Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Changing the blog! // Anthrocon 2012

I'm planning to change this blog a little bit by "cleaning up" the side bars and adding more clear links.  I want to add some other kinds of posts as well, like fashion posts, website finds/features (crafting, shopping, art), music and film reviews and shares (people will have to be willing to put up with things perhaps being based on when I see things, not when they actually came out), and some more regular writing updates as well, especially as I hunt down zines in the future.  Maybe some more comic updates, too.

I would love to make this place more varied and, to me, a little more professional.  I'd love to hear your input on this.


As I've mentioned, I WILL be at Anthrocon!  I leave tomorrow and return on the 18th.  You can find me in the artist's alley on Friday and possibly Saturday, but I'm starting to doubt that I'll be doing that since there's some other events I'd like to do on Saturday.

I will be selling prints, buttons, and originals and I will be offering commissions.

Prints will be $5 each, or three for $12.  Some prints go together in sets and will be discounted accordingly.  I only have ACEO prints currently.

Some originals will come with WIPs, such as preliminary sketches or ink work later transferred.  I will have general audience, adult, and observational works.

I'll be selling my ACEO originals for $15, pairs will be marked accordingly.

I'll be taking MLP, headshot, and bust work sketched, inked, or colored ($2-10).  I'll be taking full body sketches ($7+).  I'll be taking larger commissions home.  I'll be taking name stickers ($4).

I'll have three different buttons available for $1 and $1.50 according to size.

My friend and co-writer Hannah will be with me as well and will have some amigarumi turtles and crocheted flower headbands available!  I can attest from all the adorable things she's given me or traded for over the years that her work is excellent.

Feel free to say hello to me if you see me, I'll have my mohawk pulled up in a short ponytail but will most likely NOT have my typical purple bangs since I'm recovering from a skin reaction to a medication and feel uncomfortable with trying out bleach on my hair until I've completely stopped having flare-ups.

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