Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 In Review. // ATC, MLP, and Ferrets!

Art summary for 2011!  I think this year I really improved on humans the most, but also anatomy....I hope...
Also, references for Emma's ferrets, Amanda (left) and Rosalie (right).  Rosalie's usually just called Rosie.

Also, Merriweather MLP.  His design just follows his donkey sona.  Drawing the guys was more fun than I expected....

Carlos butt ACEO  Because I love drawing her.  I also love iridescent/pearlescent mediums.

Martha sketches. I can't remember if I posed these, but they're up now....Her ref's about half done, maybe more.

 And finally, colored version of a sketch commission for my friend Clockworkgh0st, decided to dress it up for Christmas...not done yet, I don't have my paper with me so I couldn't finish it how I wanted to.  Also unhappy with the ribbon.  But otherwise, glad I inked and colored it, it was a good challenge. 

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