Friday, November 5, 2010

Art card, another WIP on the pinup.

This was one of two finished gifts for teachers I'd asked for recommendation letters from.  The other one I did in school and didn't get a chance to scan, which sucks.  It was a little...not rushed, but quick...but really different for me.  I was working totally in the moment on intuition.
This one was more planned out.  In fact the sketch was several months old.  I couldn't get to my watercolors (thaaaank you broken desk) so I wound up using some bottles of ink on the robes, candle, and background, with a brush.  I'd never done that before and it was a lot of fun.
The finished version has Lance's horn colored cream color and his robe, along the red fabric strip's edge, had a stripe of gold.  The candle had a smudge of it to add a bit of a metallic glow.

I have another art card for a teacher that's still in the works (I'd scan it except it's not next to me right now)  and more sketches for my arthousecoop project.  I should scan those sometime today or tomorrow and will probably just add it on to this post.
Later I'm going to be coloring Merriweather's reference sheet.
In short, art this weekend, and a lot of it!

Also, more of the rachel picture.
Warning: Adult content under the cut. 

Finished inking her and inking the background, plus started coloring.  It's colored pencil with gel pen hairclips, and I'm feeling some more liquid pigment ink for the walls, maybe, and some mixed marker-pencil work for her body.  Not sure yet.  
I want to try watering down the inks to be less intense, maybe more like watercolor?....
Green walls, probably. 

This piece is a lotta fun.  I feel's a snapshot of something.  Most of the stuff I've done has looked pre-prepared, like a photo shoot.  This looks incidental and natural.  I like it. :P 
I think it's increased, in that way, because Rachel wouldn't let a guy take photos of her, and Derrick wouldn't be comfortable with that anyway because he's not that kind of guy. 
It's really and truly a picture of a bit of someone's life and interactions...that's something I really admire in others' works and struggle with in my own.

I should take photos of my sims of those guys (human, of course).  They look pretty accurate because I spent like 2043490857 hours on them each.  XP  

It's funny...rachel has tattoos and a pouch.  the pouch doesn't make sense in her anthro form though.  And I don't know exactly what the tattoos are.  I just threw out her sorry excuse for a reference sheet I had started like, a year and a half, two years ago?  It was dreadful and the coloring was bad because my marker was dying.  And that had the tattoos on there. 

So 2 hours later we had this!

AAAAND  a day later we have this!
I suddenly was VERY worried about the anatomy regarding her stomach but then I looked up some references...girls who work out their abs or are just, I dunno, lucky or thin or something XP don't have the same sort of stomach going on in certain positions.  Rachel is a recovering anorexic and is really paranoid about her body image.  So she'd be one of those peeps with the less-there-stomach-flab.  ugh, lucky.
Coloring isn't done on the walls OR on the sheets (which have neon orange polkadots).  I have to darken the sheets and I'm gonna add a bit of soft pencil to the walls, which were done with the same kinds of ink I used for Lancelot's art card up there, only watered down.  I was trying for a warm shadow and the color I mixed looked darker before I added, way WAY darker.  Weird.  

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