Friday, October 21, 2011

10/19/11: MLP FiM Dolls!

RARITY!  She's slim and curvy, medium-chested, but not muscled.  Many people may envy this build, but not everyone has it, and that's more than okay.  There is more than one kind of beauty in the world!  Plus, if we all looked like this, shopping would be entirely impossible.  All the good stuff would be gone immediately.

FLUTTERSHY!  She's the longest-limbed doll.  A delicate model build, slightly androgynous, and small-chested, but she is NOT anorexic.  If you're born this way, don't let people tell you to fatten up unless your doctor says so!  This is how you are.  There's a lot of stigma against skinny AND chubby girls--don't let it get to you.

PINKIE PIE!  (inks) She's a little heavy, but no less beautiful than the other dolls...besides, with the biggest bust, I'd bet the others are a little jealous.  If you're heavier than some of your friends, don't let that make you feel like you're worth less than they are.  Stay positive!

RAINBOW DASH!  (inks coming soon) She's fit, slim, and muscled--meant to have a runner's build.  She keeps herself fit for the sports, though, not the other way around--if your motivation to do an activity is not (at least partially) to find joy in the movement itself, what's the point?  She doesn't let her body image or fitness level control her.

OH also, more stickers.  They're so fun to make.

Also, exciting news.  Starting the -actual comic- soon.  :) as in...well...the first three or four pages, but still.

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