Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01/11: Halloween!

Firstly, since I neglected to post my Halloween art....remnants may be working their way in over the next few weeks.  I'm still in pumpkin mode.
So my neighbor decided to throw a party and I couldn't sleep because the apartment was shaking so I made a bunch of Halloween ACEOS.

I worked on another project that -may- be too fragile/big to scan; I'll have to see...but it made me way into toning paper with ink.
The Shining, woo.

More of The Shining.  Liam is a frighteningly plausible Jack Torrance.

Not-Dog from Shadowed Lives, hunting for some...food.

Then a departure from creepsville for a really cute little greeting card sort of deal of Carlos with sugar skull face paint, all ready for Halloween.  And delicately licking a lollipop....saucy.

 I've got prints of all of these coming in the mail thanks to Snapfish having free tiny prints when you join (well, shipping, but still a good deal).  Plus now til mid November if you use the code PRINTSFREE you can get 100 tiny prints excluding shipping, so...a lot of ACEO prints coming to me, yay!

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