Sunday, September 25, 2011


HEY, I scanned sections of more of my summer character sketches.  Emma aww, but also dan FINALLY CORRECT FROM SIDE VIEW and getting high/coming down/smooching/making gross faces at unseen food.  Also Liam n Andy.  Andy looks bad, so ignore him.  AND the Not-Dog--they're concept sketches and the face isn't right, but you know...:/

Carlos human ref WIP, thought it'd make a good example of my linework for commission information....although nude.  :/

Warning: Mild nudity under cut.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bailey Roderick Mellizano

Bailey is my oldest character still in use. I think he's even older than Darkmoon.
He's changed a lot in some ways, and in other ways he's just grown up.  

He married a girl who got pregnant by him--Amy--for the sake of the kids.  They had  been best friends as children but she became completely infatuated with him and  took advantage of him while he was high and neglected to use protection.  His three youngest--Charolette, Caroline, and Tristan--are hers.  His older girl, Tibby, isn't actually his biologically but he had her dumped on him by her negligent mother.  Eventually Amy kicked him out--she was sick of him sleeping with other men, but knew full well he was gay when they married.
Used to date Jazz, has an active sexual relationship with Gage.  
IDs as androgynous/gender null.  Underdresses always, and crossdresses frequently. 
His parents are divorced-long time coming-and he's the oldest of three children.  The younger two are far younger--youngest being a toddler and second youngest don't know.  Maybe...7?  He refuses to talk to his mother anymore due to their constant severe issues between eachother, most of which are her fault/making.  His parents also married out of obligation; his mother had gotten pregnant at 19.  Bailey rarely talks to his father either since they only get along half the time.  
Despite continued issues with alcohol and emotional and physical health problems--anxiety and inferiority complexes mostly, but also immune deficiency and metabolic and skeletal issues (hence his skinniness/anatomy),  he's a good worker, locally successful artist/writer, and pretty hot model and drag queen (drag name Missy Skeleton).
Bailey moved out as soon as he could, partially kicked out...had no friends in school, a lot of phobias, drugs and drama and other problems.  
Also also, he's friends with a ton of people, closest with Carlos and Lindsay and Carlos' parents and Jazz and Gage.

Full Name: Bailey Roderick Mellizano
Birthday: 6/28/1988
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 120-180 lbs. (anxiety/phobias, metabolic issues, bad immunity, long-term sicknesses/conditions, addictions, etc account for this)
Body Type: Long, gangly, bony.  Fragile, seemingly stretched skeleton.  Short, soft fur, unhealthy and sheds in clumps.  Far more feline than canine.
Occupation: Part-time animator, freelance writer/graphic novelist/artist, model.  Cook sometimes.
Ethnicity/Species: Japanese, Italian, Dutch.  Kitsune-cat demon mix.  Cat part of him is Japanese Bobtail (ftw!).
Faith: Cultural/species-exclusive faith.  Mostly resembles a mix of Shinto & Hinduism.
Sexuality: Gay (male-bodied and male-identifying people, not only cis men).
Partner: -
Children: His and Amy’s: Caroline and Charolette, Tristan.  Tibby, Jimmy’s daughter.
Siblings: Joy and Wolf. 
Music: The Cure, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Manic Street Preachers, The Knife, AFI, Placebo, The Birthday Massacre, NIN, Parenthetical Girls, Skinny Puppy, Say Anything, Scarling., Morrissey, Bauhaus, Oingo Boingo, A Perfect Circle, Rozz Williams, Psychedelic Furs, My Bloody Valentine, The Faint, Joy Division, Lush, Dead or Alive, Sopor Aeternus, The Dresden Dolls, Arcade Fire, Rasputina, Echo & The Bunnymen, Electric Lights Orchestra, Cocteau Twins, Lady GaGa, Apoptygma Berzerk, Death Cab for Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Dope Stars Inc.,  Assemblage 23, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Blue October, Audra, Scissor Sisters, Dead Can Dance, The Boy Least Likely To, Matt & Kim, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, T-Rex, Slowdive, Coldplay, The Cruxshadows, The Crystal Method, Third Eye Blind, Pre-Day and Age Killers, Ra Ra Riot, The Matches.  80’s, Goth, New Wave, Shoegaze, Cabaret, Baroque Pop, Electronic, Industrial, Classical.  Dislikes Country and Jazz.
Fashion: GLAM and DANDY.  That is all you need to know.
Pinstripe, suits, girl’s AND boy’s shirts, skinny jeans, leggings, boots, heels, hair clips, fishnet, skirts or dresses, vests, both bright and dark makeup, glitter, corsets/ waist cinchers, furs, cigarette holders.  Underdresses; is a practicing transvestite fetishist and public crossdresser.  Is androgynous-genderqueer, which is reflected in his fashion.  Likes black, purple, silver, blue, grey, white, and both subdued and bright colors.  Fashion varies from Victorian gothic to bright and colorful 80’s, but always with elements of glam or dandyism.  Culturally he’s been exposed to the more asian side of goth (NOT.  LOLITA.  EVER.  So out of character omg) so that can be reflected.  Spiky stuff often worn.  Often wears gloves and a mask in public because of phobia of germs and his delicate health.  Two black collars (spiked on top, bell underneath) or one combining the above elements are almost always worn (he has other, more colorful ones too).  HE’S A BIG OL GLAMFUR AND A DRAG QUEEN, HAFE FUN WITH IT.
Personality: Silly, flamboyant, outgoing, kind to a fault.  Easily given to dark moods.  Incredibly nervous, prone to breakdowns.  Often ill, coughing and sneezing frequently.  Very intelligent.  ADHD, slight  narcissist, inferiority complex, insomniac, and prone to anxiety.  Phobic.  Cuddly.  Good with kids and pets, except dogs can make him nervous.  Super gay nasal voice and annoying laugh.  Sometimes puts on annoying arrogant airs but he’s a good guy.  He loathes his mother but doesn't exactly love his father, both were negligent—his upbringing bred his gender, disorders, mode of dress, simultaneously low and high self-esteem, attitude towards sex, attitude towards work, and most of all, his need for constant attention.  He is a hard, uncomplaining worker but everything in him screams aristocrat—it took him a while to realize he is not “above” many jobs.   Sexually, he tends to be a thrill seeker and gets bored of people easily, often having several lovers at once which he drops at a whim.  Transvestite and submissive, enjoys mild humiliation and spanking, meets most of his lovers through drag or his modeling job.  Has very little free time, like...ever.
Drugs: Pot, catnip, alcohol (goes on drunken sprees lasting months, followed by periods of “reform”).  His favorites are blush wine, rum, watermelon vodka, sourpuss, and super sugared absinthe. Rare use of opium and hallucinogens, occasionally harder drugs, has had serious addiction issues in the past.  Little to no self-control with cravings (drugs and sex).  
Likes: 80’s nostalgia, graphic novels (SANDMAN, Fables, Paradise Kiss), fashion, cooking and eating food, drawing, painting and animating, drag, acting, white chocolate and fancy chocolates, video games, conventions, storytelling, fairy tales, horror, Silent Hill, fantasy, his heritage, concerts, hugging and snuggling EVERYONE, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, thrift store hunting, My Little Ponies and Carebears. Flapjack, Adventure Time!, cats/kittens, babies, theatre, film, history, lingustics, culture, goff stuff, shopping, Katamari, Robert Smith, Resident Evil, genderfuck, transvestism.
Dislikes: Reality TV, the fam, death (fears but is fascinated with it), big bodies of water/swimming (phobic), high bridges (phobic), dirty public places—especially public restrooms ( germ phobic), having his tails pulled, poor grammar and handwriting, baths (annoying b/c of all his fur), being mistaken for Chinese (he will cut a bitch), eating foods high in fat or grain content (food issues), red meats, planes (he needs a sedative to go on them).
Movies: The Last Unicorn, Velvet Goldmine, Paprika (and any other Satoshi Kon film...), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko, Coraline, The Wall, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Beetlejuice, Nosferatu, Pirate Radio, Pom Poko, Airplane!, Labyrinth, The first Matrix, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, The Neverending Story, Edward Scissorshands, The Secret Window, 1408, Party Monster, Hedwig and the Angry Itch, A Clockwork Orange, The Prestige, Shutter Island, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Being John Malkovitch.

rich brown doe eyes, cat pupils, long lashes. 
Skin around eyes is grey, with peachfuzz-fur.
Ears are HUGE, more foxish.  Inside skin is dark, dusty pink. 
Small mouth, full lips, sharp incisors, cat tongue.  Can (and does) wear lipstick.
Remember: Practicing transvestite.  All underwear is feminine.
Ears: Cartilidge-16g, can be any sort of stud or ring.  Lobes-.0g, Plugs, tunnels, swirls. 
Hair: Fluffy.  Bangs are long, asymmetrical, slightly swept to left.  Black but can be streaked unnatural colors (mostly blue/purple).  Clips, top hat, headbands can be worn.
Sideburns, LOL.
Japanese bobtail facial structure (triangular)
Sunken cheeks. 
Nails: black, bright colors, striped, designs (stars most common).  Long, well-groomed. 
Nose-small, black-brown, damp. 
No whisker pads; face is < human than animal. 
Tails-long, shed, VERY bulky.  Annoying. 

They split at the base.

9/6/11: A Book of Beautiful Things//New Badge Style

A book of beautiful things, which can be printed and assembled following these instructions:

Two new styles of badges.  I've had the idea for a long time but finally made the first one when assembling a college care pack for a friend.  The other was the second one, and the coyote skull and crossbones isn't awesome but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with it. I have another one done as part of a badge trade with someone, but I don't want to ruin the you could imagine these are pretty simple.  There's no initial sketch, and a limited color palette, which is irrelevant to character designs.  I've been playing around with my new gel pens: I bought a bunch of souffle puffy ones and two glaze ones, and they're pretty awesome.  They both make an appearance in the booklet too, especially the purple glaze pen!
So far I haven't decided to laminate these.  After all, they're stickers.

A gift for Skwid, whose character Ghostie McSpookums is super fun to draw!  I've been meaning to finish art of him for her for several years, and tried three times (they all came out well but I just kept forgetting to finish them)....this is the third try.  I'm not happy with the incorrect circle background or the over-obvious marker texture there either but I think he came out pretty cute.

I'm at college now so personal art's gonna be a little slower.  The graphic novel--working title "Shadowed Lives"--is my priority however I'm mostly just working on the writing instead of the art, as I'm waiting to find others to help me with the illustrating.  I hope to find such people at the comic-making club on campus--they seem pretty into it.