Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two more trades!

I finished these a few days ago and never got around to posting them here.
Both for my IRL friend.  I'm really pleased with them.
Fancy badge of Jamilla, her dragon girl, who is rather vain.  She's supposed to be showing off here.  I had fun with the scales...Although I don't want a dragon character myself, I love drawing them for people!

Finished version of her Ayami roller skating.  I tried something with the fish--they were meant to be perfect but then I realized doing them all the same would be a pain and made the print a mistake/print over itself on purpose.  Why not?  It's big in scrap book paper now.  I'm overall happy with how it came out, but next time I decide to try sizing scrap book paper and poster board for something I'll need to play with the end result a little more.  Her foot is centered but the rest of the image isn't (the scan got cropped too) but she was happy and someone said people sometimes mess with things being off on purpose to help it be more visually interesting. In any case, it's at least partially centered.  I'm still very happy with the pose (thanks Posemaniacs) and the outfit and coloring.  :)

Now off to finish my remaining owed items and brainstorm for the MLP project.  I'm currently opening for commissions for badges like Jamilla's for only $10 (9 slots available currently), and for digital sketches of any size/kind for $3 since I need practice (only three slots of those).  Email me at if you're interested. Thanks!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Digital Practice

Will be posting some digital sketches and practice things over the next few days.  Adjusting to using a tablet and trying to find a way to color, mostly.  Any helpful/enjoyable programs and tutorials will be posted here too.

Bloodfeast on FA sent me this and it's full of nice tutorials, color palettes, etc:

Doodles under the cut.  
Warning: Some nudity.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/12: Applejack and Two Trades// TABLET art

I finally cleaned my scanner bed and of course missed a spot :(  Ignore the spot there, it's in two of these scans.
First: Applejack!
First in a series of MLP ACEOs.  They're accompanying the paper dolls (which are close to finished) and so far only will include the Mane Six. In time there'll be Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and possibly some other mares (AND stallions!) added to the series, which means they'll have ACEOs too.  Very pleased with this, I love shading eyes like this too <3

Aaaand trade with vore!

Currently open for any kind of commission including ACEOs, headshots, and badges :O 
Um.  yeah....and I'll be posting lame digital doodles while I adjust to a tablet soon too!  Excited!!
May scan some more WIPs later today, too.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/12: MLP and Dancer Inks & Sketchbook Scans

So, WIP update of the trade with my IRL friend.  Need to add another marking I forgot.  I also need to outline that circle still...I'm already coloring it.  I usually like to color clothes with markers and bodies with pencils if I'm doing mixed media, and I'm doing that with this picture.
My MLP dolls are close to being complete, sans Gala dresses and elements of harmony...those are thus far not started.  I did some questions on a few sites and decided to do a Luna doll and either a Derpy, Vinyl Scratch, Zecora, or Big Mac if I have time for extras too. 
I decided to make MLP ACEOs in the style I use for my own MLP drawings, as opposed to the dolls--which were in some ways closer to the style of the show than my usual comic style....which for MLP is a lot cleaner/more refined and pony influenced than normal...
I already finished this, it's really cute.  Fluttershy's next.  So far, cutie marks aren't showing on either of them, but they're shown with their passions/livelihoods.  I may keep it up and keep from showing their cutie marks on this series.  I may sell a little print of each one with their matching doll, IDK yet.

Practice, may go in portfolio as a sketchbook example. Right now this is my typical sketchbook, actually.  I've been doing a lot of work with human and animal anatomy and poses.  I drew the skulls from reference (except that crappy one to the side) and the ones with noses, eyes etc. w/o reference, to practice laying skin and muscle over a skull.  The coyote is less than I would have liked but I was having trouble fixing it.  I guess my canines do need some work.  Also, bamboo lemurs and golden mantled tree kangaroos!
Two character concepts.  The top right is a genderqueer FtM mongoose lemur named Gage.  He likes pomade and 50s hair, heh.
The other design is not really like this's a tree kangaroo....thing.  Named Jazz, short for Jasper.  Gender null.
They're supposed to be best friends and partners. 
 Will scan soon.  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life update

Things may be a bit slow.  My computer is on-and-off odd about things being saved and resized, so while I've been working and scanning I may or may not be able to upload things for the time being, until it gets over itself. (This usually means I need to install an update and have forgotten to for too long.)

Also, a few incidents have come up with my immediate family and I've tried to keep up with work since that helps me through the stress but we got some more stress added today that may make me less active.
I'm going to do my best to keep up to speed with everything I owe along with personal projects.

Thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12: Ayami Trade Sketch

Here's the sketch so far:
(Sorry for the massive fullview.  My computer is being weird.)

I'm inking it right now and will post the update later!
Pose reffed from Posemaniacs, which I highly recommend to any person looking to better their human art.  It's a free tool that has an archive of poses broken down to muscle, viewable on a grid in many angles, and it also has sections showing just certain parts of the body, like feet.  I think you can even get it as a phone app.  There's no fee but donations are encouraged.  The person this trade is for actually recommended it to me a few years ago.
Background is going to be a bunch of fish and glow-bugs, things the character greatly enjoys.  I will probably put it on scrapbook paper after that or another piece of paper so I can make the background like a roller rink a little, unsure!

Hoping to post a few character concepts later as well as updates on the image's progress.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/12: Badge Trades // Sketchbook Page // Gift

For Kaili!  Used photo paper, totally killed a pen, will have to experiment with tip types to find what works best....
Inked half of a badge trade with Vore.  Mm, zombies. 

Warning: Nudity under the cut!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fluffpie Badge

Wow, I feel like this has been more empty of late, in terms of WIPs and stuff....
So here, have a cute bunny!
For Conjurecakes, who I just found out is part of my roomiegroup for AC 2012~~ Very excited!  
I'm open for pre-orders and can even mail them if people would prefer, to have before the con. In a way I'd prefer that since I don't have a table.....:/
ANYWAY, it was fun and her badge for me was super cute too!
Fluffpie is the cutest/sexiest rabbit ever I swear.  And utilizes my favorite cutecolors too!

Hoping to do some actual *work* today that I can post besides MLP dolls and sketchbook doodles....hmm, I should probably start scanning my sketchbook pages, but it's mostly anatomical practice that, more often than not, becomes Merriweather masochism.

I still owe two trades that I need to get on, though :) so that should keep me busy.....
Gonna be watching a bunch of Studio Ghibli movies with a friend so hopefully that'll inspire me to do a lot of work.