Monday, June 11, 2012

 Prepping for AC and being generally busy.  Finally done being sick too.  So, a few outstanding badges and a few sketches.  I'm going to scan some of my pony girls tomorrow and hopefully two headshots I finished, they keep getting pushed back to other scanning sessions.....been SUPER busy!
Badge for myself for AC.  Another example of my Ink Spill badges, this one without white paint.

Fancy badge for Fox for AC.  Trying out a new paper pack, I like it quite a bit. 

Name Sticker badges for Boe for AC!
Anatomically incorrect Merri and kinky Merri.  And Parenthetical Girls lyrics.  (from 2011)
Lyrics from above songs. 

And finally....I really like Legend of Korra, even more than the original series now...<3 and Bolin is Liam's SPIRIT ANIMAL.  He would totally crush on Bolin so hard too so naturally I had to draw it.
Also I hate Mako x Korra.  A lot.  You can guess I prefer Borra.

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