Sunday, November 6, 2011

11/06/11: 1st Raffle//$5 Sketch Commissions

I held a raffle that was supposed to be the first of ongoing bi-weekly raffles, but shit hit the metaphorical fan and I have to reorganize myself a little, plus I got one person in for the entire raffle, which was a little disappointing.  Eventually I'll start it up again.

I was pretty happy I got to draw for Tooth, though.  :)

She's supposed to be blowing dandelion seeds around.  That's fun.  I didn't get to do it this fall because my college doesn't have dandelions.  Anywhere.

Head looks too big to me and I think the arm and wrist have issues.


Tried out ink-shading for the first time in a long time.  Sketchy, but I kinda meant it to be that way.  I did a fun little pattern of flowers on her top.  Her pose still feels a little stiff but her head's more proportionate and overall this isn't too bad, I think.  Sketching just part of a person can be HUGELY difficult when you don't have everything there to compare...I read somewhere that it's best to just draw everything and cut away or draw everything on a separate sketch and transfer part of it.

ALSO, I'm doing $5 commissions for a vet bill and if you commission me you get an additional free sketch from Tyber.  You should go do that.  G-XXX welcome, just be sure to read the commissions page. :)
Paypal is darkmoon  hates you at yahoo dot com.

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