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She lives in Toronto not far from both biological parents and her half sister Carlos, although lives is a weird word, I guess, since Sam's dead.  :P

Full Name: Sam Lizabeth Milosovici
Birthday: Early July, 1960-63; exact date unknown. 
Height: Varies, standard/natural is 4’4”
Weight: Varies, standard/natural is 60 lbs.
Body Type: Small, frail-looking, stronger than she looks. Arthritic. 
Occupation: Freelance artist/seamstress/film-maker, doesn’t work for profit or even share a lot of her work. No real job. 
Ethnicity/Species: Pseudo-Angelic/ Human. Undead. 
Pure Form: Null. Has many other forms, though: a cream-white fox-ferret-ish animal, awhite rabbit, deer fawn, mismatched skeletons a la Svankmejer. (wings present, but they are bones with feathers attached, usually), skull dolls, Hong Kong celluloid fawn, 80s MLP.
Faith: Nothing, cynical on the subject, but does not deny god(s) existing. Nihilistic.
Sexuality: Pansexual, prefers men despite fearing them. 
Partner: Married to Vincent
Siblings: Carlos and Ayami-half siblings
Music: Rasputina & Jack-Off Jill = favorite bands ever. Autumn Tears, Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennett, George Crumb, Merzbow, The Birthday Massacre, Dog Fashion Disco, Modest Mussorgsky, Polkadot Cadaver, Skinny Puppy, Syd Barrett, fictional band—I Read the Giver, Siouxsie Sioux, Yellow Swans, Christian Death, The Last Dance, old Korn, Bauhaus, Oingo Boingo, Coldplay, Tool, Clan of Xymox, Hector Berlioz, Nine Inch Nails, Mr. Bungle, Audra, My Chemical Romance, Bikini Kill, Mother Mother, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Scarling, Huggy Bear, Modest Mouse, Mindless Self Indulgence, Kerli, Type O Negative, My Bloody Valentine, The Blood Brothers, The Smiths, The Cure, early Manic Street Preachers, The Knife, Metallica, A Perfect Circle, Sopor Aeternus, Arvo Pärt, old Thirty Seconds to Mars, AFI, Garbage, The Faint, Ministry, Depeche Mode, Claire Voyant, Koffin Kats, Circus of Dead Squirrels, Emilie Autumn, My Ruin, The Creepshow Rob Zombie, Babes in Toyland, Creature Feature, Marilyn Manson. Classical, neoclassical/contemporary classical/abstract noise pollution, Gregorian, Celtic, cello rock, circus/jazz metal, industrial, gothic, riot grrl, cabaret, soft acoustic, psychedelic, horror themes. She prefers female singers. 
Fashion: Lot of black and white, grey sometimes, and occasionally pale blue/pink, dark red or purple. Classic, gothic, guro lolita. Hair accessories-hats, ungodlybig Victorian bows, headdresses, bow clips. Chokers often, cameo necklaces sometimes, ferret scarves (the dilapidated entire animal kind) on occasion, collars (spiked or otherwise) sometimes. Often wears bloomers, child corsets, etc. under clothes. Stockings can be white, black, patterned, NEVER fishnet. Saddle shoes, maryjanes. Is fond of Mori Girl, but only when it looks like: tattered or muted Lolita, 17-1800s, or like a medieval peasant—none of that bohemian hipster bullshit. When in a young form, she almost always attempts to look doll-like. If in the 20something form she may wear slips, short dresses, vintage pin-up clothes, fur coats, or kinderwhore—this form can look a little more adult in fashion. Will sometimes wear smoky black eye makeup, or dark lipstick, or add cracks and blood if going guro. Sews much of her own clothes. 
Extreme moodswings. Sharp wit, sardonic and cynical. Obsessive. Morbid curiosity, fascination with pain. Incredibly sadistic, a bit masochistic. Trusts no-one completely, except her mother, who is unable to take care of herself due to her own disorders. Capable of incredible kindness to friends and close family. Narcissistic, paranoid, and insecure. Hallucinates. Often intoxicated. Easily scared, especially of men, animals, swimming, and—to a far lesser degree--hospitals. All animals frighten her in person, but she likes renderings or photos of them, especially deer. In person a deer would petrify her. Nasty, morbid, dirty, often tasteless sense of humor. Enjoys exploiting, tricking, or hurting people she doesn’t know or trust for her own satisfaction. She is capable of regret, but her inability to fully feel physical and emotional sensations fully makes her sense overall sparse and skewed; that, and she’s been hurt too many times to have a good sense of these things anymore. Can be viciously cruel, selfish, and spiteful, often with little provocation. Suffers from symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, displays traits of sociopathic behavior, narcissism, borderline personality and passive aggressive disorders. Refuses/fears professional help, but her husband, family, and very few friends have helped her reach a better place. Vain of her clothes-likes looking pristine. Dislikes her appearance-often jokes about it but it really hurts her. Loves feeling powerful, needed, and in control; hates showing her many weaknesses. 
Drugs: Caffeine, (coffee, tablets, etc), tobacco, cocaine, methamphetamine, ether, ecstasy, cough medicines, spray cans, sharpies, glue, anything, anything to get a high. She DOES NOT EAT (few exceptions) but takes drugs to fuel her body, specifically stimulants. She also uses other substances to help her sleep sometimes, mainly opiates. 
Likes: Sleeping, art nouveau, macabre and non-pc humor, surrealism, drawing and painting, taxidermy (extensive collection of atypical and normal taxidermy, skull dolls, etc), gore/guro, music, gothic/romantic-era literature (Hawthorne is one of her favorite writers), anthro art, macabre/horror, Frances Bacon, Salvador Dali, aura/universe energy transformation/usage, getting high, intelligent conversation, lolita, My Little Pony art, books, figurines, and shows (she obsessively owns every pony item that ever existed and buys every new one), antiques, unicorns, filmmaking, S/M, theatre, bats, deer, rabbits, history, learning new languages, Hannibal the Cannibal, European history, Halloween, medical oddities, traveling, reviewing films, Japan (lived there in the 80’s), studying faiths, sewing, Futurama, Metalocalypse, South Park, old Family Guy, video games (silent hill series, resident evil series, devil may cry series, Katamari, Mario, old fight games, etc.), Victorian-era culture, art, homes, and furniture.
Dislikes: Sexism against women, narrow mindedness, people messing where they don’t belong in terms of energy experimentation, politics, men with facial hair (upon first meeting), being alone for too long even if others are in the house, horses, rats, dogs, some birds (all animals frighten her, but those ones especially do), her physical age vs. actual age, country music, soda, swimming/large bodies of water, dark small places, pedos (no tolerance for them whatsoever, although her jokes can be tasteless), food (most tastes like nothing and causes her to feel sick), feeling used/lied to/manipulated/talked down to (she sees a lot as falling under this category), people trying to help her.
Movies: Anything by Jan Svankmejer, Silence of the Lambs, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shining, anything by Stanley Kubrick, From Hell, Watchmen, Batman shit, Pet Semetary, The Wall, Mirrormask, any of the old MLP movies, Perfect Blue, Shutter Island, The Prestige, The Exorcist (ugh), Princess Mononoke, Donnie Darko, Paprika, Nosferatu. Big horror fan, but she’s very picky. 

MAIN FORM: 4'4" human girl, around 10-12 years of age.  Skinny
Really bony knees and arms
Large blue eyes; pupils often overly dilated or contracted.
Delicate features
Nails-sometimes painted, sometimes bitten or ripped off.
Modest, ruffly/frilly clothes
Pale yellowish skin, slight blue-green tinge.
Bruises are mostly from poor blood curculation; others are intentional. Not very clumsy.
Long dark brown hair, always pristinely cut.
Small feet and hands, thin fingers
Roundish face, cute nose. 
Small mouth.
Thick, clotted blood.
Eyes almost always bloodshot. 

NOTE ON OTHER, INVENTED ANIMAL FORMS: All of them can have fleshless, skull faces, but may keep ears or may have fake or button eyes. Can have needles for teeth regardless of whether the face is a skull. 

Deer form: more animal than human, close to 6'. Physical age is unknown, but it does have fawn markings. 
Big ears
Fluffy tail
Hands and feet are hooves. 

"pure form"-typically appears around 10--physical age--around 4'6". Older, 20something form, about 6'.
Snakelike in flexibility
Long, thin ears
Overlong mouth, teeth are thin needle-like bones. Long, thin tongue.
Her -only- older form, in its 20s, looks far older, haggard and thin. 
Overlong legs, swollen ankles, oversmall feet.

Other forms: Typical Hong Kong celluloid deer, cracked and broken in areas.
MLP-80’s style, black ribbon, vulture skull cutie mark. 

Main skull doll: vulture skull, realistic hair, doll body with vulture feet for hands and feet, vertebrate or furred tail, bat, dove, crow, or vulture wings, may have feathers/webbing or be skeletal as shown. Can have fake eyes. 

Poorly made skull doll-coyote head, yarn hair glued or taped on, grey body, sometimes leaks stuffing (sawdust).  Amateur hand stitching.  Wings are constructed from random bones, then craft feathers are sewn together and tied onto the wings.  Wires hold the bones together so they can move, and they are attached to the body in the same fashion.  

Loves form experimentation; you can come up with other forms for her, granted they fall under skull dolls or taxidermy experiments, mostly. 

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