Friday, June 1, 2012

Lance/Emilie--new ref!

Just a heads-up that I updated Lance/Emilie's character page with a new reference sheet and updated information.

New ref's pose was somewhat referenced from Donatello's David , which is my favorite David.  I also really like Bernini's David.  Or anything by Bernini.  Not at all fond of Michelangelo's David in comparison, while still a fine work of art the others are often unfairly overshadowed for being in my opinion far more complex and interesting.

Wanted to try doing some dualistic poses to show the differences between each form/body as well as which moods/attitudes are more likely to be shown in each.

I had wanted to pick a nice, symbolic flower but gave up when I couldn't find any symbolizing androgyny or masculinity that was also not supremely difficult to fit in the space, since I kind of did the flowers last.....

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