Sunday, June 24, 2012

Inspirational Sunday 1: Caitlin Hackett

This is the first installment of Inspirational Sunday!
I'm hoping to do this once a week, in order to share what inspires me as a person and with my artwork.  I will be sharing and discussing music, movies, TV shows, books, and of course other visual artists.

I decided to start with Caitlin Hackett.
I may have mentioned it here before, but I'm very interested in rogue taxidermy (will make a later post about this, I'm sure).  Her work takes many elements I love about rogue taxidermy and the possibilities of the macabre.  Her delicate, detailed, loving approach to the anatomy she creates for her figures is incredible.  Being a detail-oriented artist, I look up to her work a good deal....which is a massive understatement!  
Describing her work as "Contemporary Mythology", she creates creatures with features combining both human anatomy and suggestions of tampering, like added heads, stitches, etc. elements associated with tampering, experimentation, and taboo science.  The blending of human and animal features appeals to me for many reasons, including my interest in anthropomorphic work.
The general sickly look to her figures as well as the aforementioned qualities to them greatly appeal to my aesthetic.  I love more melancholy macabre takes on monsters.  
I love when she uses features of baby birds too....I really love baby birds!

You can buy prints of her work here

And that's the first Inspirational Sunday!


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    1. thank you <3 I really enjoy her work too and look forward to the next/tomorrow's one too :) I had fun not making another art post, haha.