Friday, October 15, 2010

Recent art.

that's all I have for now as I haven't scanned much in the past week or so.  I have a new badge idea--most of mine are like this:
top left-Danno my man-no.  Then Odille for Morguelily on dA, and Liana for Plasticflowers on FA/Dead-groupie on dA. I work.
They're always on parchment, but I came up with some using letter stickers and a really stylized look like on Dan's badge, on regular bristol. 
They're cute. :P 

I have a lot I wanna scan...been doing another ref for a friend and it's in the coloring stage.  the inkwork is really delicate.
Finished two pieces that I promptly hid in my portfolio so I gotta drag them out and scan 'em, too.
ALSO, PONY I MADE OVER THE SUMMER and never posted anywhere yet!
It's a Rasputina pony.  She's done after the song Hunter's Kiss from the Cabin Fever! album.  I used a sticker, gel pen, and acrylic paint for the symbol, dye and acrylic paint for the body, and sculpted the tail and fired it on.
She's gonna get a necklace-rose garland.  then she'll be done. 

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