Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Resolution--finished, with WIPs!

This was printed out and re-inked/partially re-sketched to add some more vibrant purple. It printed very dully.  Background is stickers and colored pencil and some gel pen....I love black paper, how did I forget this?

So, this shows the nature of their relationships.  Merriweather and Carlos (shown here in her human/main form) have been together for six years, since he got kicked out, but they broke off their engagement/relationship for a while to work on their individual problems and planned to get back together once they felt they could handle a relationship again.  They did so but almost didn’t since they both saw other people too.  So this is recently after they got back together recently and at this point in time of the image…and they’re doing better.

Lindsay is Carlos’ best friend and roommate and offers sound advice and good support on everything she does.  She also has helped Merriweather with his own issues many times and they’re good friends, although not as close as him and Carlos.  He currently lives with some other friends since he’s still working out some things he’d like to get over with before moving in with them again, but normally Merri would live with Lindsay too.

Hence why Lindsay’s face is covered up in favor of them holding hands, I guess.  Glue or something, IDK.  Stars and OTT sweet and puffy stickers, I’m happy <3 Very happy with the outcome, this is my favorite thing so far this year maybe <3

Ink minus Carlos' messed up head.  

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