Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art House Co-Op Sketchbook Project

I just did like, four pictures for it in just a few hours...proud of m'self, I am.  I'll scan and post here as well as here:

Warning: adult content under the jump.

Halloween softcore porn pinup shit.  I don't know what you call it, but there's bits.  Consider yourself sufficiently warned. 
and I've never drawn this sort of thing before...well, actually, I have but I've never drawn it seriously.  I've drawn a lotta gay stuff but I've never drawn it on good paper, usually on margins of particularly boring class handouts. Yup, that's what AP students do.
So this is all new and whatnot...relatively.  Plus the picture's a big deal for me because there's a fucking BACKGROUND on this baby, referenced from life and carefully constructed.
I used a ton of references to get the pose just right, which meant I traced it once from the original...messed up some anatomical stuff  a little and the legs too because my hand slipped.  Thighs and hips are so hard to draw are folded stomachs.
It has a full background, which is now fully inked.  I missed a spot on her tail too.
Yeah, so the halloween will show in the coloring.  Her hair and their wall will be halloween-related.
(Their as in hers and Derrick's or something...derrick is her bf).  Rachel and Derrick are oldass characters that don't get enough art thrown their way.  In fact this is the third "serious" picture of Rachel: before that  I had included her in an art trade with anklebones on furaffinity, and I'd done a pair of human badges of her and Derrick, who are, in fact, humans, furries, and can't assume an animal form.  I just draw 'em like this. She's a chinese crested opossum thing.

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