabaret, classy burlesque, acting, singing, learning, gym class, pole dancing, modeling, BDSM, androgyny, gender studies, masculine men, gender awareness/rights, activism, Columbia (RHPS), kawaii stuff, sugary foods, stickers, Halloween, exotic foods, shoes.
Dislikes: Pedophilia humor and pedo bear, hate groups, forced feminization fetishes, her lisp (can usually work around it), trashy people, feminazis, casual sex, Ren and Stimpy, horror films, large concerts, hating on cabaret/burlesque/pole dance performers, math, her biological family, her rotten ex and his family.
Movies: Spirited Away, Hedwig and the Angry Itch, Some Like it Hot, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, My Neighbor Totoro, V for Vendetta, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Paprika, Kamikaze Girls, Tokyo Godfathers, Velvet Goldmine, Connie & Carla, Millennium Actress, West Side Story, Plague Dogs, The Aristocats, Lilo & Stitch, Lady & The Tramp, Oliver & Company…basically all the cute animal Disney movies.

Born intersex,but it doesn’t show at all (except internally)—she appears and ID’s as female.
Delicate, slender frame.
Two-tone heart nose!
Speckled, mottled skin.
Long muzzle.
Can shave fur from wrists and ankles.  Underneath are faint, pink scars from chafing of bondage supplies, scratches, rope burn, etc.
Hair is naturally white and rarely dyed, if ever.  Bangs are modeled after Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle or done into 20’s waves/sweeps.  Can crimp and curl it as well.
Birthmark on right cheek.
Grey-blue eyes, long lashes, sometimes adds decorative fake ones.
Tail is not like most Crested tails.
Ear piercings all at 16g..
Breasts are a small B cup.
Various scars on body, most are now just barely visible.  Include them if you want.