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Info on Sweet Surprise, her ponysona, is included at the bottom.
Carlos is one of my favorites as well as my number 1 kink character.
She's best friends with Lindsay, lives with/hangs around with Carmichael (lindsay's bf), sees Bailey often, and is mostly internet friends with Dan but they chill sometimes.  She becomes friends with Lance/Emilie, Tess, and Andy and Liam over time.  Close with her half sister, Sam. 
She was born in Brazil, then moved to NYC with both parents when she was eight, where they lived with Lucy's bitter informally adopted brother.  Remus was like a bro to him, but they had a relationship later on that ended on bad terms.  It was supposed to be a temporary move but Remus kept borrowing their cash and they couldn't really move so they left immediately when Lucy got a job offer in Toronto.  Carlos was 12 then.  She and Merriweather started living together weeks after they began dating when Merriweather got kicked out.  That was when she was 16--she started transitioning a few months after.
Lindsay, Carlos, Carmichael, and Merriweather share an apartment currently.

Kinks (when domming--performed on Merriweather, usually): Whipping, needle play, wax play, temperature play, puppy play, hardcore oral, asphyxiation.
(when subbing):Ribbon bondage, spanking.  Also uses standard and rope restraints.  

Full Name: Carlos Maria DeMort
Birthday: August 10th, 1991
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140 lbs
Body Type: Slender, b-cup, androgynous, wide hips.
Occupation: Part-time at Sugar Sweet Dress Shoppe (models sometimes), part-time theatre/voice student, artist, wannabe-seamstress.
Ethnicity/Species: Pseudo-Angelic, French, Russian, Black Hispanic.
Pure Form: Lesser bushbaby-snake-asian unicorn/monster, blue bird of paradise/bat.
Faith: kind of some pagan deal
Sexuality: Mostly heterosexual
Partner: Merriweather
Siblings: Sam (half-sibling through Lucy), Ayami (full sibling).
Music: The Cure, GiGi, Perfume, Depeche Mode, The Birthday Massacre, Metric, MIKA, The Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer, Capsule, Dragonette, MSTRKRFT, Katamari music, Shiny Toy Guns, Mother Mother, A Perfect Circle, Lady GaGa, La Roux, Death Cab for Cutie, Spinnerette, The Faint, Bad Spider, Christina, Ra Ra Riot, Apoptygma Berzerk, Hellogoodbye, The Knife, Daft Punk, Oingo Boingo, Little Boots, Rasputina, Hellogoodbye, The Killers, Rhiannah, Blaqk Audio, Ben Folds, Cute Is What We Aim For, Deerhoof, The Wombats, Joy Division, Smashing Pumpkins, Lush, The Cocteau Twins, Dog Fashion Disco, Duran Duran, The Pipettes, Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, New Order, Morrissey, The Unicorns, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Parenthetical Girls, Arcade Fire, Scarling, Beyonce, Assemblage 23, Genesis, Tears For Fears. Electronic, techno, 80’s, new wave, pop, punk folk, circus metal, punk cabaret, shoegaze, cello rock, J-pop, female vocals, goth.
Fashion: Sweet Lolita or Fairy-Kei usually, Sweet Punk Lolita sometimes. “cotton candy” colors, purple, pastels, white. Favorite brands are Angelic Pretty and Sugar Sweet (the one she works for), so her clothes often have prints (but not always) and are usually good for Fairy-Kei too (buys a lot of separates).  Does do SOME classic sweet lolita too. Does not wear pants, may wear shorts or bloomers on occasion. Usually wears mary janes, but can wear high heels, boots, typical lolita shoes too. When not in Lolita she wears Fairy-Kei style—lolita accessories, chunky pastel sneakers and bracelets, pastel colors, Lolita or cute skirts and 80s children’s imagery—or casual punk lolita style (usually leaning towards sweet) a lot of black, pink and white, stripes, non-baggy band and graphic tees, skirts, stockings of some sort, boots or maryjanes. Collars and vivid colors are acceptable with the more casual outfits. Headbands, hats, bows, headdresses, etc. are all okay with any of the above fashion. Her makeup is simple and classic (not loud) or pastel, unless bright blue or pink, or the rare neons for clubbing. Sleeps in (often transparent) slips, babydoll nighties, etc. usually, but sometimes wears Merriweather’s pajamas (baggy pants and shirts, exaggerated length—way too long for her).  Underwear ranges from plain, cute colors and patterns to lingerie with stockings (preferred when domming).
Personality: Appears cheerful, but is often moody. Hard worker, loyal friend.  Highly social.  Clingy at times, but independent at heart. Moodswings. Never calm, only hyper or tired out. Easily excited, upset, or disappointed. Leader personality, often dominant. Intelligent, flamboyant, broad-minded. Can manipulate others’ emotions with little problem. She LOVES her family and sees them at least once a week.  Her own self-opinion fluctuates. Although she acts childish at times she’s mostly quite mature and responsible (except with money—terribly frivolous spender). Good with children. Often loud. Incredibly impatient. Dislikes most gory and scary things.  Carlos struggles daily with crippling anxiety.  Restraint and nesting under piles of bedding sometimes helps calm her.  Prone to panic attacks, fits, nightmares and night terrors. Hoarder; trait picked up from her parents. Afraid of medicine and anything in tablet form including vitamins, surgery, and doctors’ offices/equipment.  Multitalented; actress, singer, excellent cook and baker, occasionally dabbles in writing, learning to sew, draws.  She actually makes art, models, and designs for Sugar Sweet, a tiny sweet lolita brand stationed in her neighborhood.
Carlos was born in Brazil; her mother was a citizen all her life, but her father is from NYC. When she was 8, the family moved to NYC and lived there for 4 years, then moved to Toronto for his current job when she was 12. She met Merriweather in Rochester at an anime/furry con he had been dragged to, and when he got kicked out, he had no choice but to move to Toronto and live with her family. About two months after, she came out to him as MtF. Also they have a friggin miniature unicorn. yeah.
NOTE: Carlos is Merriweather’s mistress, and this is somewhat evident out of the bedroom. Usually they’re pretty casual-equal towards one another, but they both enjoy interweaving aspects into daily life.  Her subbing is often a reward for previous sessions but is sometimes for stress or simply because.  During such a session she’s usually sweet and gentle, purposely vulnerable. During these sessions he calls her his princess or baby girl. Sometimes their relationship appears reversed, but usually Carlos has requested him to make her feel “small.”  They share most duties, though, except finances—Merriweather handles those on his own since Carlos cannot be trusted with money.
Drugs: Pot and alcohol sometimes; prefers fancy “fruity” drinks. Cautious and prudent with usage.
Likes: Lolita and Fairy-Kei, kitschy stuff (i.e. lucy’s electric campfire, their chili pepper lights, lawn gnomes, and flamingos hanging from the balcony of their apartment), cute food, stickers, kawaii, musicals, cooking, Paradise Kiss, cosplay, making music with Dan, her family, learning, snuggling, singing and performing, blue and pink together (pastel or neon), going to Merriweather’s relatives’ farm, goats, conventions, mochi, marzipan, Lucy’s waffles, Sailor Moon, strawberries, annoying losers on dating/adult chat sites, children, sewing, concerts, dancing, garage sales and thrift stores, drawing, classic and new video games, taking walks, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia, Lucky Star, picking fruit, clapping rhymes, being Merriweather’s mistress, BDSM, cute manga/anime, shopping, unicorns, purple, ribbons, makeup, dying her hair, roller skating and ice skating, My Little Pony (including FiM) collecting ponies and pony customization, pet play, cats, unicorns, and exploring, especially cities.
Dislikes: Medical items, gory stuff. She is slightly phobic of everything from scalpels to band-aids to papercuts but when domming she can actually enjoy causing physical distress.  Also dislikes most rap and country music, jazz, too much cheese on her pizza, horror, being mistaken for a kid, racist humor, being dirty/smelly, fast food, drinking to excess, trans ignorance, waiting, too much butter on anything, zombies, being held up by slow people, and wishy-washiness.
Movies: Kamikaze Girls, West Side Story, The Last Unicorn, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Aristocats, The Girl who Leapt through Time, Tokyo Godfathers, Be Kind Rewind, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, The Princess Bride, Millennium Actress, Labyrinth, Whisper of the Heart, Orlando, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Edward Scissorhands, But I’m A Cheerleader, The Cat Returns, Chicago, My Neighbor Totoro, People Under the Stairs, Connie and Carla.

Petite, slender
Dark nipples
Shapely hips
Large birthmark between right hip and navel
Freckles-face, chest, shoulders.
Cute button nose
Wide mouth
Hair naturally brown-black & wavy, usually streaked purple
Can be dyed
can also be

Pointy ears, pierced lobes.
Big ol' blue eyes.

PURE FORM: Lesser Bushbaby x Ki-Rin x Snake x Bat x Blue Bird-of-Paradise (Bushbaby monster).

FERAL FORM: 2 Body types, depending on preference: more ki-rin esque (longer, less flexible limbs, stiffer frame) or more bushbaby-esque (shorter limbs, front especially—thicker legs).  Usually prefers the bushbaby build since it provides for perching, hiding, jumping, etc. with greater ease.
Height can range from only 9 inches to 3 feet (not counting ears).

ANTHRO FORM: body type is the same.  Feathering only on the face, elbows and tail, not present on the legs.
Striped ears, nose, hand/feet padding (feral form only) and tail barb
Back of ears are black
Long, bony tail
Black throat and upper chest, black trail from nose to start of tail, black speckles around markings.
Petite, low-set mouth, snake tongue, sharp teeth.
Black markings around eyes
Three grey, curved horns
Grey fingers and toes
Grey pips above eyes
Grey freckles on face, no black speckles present.
Tiny grey hearts next to the wings
Wings are bat on the inside, bird-of-paradise on the outside.
Huge ears, dark skin inside
Iridescent scales from knees/elbows to feet/hands, along top of arms/legs
Prehensile feet
Bird-of-paradise feathers on either side of tail, green/gold
Optional “cutie mark”—yellow star, neon pink, yellow, blue trail/rainbow, silver lock.
Huge eyes, no whites
Thin peachfuzz fur, skin underneath is same as human skintone

*Works at Sugar Sweet boutique on the Sweet and Fairy Kei oriented lines designing and modeling
*Alicorn, but incredibly poor flier, wings are useless.  Not royalty for this reason.  Adept at magic, however.
*Part zebra
*Talented singer and actress
*Cutie mark means she loves to be the center of attention, loves her family and friends, and shows her interest in kink (domme).
*Friends with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.  Her Very Special Somepony is a taciturn donkey named Merriweather.  
*Lives in Ponyville currently.

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