Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12: Badges, Zines, Etc.

 Have been talking to my friend likelaurels about zine stuff, since I've had little luck finding places suitable to take my art, but moreso having difficulty finding places willing to accept my writing.  Usually it's a question of length.  However if I did my own project length wouldn't matter as much.  We  haven't decided if anything will come of this yet but I hope so and will keep you all posted, writing is as important to me as my illustrative work if not more important.  Also her art is fabulous.  Really, really fabulous.
And now badges. :)
Brightfire's badge!  I'm rooming with her, so excited!  We're doing a trade.  My half got a little scanner-bleached where the neon was (the lettering) and I kind of forgot to make her look like a girl since I was looking at a feral ref...
Anyway, I still like it.  I think it's cute.
This is a standard badge, they're $15 each.  If you go to the commissions page and look down, you can see the themes I offer along with general/unspecific, like this.  Paypal is, if you'd like one email me there :)
Badges for Burgerbaby and her boyfriend!  ALSO roomies!  They're guinea pigs for my Halloween Party themed derp badges (which can also be cosplay, etc. theme).  They're $12 each or two for $20.  This is a couple badge set so they'd be $20.  they hold hands <3 

And some other zine-related news below, as well as an additional piece.
Warning: Adult content involving S/M under the cut!

 I'm actually really proud of this.  Really, really proud of this.  I originally made an adult account on FA for work like this but never got the drive/courage to actually draw anything like this.  Then I found a blog, from Likelaurels again, which takes black-and-white comics and illustrations, called Odium Comix, which is running its first issue in June.  They're taking submissions until the 30th of this month for inclusion in this issue.  Likelaurels talked me into making a visual submission.

Funny story.  I forgot Merri's ear the first scan....but I was sick, and didn't realize until my headache started to go away, while in a grocery store....?
So I re-scanned.  Old one's gone, no one wants an earless Merri!  Contacted Odium.  

I initially had a cruder vision than the end result....I had this line from SHED.MOV in my head--the Carrie ripoff part--and it sounded awfully self-depreciating in this context.  After starting the image I realized it was actually pretty sex-positive.  Merri has many kinks involving his masochistic tendencies, including many kinds of impact play, CNC, rope bondage, wax play, asphyxiation, and deepthroating.

While the physical response looks rough he's pretty happy like this.  Which is cool, because people have the right to self-acceptance and self-expression and if they like something (granted no one gets hurt nonconsensually and no animals sorry dogfuckers) they have the right to feel good about it.  I'm kind of glad I got inspired to finally draw something like this ;-; and it actually came out having some purpose.
I encourage everybody to go check out Odium Comix and pick up a copy of it when it comes out, there's some other pretty cool erotica (Ess Beckett drew a glorious comic about a transguy and a transgirl having oral sex and I pretty much died when I saw it cough) and some non-erotic images in there too, it's actually hugely varied.  I tried to describe it to someone and the first word I thought of was "lowbrow" but that didn't quite feel right, more like deviating/unsettling/unusual subjects, not necessarily negative or shocking although I'm sure it would be to some.

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