Friday, November 12, 2010

Some WIPs...

Went to an Alfred University visitation.  I decided that's where I'm going--I fit with the people there.  The energy's right.
We stayed with a friend who is on the portfolio committee and teaches there.  Gonna redo a few of my graphite pieces--she said to just keep drawing my rats because it's what I'm good at, what motivates me, and it's hard to draw a moving target in observational drawing.
But yeah, in that spirit...some WIPs, one of them is going in my portfolio when it's done.

It's greyscale and is already painted in, mostly.  Watercolor.  Gonna darken it a little in some parts.  Hopefully I can get a colored WIP scan but I'm in a hurry right now and it's at the other end of the house.
Steffen and...death, I guess.  Death and the "Maiden" I suppose.
Steffen's one fucked up guy.  He's Emma's ex and is very much confused about his gender orientation plus is revoltingly thin.  His ideal weight is 60 pounds.  He can't do much now except sit around and cry to Morrissey and The Cure.  And that's why you don't get surgeries relating to your gender if you don't know if you're ready. Basically he IS the song Sex Changes.
Dresden Dollsssssss.....
But yeah, um, I like drawing thin things and I like drawing obvious men with bangs.  He's not sure.  I just like that his face is masculine enough that he looks odd with bangs.
I'm not even sure what the hell I should call him.  Her?
Yeah, prolly him.
so yeah.  some classical themes going on there.

wanted to upload two more but I must fly.  gonna eat some pizza with spaghetti on it and get over to school. :/
It's weird but really good.  Had no clue that's what the one I ordered came with.

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