Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/12: Applejack and Two Trades// TABLET art

I finally cleaned my scanner bed and of course missed a spot :(  Ignore the spot there, it's in two of these scans.
First: Applejack!
First in a series of MLP ACEOs.  They're accompanying the paper dolls (which are close to finished) and so far only will include the Mane Six. In time there'll be Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and possibly some other mares (AND stallions!) added to the series, which means they'll have ACEOs too.  Very pleased with this, I love shading eyes like this too <3

Aaaand trade with vore!

Currently open for any kind of commission including ACEOs, headshots, and badges :O 
Um.  yeah....and I'll be posting lame digital doodles while I adjust to a tablet soon too!  Excited!!
May scan some more WIPs later today, too.  

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