Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16/12: Cover Work & Ref for a Friend

Cover for a short story.  A lot of WIP stuff, basically....

So here's the original paper, exposed photo paper with ink over it.  
Original colors on the left, B/W on the right.
And with art added.  Filtered the B/W differently here, different values, cooler grey.

And linework.  Forgot his side strands of his bangs, trying to decide if that bothers me....

And here we go, a reference for a friend of mine who used to be online; her fursona (slightly redesigned/finalized) :)
The design is all her, I provided a bit of input but she made all the calls and the base is completely hers, without my input.
In person the ref will be over two pieces of paper, one for the standard base colors (the cream/red) the other for her alternative color scheme.  Previously the stripes on the blue design had been yellow too but we decided to tone it down and stick with a three-color-scheme for each design.  

I hope she likes it, she hasn't seen it finished yet.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8/12: A few sketches

It's been a while.  I scanned a few sketches, a werewolf concept and an adult picture of Merri I'm rather pleased with.

Concept for the were form for Merri's new dom (and later boyfriend--Carlos is still his future spouse) Luke who is a pretty cool guy.  More on him later, whenever I next draw him.
I like skinny werewolves better than muscly ones personally but the muscled ones are cool too.  Werewolves are really hard for me to draw.  I used to draw them all the time in middle school, so it's been, I dunno, eight or ten years since I've drawn one?

Warning: Adult content under the cut.