Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26/12: MLP Trade final // Ref WIP

Trade with Opossumsrubnoses of their character Gin in her MLP form picking some flowers.  Still not sure how I feel about shading on these guys....

Warning: nudity under the cut.


Steff used to date Emma.  They've never gotten over eachother although they've moved on.  They both figure they just impacted eachother too much for the loss of their relationship to ever completely heal.  They're very close still, although they live on opposite ends of the country--Steff's family now lives in California, while she's still in New York.
Parents are art collectors and own several galleries, fairly wealthy.  'E is a very talented photographer.

Due to ED Steff was in danger of many medical problems and even death, but has gotten help and begun to recover and regain health.  Relapses are frequent---'E's been in and out of treatment facilities for years.  Things are better now that 'e has some friends and some sense of worth but 'e will probably never be totally safe from relapse.

Shown here as REALLY emaciated.  Can be shown at this point up to slightly below average body weight while still being healthy.

Full name: Steffen Ivanov, goes by Steff or Steffi only (Emma and Gnat can call ‘er Steffen-Meffen though)
Birthday: 11/2/1990
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 70-140 lbs.
Gender: Androgynous, uses pronouns “them” or “’e and ‘er.”
Body Type: wide-shouldered, sturdy skeletal structure.  Emaciated.  Small breasts (implants/hormonal treatment).  Degree of emaciation fluctuates frequently.
Occupation: Fine arts photography student.
Ethnicity/Species: Human, beech marten fursona. Slavic.
Faith: Pagan leanings.  
Sexuality: Women.
Partner: Gnat
Music: Morrissey, The Smiths, Xiu Xiu (ick), Rasputina, Rozz Williams, Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers, Shudder to Think, The Cure, Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Tapping The Vein, DeVotchKa, Mozart, Siouxsie Sioux, My Bloody Valentine, Extra Life, Larkin Grimm, The Jezabels, Regina Spektor, Parenthetical Girls, Grouper, Tegan & Sara, Schroeder, Amanda Palmer, Scarling., Interpol, Mother Mother, Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKinnet, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Sopor Aeternus, Ghost in the Addict, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Faith And The Muse, The Knife, The Cruxshadows, Alien Sex Fiend, The Killers, Bright Eyes, The Birthday Massacre, The Arcade Fire.  Morrissey, 80s goth, darkwave, experimental, punk cabaret, Morrissey, classical, electronic, folk, freak folk, anti-folk, pop, Morrissey.
Fashion: ULTRAGOFF FOREVER.  Steff only wears black or white, with blue, red, and purple accents.  ‘E never wears bright colors. Romantic goth, trad goth, elements of steampunk and neo-victorian goth.  Crossdresses 24/7.  Casual outfit would be a band tee and black slacks or a mid-length black skirt (perhaps pleated).  Often wears dark lipstick and eyeliner (think Siouxsie eyes!); enjoys dressing up.  Doc Martens, stilettos, creepers, heels, boots, occasionally sneakers (for therapy etc).  Sleeps in long nightgowns or college tees and long pants (sweatpants or flannel).  Often dressed more warmly than seemingly necessary, frequently cold.  Wears a lot of velvet (blackest possible black fabric is velvet :P), satin, etc.  Just make ‘er look like Lydia Deetz and you’re probably fine.  
Drugs: Occasionally uses prescribed marijuana.  Rarely healthy enough to risk drinking.
Likes: Tumblr, photography, surrealism, E. A. Poe, Sylvia Plath, watercolor art, taxidermy, fashion, medical subjects and videos, Portlandia, the Big Bang Theory, cats and rats, sleeping, coffee, veganism, gender, magick, science, body art, moths, nature, churches, exercise and dieting, dinosaurs, pandas, poetry, insects, theatre, Fall.
Dislikes: Being cold, consumable animal products, commercials, pornography, excess, leggings, leopard print, cold foods and beverages, reality TV, politics, math, being alone, self, artificial ingredients, large slobbery dogs, country music, too much sun, getting wet, anime, strongly scented things, grease.
Movies: Valerie and her Week  of Wonders, Santa Sangre, Totoro, Lion King, Lesson Faust, Beetlejuice, Jan Svankmakjer’s Alice, Little Otik, Nosferatu, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Rosemary’s Baby, Spirited Away, The Last Unicorn, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Birds, The Artist, Mirrormask, Lord of the Rings.  Surrealism.  ‘E is up for most films, but tends to prefer unusual fare.

Hair is varying in thickness and health, can be shown thin or even with clumps missing.  Almost always rather ratty, no matter how well-groomed.
May have lanugo (fine downy hairs found on emaciated figures and feti) on body or neck.
Horseish face, sunken cheeks.
Sickly tone to skin.
Looks somewhat prematurely aged.
Abdomen tattoo: purple lilies, wilting.  Baby bird.  Xiu Xiu lyrics: “Despair will hold a place in my heart.”
Collarbone tattoo: “Love will tear us apart,” purple.
Death’s head moth, large upper back piece.
Large gauges.  Helix pierced on both sides.  Left nostril, right side of lip, right eyebrow, left anti-eyebrow.  Madison, chest, nipples.  Four surface piercings on back (two on moth’s face, two under moth).
Surface piercing under Joy Division tattoo.  Navel.  Implantation in both forearms, raised squiggly line.

Beech martin.  White patch on neck.
Tattoos, piercings still present.
Fur thickens the thinner ‘e becomes.
Bald patches, on tail especially.
Shown here thinner (accidentally made skeletal frame slighter…)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/22/11: Trade//Ref//Adult Trade//ACEO

As it says.  Trades, ref, ACEO.
I'm not going to shade my MLPs anymore.  I only did it once.  Here.  I don't like how it looks.  Still, pleased with how it came out in terms of pose...gonna cut it out and rescan.  Trade half with Opossumsrubnoses
Lindsay finished.  I used graphite instead of iridescent stuff on the background...Pretty happy with how it looks.  A lot of people draw her with brown patches instead of grey, but the actual breed can have either.  I prefer her with the grey, but it's shown here to be a sort of grey-brown.  Her new ref will come soon, I hope. 

Other trade and ref under the cut. Nudity AND adult content.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

01/15/11: ACEOs // MLP

 One finished pony, two finished ACEOS, one unfinished.  Yep.
 Sweet Surprise finished!  I'm thinking all my ponies will be unshaded....I like this look.
Emma being hot.  Iridescent medium on the background!  I love the pose too.  Oh man.
I really like this.  It's done but I haven't gotten to scanning yet.  Lindsay's a fashion model...and I had seen a few things on tumblr that were these lace-only dresses...or something.  No undergarments....hmm.
 Gift for Angel.  <3  Her and Sam, inspired by Renaissance Madonna with Child imagery.  I sure do love halos....

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 In Review. // ATC, MLP, and Ferrets!

Art summary for 2011!  I think this year I really improved on humans the most, but also anatomy....I hope...
Also, references for Emma's ferrets, Amanda (left) and Rosalie (right).  Rosalie's usually just called Rosie.

Also, Merriweather MLP.  His design just follows his donkey sona.  Drawing the guys was more fun than I expected....

Carlos butt ACEO  Because I love drawing her.  I also love iridescent/pearlescent mediums.

Martha sketches. I can't remember if I posed these, but they're up now....Her ref's about half done, maybe more.

 And finally, colored version of a sketch commission for my friend Clockworkgh0st, decided to dress it up for Christmas...not done yet, I don't have my paper with me so I couldn't finish it how I wanted to.  Also unhappy with the ribbon.  But otherwise, glad I inked and colored it, it was a good challenge.