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Lancelot "Emilie" Baker

Lance/Emilie is best/closest friends with Dorian and Ernest.  Also close with Dan, Emma, Jack, Dave, and Carlos.  Going out with Tess. 
S/he was originally made up for a class project recently after my first rat passed away and s/he shares a similar coat color and other features with her.  Emilie was made first, Lance came later when I couldn't decide which design I liked best.  Plus Orlando.  I'm bad and haven't read Orlando: A Biography yet but the film is one of my favorites.  Lance/Emilie always remind me of it.
Involved in Shadowed Lives, his/her spiritual nature and interest in all things otherworldly lends itself well to his/her being intimately involved in the storyline.

Full Name: Lancelot (or Emilie) Baker.  Goes by Lance (or sometimes Em).
Birthday: September 7, 1991
Height: 6”2 (female form-5”9)
Weight: 175  lbs(female form-140)
Body Type: Tall, muscular, well-built, a little bony.  (Femme form is hippy, b-cup)
Occupation: Helps at family-owned and operated green living and neo-pagan book/gift/craft shop—they sell pot, herbs for spells and incense, and flower arrangements around back.  Glassblowing apprentice and community college student, general studies but may switch to literature, philosophy, or science.
Ethnicity/Species: Norway Rat x Graham's Marsh Unicorn
Gender: Gender fluid/dual gender
Faith: Pagan
Sexuality: Girls, demisexual
Partner: Tess
Music: Bad Spider, The Birthday Massacre, Radiohead, Shudder To Think, Radiohead, Larkin Grimm, The Knife, Bright Eyes, Tool, Family Fodder, Mother Mother, Poe, Smashing Pumpkins, uncertain, Kate Bush, The Velvet Underground, The Distillers, Amanda Palmer, Audra, Cat Stevens, Ben Folds, Ingrid Michaelson, EMA, Deerhoof, My Bloody Valentine, CocoRosie, Covenant, Joy Division, Her Space Holiday, The White Stripes, Ratatat, Ra Ra Riot, Tiger Army, Cocteau Twins, Loreena McKennet, Fog Notes, Nirvana, Le Tigre, Garbage, David Bowie, MSTRKRFT, Tattle Tale, Interpol, The Faint, Patrick Wolf, Violent Femmes, Carina Round, Arcade Fire, Eurythmatics, David Bowie, Skinny Puppy, Sex Pistols, Lush, Marina & The Diamonds Rasputina, Simon & Garfunkel, The New Pornographers, Florence + The Machine, Starlight Mints, U2, Joan Jett, Jherek Bischoff, The Tear Garden, Matt & Kim, Tristan Allen, 8in8, Your Heart Breaks, Jack-Off Jill, Scarling. Folk, indie, electronic, ambient, alt, rock, punk, queer, shoegaze.
Fashion (Lance): Braids hair in little bits, wears hemp bracelets and necklaces, a lot of earthy/hippie stuff.  Clothes often baggy, but does wear skinny jeans.  Band tees, often customized or ripped.  A TON of DIY and TON of punk, grunge, and deathrock influence.  Hippie stuff sometimes too.  Yellow, purple, pink-favorite colors, but more likely to accessorize with them or wear them on their own than wear a lot of brights at once—leaves the over-accessorizing and color cluttering to Emilie.  Loves tie dye, earthy tones, black/white/grey, bright colors (limited use).  Rips, pins and buttons, sweaters, tatters, a lot of band iron-on or sew-on patches, often hand made.
Fashion (Emilie): Punk, grunge, kandispooky/creepy cute, decora, goth, and kinderwhore elements.  Still wears earthy tones sometimes, but more likely to wear saturated and neon colors, whimsical/girlish elements, animal prints, camouflage, plaid/tartan, skirts, fashion corsets and corset skirts, bra tops, faux fur.  Often layers with jeans and leggings, tights, fishnets, etc.  legs rarely bare. Sweaters and big shirts as dresses. Floral prints and accessories. Very eclectic, sometimes over-accessorizes on arms and neck.  THINK DELIRIUM from Sandman!
Shoes (both): Doc Martens, barefoot, sandals, big industrial boots.
Fashion (both): Often wears a purple collar with a transgender, androgynous, or genderqueer symbol hanging from the ring.  Will wear other symbols as well, mostly occult such as the eye of fatima, eye of horus, witch's pentagram, triple goddess symbol, ankh, tree of life, nine angles, the monas hieroglphica, the world snake, and others.  
Personality: Lance/Emilie is a bit of a pessimist about social situations, but an optimist in other aspects of life, and very open minded.  S/he’s usually calm except for the social anxiety.  Friendly, considerate, a little nervous.  Gender fluid/gender dual, has had some variation of Emilie as his/her female self for his/her entire life.  Lance created an actual alternate female form using undead magick and energy transfer methods technically possible for a unicorn mix such as himself/herself, but undead methods are incredibly harmful and potentially deadly to use if alive and her form is damaged.  The lower jaw on one side is sometimes damaged or missing flesh, but not always.  S/he’s artistically inclined in a number of ways, from glassblowing and painting to sculpting and elaborate theatrical makeup to sewing and playing guitar.  S/he has few friends and is pretty shy, but still goes to music gigs, festivals, and other events in his/her city and the surrounding area.  FAR MORE SOCIAL, less clumsy, and more confident as Emilie—she represents a more social, less anxious side that Lance rarely shows otherwise.  USED to be in Bad Spider as a guitarist before  s/he was any good.  S/he’s friends with Dan, Dave, Jack, and Emma (the current members) and enjoys their music. S/he has a very low libido and used to be completely disgusted by physical intimacy but has since identified as demisexual.  (please don't draw Lance/Emilie in explicitly sexual situations, tasteful sensuality is highly preferred.) Practices magick, meditates, working to become a reiki therapist, does yoga, adept at small kinds of energy transferring and transformation—very spiritual.  S/he has mild ocular albinism and may wear hats or sunglasses for aid, wears contacts for visual correction.  While s/he has depth perception issues s/he still enjoys tennis since his/her family is big on it, but s/he is completely hopeless at it and often gets hit, hits others, and misses.....a lot.  Adept at losing tennis balls.
Drugs: Take psilocybin, peyote, and pot, avoids processed and chemically based materials.  Wine with dinner, occasionally drinks socially.  
Likes: Glassblowing, candle making, tripping, philosophy and mythology, literature, Virginia Woolf, graphic novels, virtually any of the liberal arts subjects, gardening, activism, gender and gender fluidity, sewing, fashion, DIY/arts and crafts, Metalocalypse, The Mighty Boosh, Nurse Jackie, Downton Abbey, Dr. Who, the great outdoors, beading and making beads, drawing and painting, body modification, studying magick, playing guitar, asian sweets, bubble tea, reiki and chakra work, health foods, making mosaics, making soaps, incense, shiny things, organizing and decorating his/her room, making rugs, messing with his/her hair, biking, spring, fall, wandering, the Aruthurian legends, volunteer government,  tennis, animals, his/her family, stage makeup, fairy tales, zombies. 
Dislikes: Materialism, corporatism, how s/he feels after eating tomatoes (he LOVES spaghetti), ground beef, jokes regarding his/her name, narrow-minded folks, organized faith, war, vanity, too much sun, cedar. 
Movies: Orlando, The Wall, The Hours, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Where The Wild Things Are, The Fountain, Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Party Monster, Velvet Goldmine, Pan’s Labyrinth, Kinky Boots, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Life of Brian, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blood Simple, Millennium Actress, Santa Sangre, The Birds, The Bothersome Man, Ghost World, Little Miss Sunshine, Fantastic Planet, Lesson Faust, The Science of Sleep, My Neighbor Totoro, 12 Monkeys, Blade Runner, The Royal Tenenbaums, A Beautiful Mind, Labyrinth, Black Swan, Steamboy.  Film noir, surreal, character studies, trippy, sci fi, gender subjects.

Lance/Emilie is part unicorn—unicorns in his/her world are a class of deerlike animals which, while being herbivores, also need to energy feed to survive.  Not all unicorns feed harmlessly or even can absorb energy from multiple sources; some species are dangerous to be around and will feed directly from needed vital energies in other living beings.  His/her unicorn genes are from one of the smallest Unicorns, a musk deer-like species called Graham's Marsh Unicorn.  They are found in swamps.  They are capable of feeding from plant-based and atmospheric sources.  Their horns are curved and hard, and keep the crown chakra/third eye permanently open, enabling a high sensitivity to energy around them and easy, constant feeding.  Also, wild feral unicorns and full-blooded anthro unicorns can assume illusionary forms to hide from predators.  Most varieties can only assume a set number of forms that are selected based on environment. Lance/Emilie can do this, but chooses not to (anymore—when s/he was little s/he was the hide-and-seek master!).  S/he as a wide threshold for energy sensitivity and control within him/herself and the surrounding atmosphere, and to a far lesser degree, other life forms.  S/he feeds only from storms, wind, and plants and unlike a full-blooded unicorn does not need to feed multiple times a day or even daily.  Being part unicorn, many kinds of magick and energy work are easier for him/her to do than for most other species (exceptions include others with high psychic abilities, kitsunes, cat demons, tanukis, and Carlos’ race). 

Female form’s jaw varies from looking normal to being fleshless to the bone.  Can be bandaged.  Skin above sometimes damaged,  teeth may show.  
Orange teeth frequently uneven or too long (grinds teeth often while thinking or sleeping) 
OPTIONAL-freckles on face, shoulders, and back during summer
Baggy eyes, color is between a PEW and a ruby-eye rat.
Hair shaved or buzzed in back.
Wrinkly skin on the mouth/jaw.
Naturally pale honey blond hair.  Pink chelsea, can have braids, beads, or clips.
Fur is fawn and creamy white,  dappled, short and soft.  Typical Berkshire markings.
Thick mix of fur and hair in pubic areas, more pronounced on male form.
Red tears and mucous. 
Large ears.  More pronounced on Emilie as her head is smaller.
Big gauges: about 3 ½ inches.
Smaller ones near inward side of ear (top to bottom): 4g, .00g, 8/16g.
Other gauges (top to bottom): .0g, 2g, 6g.
Other ear piercings are 16g.
Septum, labret (4g), angel bites, vertical anti-eyebrow (left), double horizontal nosebridge.
Body piercings: vertical nipples, horizontal nape twice, microdermals on collarbone.

Lance is more anxious and accident-prone than Emilie, but both of them are prone to scrapes and bruises since s/he spends a lot of time outside climbing trees, hiking, gardening, doing yoga, and playing tennis (which s/he sucks at and usually accounts for bruises).   

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