Sunday, November 20, 2011


Two commission sketches, adult art update, reference sheet in the works, a few art cards.

2, 3, 4.  Now part of a theme for Shadowed Lives ACEOs illustrating the different characters.  Colors correspond to their energies, personalities, and connections with other characters and forces in the story.

Sketch for an ink commission for Magnus on FA.  Since I've been watching too much Metalocalypse, this seemed like a good idea, lol.
(in that order.  most graphic at bottom, nudity-only at top)

Reference for Steff (also goes by Steffi, short for Steffen, never called that).  
He's a human but I made him a pine marten form for the sake of getting adult art of him from others.  That tattoo, minus the lyrics (we know I hate Xiu Xiu) is gonna be mine someday but it's his too.
Genderqueer, goes by he because she doesn't quite fit and null pronouns are hard to use in society.

Commission for Clockworkgh0st of her character Vivica being submissive.  Ribbon restraint, whip marks, collared, leashed....overall this image was REALLY good practice for me.  Lyrics from this song: because I love Parenthetical Girls.  Can't wait for my vinyl of the new Privilege EP.
Bailey pin-up again.  More inkwork, more of a background.  I know I kinda screwed it up with the bed but I'm still liking this enough to push forward.  Those lumps on the floor are a fur coat and slip.  Posters in the background will be magazine cut-outs.  
Bailey works as a model part time (he has about 200000 jobs, all of them unusual/interesting/artsy in some way) and often has brief sexually-based affairs with the other male models.  I kind of see this being some random back room with an old mattress in it....

Now I'm gonna go finish homework and Magnus' commission.

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