Sunday, October 31, 2010

The tiny sketchbook.//New badge ideas.

I have this tiny sketchbook I carry with me.  It's got 110 lb. paper and about one million pages in there, and it's 6 by 9 inches.
I haven't done much in it yet, though.  Got it over the summer while visiting my bro in Seattle, WA with the intent of keeping it in my purse.
So far?
Obscene doodles, some things friends have drawn, a few gifts I don't wanna post yet, a practice or two, aaand these.

I killed Lyn's tail and don't have any idea how to draw a banjo so this will probably be computer-edited, then re-inked....
Plus the banner's crooked or something.
I should make it all whooooosh in a different way.
A bit of the physiology isn't what I wanted, but it's okay.

A fish I saw at these cool gardens around Capitol Hill in Seattle.  One of many, I may have even made it up from the other ones around me.  There were so many.
He's cute.  I almost wanna finish him up.
Carlos as a human.  yeah, the anatomy's fucked but I LOVE the thought vs. word bubbles.
She was gonna be taking off a bra or someshit but then her anatomy died and went to Hell.

Liam sitting there looking unhappy.  He looks like a big, cute, alcoholic dog here.  Except he's not a heavy drinker. XP
Still playing with how he looks.  I'm considering using refs of Max Bemis from Say Anything for future attempts...I think he has a similar facial structure.

My personal favorite.
It's rather graphic and there's nudity and gross buggy stuff.
Yes, I will finish it.  I love it. ;-;  anatomy mistakes and all.
I was working on the mass of flies and maggots and big stinging insects while watching the tail end of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear yesterday.  It's coming along quite well!
Drawn while listening to Pretty Hate Machine.

And then these derp badges.
They're on bristol as to parchment because I felt it'd fit the look better.  They use letter stickers and have fun bright shape things drawn to frame the character's body/movement.
I wish Darkmoon's was smaller like Lance's.  I like Lance's better almost, but Dark's came out better than I expected.
optional dimple piercings ftw.  But they're ridiculously close to the lips themselves, not off in neverland cheekspace.
Trying to figure out how to price them.  They'd be cute and quick for a commission.

Aaaand that's a wrap!
I have a few more WIP's...a friend's reference sheet, both of Merriweathers forms (donkey and human), and a nude pin-up that I suppose would have to count as softcore porn, or something, of my character Rachel.  I usually draw -her- as a human but she has a fursona (non assumable) that's really cute and fun to draw.  She makes me think of Halloween without being a Halloween-themed character. I'm pretty proud of it so far--the anatomy around her pelvic bone and legs is really, -really- good!  ;-; I reffed it to be certain, and reffed her face too because opossums are hard to draw from front view.  She's an opossum chinese crested mutt.

Also...I was drawing opossums before it was the fashionable thing to do.  I started actually posting them around the time they started being popular, and all of a sudden, everyone and gramma has an opossum character about two or three months after I'd been drawing and posting Dan regularly, and it's not cool.   -_- It's boring.  And I think it subtracts from the fun-ness of running into a random opossum character.  In fact, it totally does!  BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE PUTTING OPOSSUMS WITH EITHER ORANGE OR BLOND HAIR AND NATURAL COLOR MARKINGS.  And I'm sick of seeing them everywhere, looking like rip-offs of everyone -else's- characters who had them first, WITH red hair.
It's like...the hipster furs exploded and made clones of someone's character. ;-;  And then after that, even the -sparkledog- artists got in on it.  Sparkle 'possums don't look good.
I don't mean Dan, I mean a few other people who have had those kinds of designs forever and there's like, two of them.  Only.  Besides, who'd rip off my guys?  Exaaaactly.
Plus it makes me think Dan looks less special.  He wasn't a bandwagon attempt and he looks it.
I guess that must be how people with shepherd or lemur characters felt for a while there.

Or halloween bats.  Ev-ery-where.  I'm still working on Estella's design and I have to dance around so many toes....

So yup.  Hopefully I'll have more soon.  I like posting here.

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