Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12: Badges, Zines, Etc.

 Have been talking to my friend likelaurels about zine stuff, since I've had little luck finding places suitable to take my art, but moreso having difficulty finding places willing to accept my writing.  Usually it's a question of length.  However if I did my own project length wouldn't matter as much.  We  haven't decided if anything will come of this yet but I hope so and will keep you all posted, writing is as important to me as my illustrative work if not more important.  Also her art is fabulous.  Really, really fabulous.
And now badges. :)
Brightfire's badge!  I'm rooming with her, so excited!  We're doing a trade.  My half got a little scanner-bleached where the neon was (the lettering) and I kind of forgot to make her look like a girl since I was looking at a feral ref...
Anyway, I still like it.  I think it's cute.
This is a standard badge, they're $15 each.  If you go to the commissions page and look down, you can see the themes I offer along with general/unspecific, like this.  Paypal is, if you'd like one email me there :)
Badges for Burgerbaby and her boyfriend!  ALSO roomies!  They're guinea pigs for my Halloween Party themed derp badges (which can also be cosplay, etc. theme).  They're $12 each or two for $20.  This is a couple badge set so they'd be $20.  they hold hands <3 

And some other zine-related news below, as well as an additional piece.
Warning: Adult content involving S/M under the cut!

Resolution--finished, with WIPs!

This was printed out and re-inked/partially re-sketched to add some more vibrant purple. It printed very dully.  Background is stickers and colored pencil and some gel pen....I love black paper, how did I forget this?

So, this shows the nature of their relationships.  Merriweather and Carlos (shown here in her human/main form) have been together for six years, since he got kicked out, but they broke off their engagement/relationship for a while to work on their individual problems and planned to get back together once they felt they could handle a relationship again.  They did so but almost didn’t since they both saw other people too.  So this is recently after they got back together recently and at this point in time of the image…and they’re doing better.

Lindsay is Carlos’ best friend and roommate and offers sound advice and good support on everything she does.  She also has helped Merriweather with his own issues many times and they’re good friends, although not as close as him and Carlos.  He currently lives with some other friends since he’s still working out some things he’d like to get over with before moving in with them again, but normally Merri would live with Lindsay too.

Hence why Lindsay’s face is covered up in favor of them holding hands, I guess.  Glue or something, IDK.  Stars and OTT sweet and puffy stickers, I’m happy <3 Very happy with the outcome, this is my favorite thing so far this year maybe <3

Ink minus Carlos' messed up head.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had a pile on my scanner so tonight I'm just going to upload things by theme, starting with MLP!
Those dolls are coming soon I swear!  I need to find a good time to sit down and scan them.  Since I'm running out of scanning/posting steam and not feeling well I'd rather not bother with a lot of tiny cut-out pieces tonight.....
Each is fairly self-explanatory!

Had so much fun working on the Mane Six.  I tried something with each of them too so I was still challenging myself.  I like doing my own take on MLP styles too.  Overall, pleased with this series!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Custom Reference Sheet(s) Ladder Auction!

Since  I did something weird to Furbuy's formatting, I got a hugely hard to read WALL of text for the auction I put up.  Which is, by the way, a super cool ladder auction for one OR TWO refs, human, anthro, whatever.  :)  I'm comfortable drawing any species.  Also MLP and feral, but feral horses are my weakness :x

Auction URL:


This auction is for a custom traditional reference sheet from yours truly!  It’s a ladder auction—the higher the winning bid, the more details the winner gets!  You can even get an entire second page or sheet.

All my references are illustrated in marker and/or colored pencils with all the parts cut out and pasted to scrapbook paper.  I have a large collection and can help the winner choose what would best fit their design.  Brief, typed information may be cut out and pasted, or just included separately to keep the ref clean and pretty. 

References are usually 12x12” to provide room for text as well as ease of viewing, but paper may be trimmed down to size per request.  My refs are always scanned before pasting, as I add a good deal of typed information to mine (which you can have too, if you’d like).

References may be clean or NSFW, either is acceptable, but please note I am not comfortable drawing hyper, nude minors, or animal genitalia.  

Each reference I make includes a full body shot of the character, at least one fashion shot (tiny doll-like drawing of the character in typical garb) and at least one headshot.
They also come with additional details.  In this auction, additional details covers the following:
*additional headshots
*additional fashion shots
*close-ups on tattoos, piercings, markings, and other details
You get to decide what you’d like your details to be.  J  
*If your character doesn’t wear clothes, you can substitute the fashion shot for any kind of additional detail you’d like.
***You can get two single references instead of one with two pages if you win the second page!***

For characters with multiple forms (werewolf, human, feral, baby/younger etc. morphs) I offer additional body shots which may be substituted for additional details if no other forms or body shots are desired.  Two kinds appear in this auction.
*Small additional body shots: scaled down smaller than the full-body shots, or of a smaller form, ex. a feral or toddler form.
 *Full additional body shots: These may be
If the auction goes high enough a second page can be added to the reference sheet.

$30-40: Full body shot, one headshot, one fashion shot, one additional detail.
$40-50: Full body shot, cropped secondary body shot, one headshot, one fashion shot, two additional details.
$50-60: Full body shot, full secondary body shot, one headshot, one fashion shot, three additional details OR one small additional body shot.
$60-70: Full body shot, full secondary body shot, one headshot, seven additional details OR one full additional body shot. 
$70-80: TWO PAGES.  Full body shot, full secondary body shot, additional full body shot, five additional details.
$81-85: TWO PAGES.  Full body shot, full secondary body shot, additional full body shot, ten additional details OR two additional body shots OR one additional body shot and five additional details.
$86-90: TWO PAGES. Full body shot, full secondary body shot, additional full body shot, up to four additional body shots (any size), and up to twelve additional details. 

(many of these are NSFW/nude, but unlike FA, on blogspot you can view the site without a mature content block) (example of a ref with many forms + details, wound up being three pages!) (example of a standard/basic two page ref with a total of three body shots) (this ref shows several alt forms without specific markings using headshots and additional detail shots used to make examples of alt forms’ body types/shapes)

Thanks for looking!