Monday, November 21, 2011


Just a quick update: 
Finished, scanned, uploaded to FA last night.  Lineart commission for Magnus.
Started last night, finished this morning.  Heavily reffed raffle prize for Octopieces.

I rock.

PS, commissions are open, G-XXX, and the raffle is an ongoing bi-weekly event on my FA.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Two commission sketches, adult art update, reference sheet in the works, a few art cards.

2, 3, 4.  Now part of a theme for Shadowed Lives ACEOs illustrating the different characters.  Colors correspond to their energies, personalities, and connections with other characters and forces in the story.

Sketch for an ink commission for Magnus on FA.  Since I've been watching too much Metalocalypse, this seemed like a good idea, lol.
(in that order.  most graphic at bottom, nudity-only at top)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Andy Roth

Liam's partner, friends with some people we don't really see from his hometown in Orchard Park, NY (near Buffalo), Emma, Merriweather (Carlos too but he and Merriweather have more in common in terms of personality and experiences), Andrea, notJude's!Rob (kind of--he's not sure how to feel about him), the guys from I Read The Giver, and his friends from work.  Andy is comfortable with being alone or with Liam's friends and while he doesn't see Dan as one of his best friends he does see him as a sort of family member since he's around so much and Liam and Dan are so close.
He also looks like a librarian. :/

Andy's got some recessive traits causing his fur to be thicker and small differences in his facial structure (more catlike than the rest of his family, most likely) and physical structure (six nipples, retractable nail-claw-things, etc).  He's a ticked tabby, hence the small number of stripes.  He has a human reproductive system and organs, though, so don't draw cat parts.  Please.
He has a few tendencies he's had to learn to curb such as pouncing people he doesn't like (or does like...), clawing things, chasing things, stalking things, swatting at things....etc.  He also purrs and hisses more than most anthro cats would deem normal or appropriate, but it's something he has difficulty controlling.

Full name: Andrew Roth, goes by Andy.
Birthday: January 14, 1988
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155 lbs
Body Type: Average, on the slight side.
Occupation: Journalist, poet.
Ethnicity/Species: Grey tabby cat, Jewish, Polish.
Faith: Raised Jewish, loosely Jewish but doesn’t do kosher and all that.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Partner: Liam
Siblings:  Oliver, 1 year younger, Peter, six years younger,  Zach, 7 years younger, Zoe, 9 years younger.
Music: Bright Eyes, Ben Folds, Parenthetical Girls, Of Montreal, Coldplay, Interpol, The Shins, The New Pornographers, Extra Life (he feels they’re hit-and-miss), Keane, Brand New, Mother Mother, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Jason Webley, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Smashing Pumpkins, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Dear & The Headlights, The New Pornographers, The Boy Least Likely To, Sholi, Joni Mitchell, Smashing Pumpkins, The Jezebels, Florence & The Machine, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (preferred to Metric, likes them too), Interpol, The Starlight Mints, The Servant, R.E.M., Radiohead, Ra Ra Riot, Arcade Fire, U2.  Soft rock, indie, acoustic, folk,
Fashion: Sweater vests, jeans (skinny or regular), slacks, earthy colors, natural prints, argyle, band tees, slacks, ties, wooden engagement ring, sandals, barefoot, leather dress shoes, tennis shoes.  Usually librarian-ish/grandpa chic, erring towards dressy more often than not.  Doesn’t accessorize.
Personality: Andy is gentle, kind, and quiet, but not unsocial.  He has some incredibly house cat-esque tendencies due to a “primitive” gene he expresses that he sometimes has difficulty curbing (chasing things, pouncing things, purring and hissing—the latter two he often can’t help).  Very easily embarrassed and self-conscious, overly critical of himself especially in terms of his personal writing, which he lets almost no one read (he’s only published because of Liam’s coaxing, bribing, and trickery, but it did boost his confidence after). He already has made many sacrifices for Liam’s host of medical problems and hospital stays, but has also remained with him through the drugs, suicide threats, medication failures, etc.  He believes in Liam more than anyone.  He is disgusted by the devolution of news to hype, which is partially why he’s a journalist.  He is somewhat easily annoyed but less easily distracted.
Drugs: He used to smoke pot, rarely does anymore.  Drinks, but only on special occasions; has a veeery low tolerance level.
Likes: NPR, BBC, Harry Potter, Torchwood, coffee, cafes, Mac products, Pickled rodents and fish, East European cuisine, Sunbathing, cooking, interior decorating, fall, walks, Pomeranians, their dogs Fortinbras & Hamlet, MLP FiM, Where the Wild Things Are, Shaun Tan, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, chocolate, scritchings from Liam (haha, tail especially), stalking and pouncing Liam & pets, shiny things, catching flies.
Dislikes: Elvis, Gravy Train!!!!, Blink-182 (he tolerates them, and listens to them ONLY if Liam’s not around and he misses him). Politics centering around personal gain, incorrect news, real cats (they creep him out), horror movies, cigarettes, crazy parties, snow, smoke, pretentious asses, hot humid weather, how his fur puffs sometimes if he blow dries it, MTV.
Movies: Cohen Brothers & Miyazaki.  Also Mirrormask, Where the Wild Things Are, The Dark Crystal, LOTR, Be Kind Rewind, Little Miss Sunshine, The Birdcage, ET, Lilo & Stitch, Inception, Muppets Treasure Island,
Due to his recessive genes he not only has more cattish behaviors but features too—unusually thick fur, six nipples, retractable claws (usually trimmed, shown here out)
Bangs are swept in an effort to cover his forehead
Hair and eyes similar honey color
Face mix of human and cat features
Ticked tabby
Cinnamon fur, warm red stripes
M-shape on forehead, stripes down back, socks with stripes
Toes on left foot all white

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11/06/11: 1st Raffle//$5 Sketch Commissions

I held a raffle that was supposed to be the first of ongoing bi-weekly raffles, but shit hit the metaphorical fan and I have to reorganize myself a little, plus I got one person in for the entire raffle, which was a little disappointing.  Eventually I'll start it up again.

I was pretty happy I got to draw for Tooth, though.  :)

She's supposed to be blowing dandelion seeds around.  That's fun.  I didn't get to do it this fall because my college doesn't have dandelions.  Anywhere.

Head looks too big to me and I think the arm and wrist have issues.


Tried out ink-shading for the first time in a long time.  Sketchy, but I kinda meant it to be that way.  I did a fun little pattern of flowers on her top.  Her pose still feels a little stiff but her head's more proportionate and overall this isn't too bad, I think.  Sketching just part of a person can be HUGELY difficult when you don't have everything there to compare...I read somewhere that it's best to just draw everything and cut away or draw everything on a separate sketch and transfer part of it.

ALSO, I'm doing $5 commissions for a vet bill and if you commission me you get an additional free sketch from Tyber.  You should go do that.  G-XXX welcome, just be sure to read the commissions page. :)
Paypal is darkmoon  hates you at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01/11: Halloween!

Firstly, since I neglected to post my Halloween art....remnants may be working their way in over the next few weeks.  I'm still in pumpkin mode.
So my neighbor decided to throw a party and I couldn't sleep because the apartment was shaking so I made a bunch of Halloween ACEOS.

I worked on another project that -may- be too fragile/big to scan; I'll have to see...but it made me way into toning paper with ink.
The Shining, woo.

More of The Shining.  Liam is a frighteningly plausible Jack Torrance.

Not-Dog from Shadowed Lives, hunting for

Then a departure from creepsville for a really cute little greeting card sort of deal of Carlos with sugar skull face paint, all ready for Halloween.  And delicately licking a lollipop....saucy.

 I've got prints of all of these coming in the mail thanks to Snapfish having free tiny prints when you join (well, shipping, but still a good deal).  Plus now til mid November if you use the code PRINTSFREE you can get 100 tiny prints excluding shipping, so...a lot of ACEO prints coming to me, yay!