Monday, December 13, 2010


Doing REALLY well on my Christmas gifts for friends.  I've done a lot of human sketches, mostly of my boys Liam and Dan, and I'll scan them soon. I'm trying to design a sugar's tricky :P
Doodles of Dan I did on the corner of the French version of "Oh Christmas Tree" all ready for winter (well, sorta).  He gets a red nose on a good day so his nose must be like, NEON here.  He doesn't wear a nice, puffy warm winter jacket either (which is really dumb) because he thinks it makes him look fat.  This, from the kid who weighs nearly nothing--and no, Danno ain't manorexic, he's just plain thin.
But he does wear a cute hat and scarf. :/ He straightened his bangs only here.

 Dan and Jack.  Dan's side profile is atrocious.  I like the one above better.  I love his front view though.
Jack is in Bad Spider--he's the Guitarist Who Needs No Introduction--and is a fursuiter and fursuit maker as well as general furry artist.  He's an incredibly stylish person.  I SUPER stylized his features here as I'm starting to zone in on how I want him to look (the guys in Kill Hannah all resemble him in a certain way, lol).  He wears bunny ears and antlers (sometimes reindeer ones with little bells he bought at the dollar store) most days--his fursona is, oh god, such a groaner: Jack the Jackalope. :/  Dan had a crush on him for a while but then got over it because essentially Dan is not a gay character XP Jack is though.

 Liam and Derrick.  Still playing around with Derrick.  If the side profile looks familiar, it's a sketch based off of a different picture...that didn't turn out as well as I hoped.  I like his front view, though, and that initial picture of him works with the front view, so I just need to get better at those.
I "saw" Liam in a restaurant and doodled the guy on a napkin while watching him eat chicken wings and laugh at stuff his friends said.  I starred the ones I like.  I REALLY like the one of Andy with the hat on. And Anthro!Liam is a big masculine ginger tabby.  And may also be a wolf.  Depends on what he wants to draw.  
The side view looks more like the guy (who was in a hat) than he does Liam, but it's still close.  The picture above is WAY closer, but seeing that the front views were really similar was neat.  The hat makes him look different.  Plus I actually scaled his skull correctly on the napkin doodles....

And here's something I scanned for Mandeaux (Chizbizz on FA) yesterday, a little gift in exchange for some naughty arts of Carlos and Merriweather. X3
And another one just for being an awesome friend.

Also, WIPs from forever ago of Bailey and Benihime (contest prize...I want to just get it over with, I REALLY hate drawing anything for fetish furs).  I'm scared to finish the Bailey one.  Lately white on parchment has been a frightening thought.  But it's so cute. -_- 

WIPs for Sophie  (the moth-deer-rabbit-spirit character) and Joy (super cute peach-faced lovebird).  Characters for IRL friends.  I was really close to Sophie for the designing because she's a fellow artist and is planning to draw this design (eee!).  It's ALMOST done. 
her hair does NOT have V-bangs.  It has Bettie Paige bangs.  MY bangs are V-bangs. >:E
So she's a forest spirit primarily of decay (leaves rot where she walks, she can create dirt, create maggots and worms, decompose dead animals and plant matter, and make mushrooms grow) that gives off a weak aura attracting mostly moths but calming other animals so that she can approach any of them.  She didn't scan right: the arms are a pale grey, slightly brown, and the colors are darker and more mixed.  Oh well.
She can run around in the city or country, either or.  Likes lolita and vintage dresses, and high-fashion goth.  She is SO fucking fashionable irl.  One of those people that can wear ANYTHING.
So yeah, she's a forest spirit but she doesn't exclusively live in the forest.
Joy is a lovebird for a bunch of reasons.  She's annoying, cocks her head a lot like one, and sings.  She felt it fit her immature charm. XP Plus her buddy Liz is a dog-bird-thing so they sort of half go.  She also doesn't have breasts, but instead has this "bump" of feathers that lovebirds have on their chests.  And she has comic book bird hands, lol.  No fingers...but still left handed.  
Her pants are funky.  They're made to accommodate bird legs, and have holes for the knee and can zip off right above the knee or down the back for greater comfort/other options of wear in general.  I had a pair of zip off pants as a kid...ah, those were the days.  
Also, for my friend Kiera.
I don't really know why but I've always drawn her as a papillon, for a few years now.  Other animals may fit her better, but she's got this fluffy hair that she dyes all the time and she's just got this sophistication that reminds me of one.  She's by no means small.  She's really tall and is either a brown belt or lower-level black belt in karate.  She's sturdy, more sturdy than these dogs are.  BUT it just fits, so I don't question it.  She likes it anyway.  
She'd make a good owl. :P 


I forgot, Rachel has surface piercings on her hips.  Oh well, they'll be in this one.  NOT adding them to the other picture--it's done, the end.
Added some other tones when coloring the grey since there's more light hitting it in this picture.

shameful picture of what -I- like.  I'm not big on fetish art, but I like skinny people...that is, Rachel-skinny to Steffen-skinny.  Steffen is a gender-confused boy who used to think he wanted to be a woman.  He's torn and now just calls himself androgynous--a little late after getting implants, though.  Still wants to be a girl but knows now that it's not a HUGE urge.  Talk about rushed decision. He used to date Emma but his parents moved to California as he got worse and literally broke them up for him.  So now he lives near LA and is still into Emma (not in a creepy way or anything--he's just really sad and lonely).  He has a million medical problems that sprang from his severe anorexia (can't run, can't jump, can't stand for too long...not to mention ED).  He's kind of disgusting looking and has a lot of surface piercings that I forgot to add.  But in the end of the day, this insect of a human is still pretty to me. :P  Oh and he lives by Amanda Palmer and Rasputina and The Smiths and The Cure and Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division and Christian Death and other classic goth groups.  And he's straight (but in a gay relationship--out of loneliness ;-;...).  He's a photography major and he's pretty damn good at it.
I doubt he'd pose nude for anyone.
But yeah.  I like body modification, transsexual/herm, genderfuck, and skinny things.  And BDSM but that's not shown here.  Not that I don't like normal things too.  Like Rachel and Derrick gettin it on.  Or hell, just Rachel.
I love the pose but I know the anatomy MUST be off.  Picture of Emilie taking a shirt off--except someone walked in and she certainly did NOT expect that.  Probably scared that they'll recognize her as Lance before she'll be embarassed.  KIDS: NEVER USE UNDEAD POWERS TO HAVE GENDER MORPHING ABILITIES.  PARANOIA WILL RESULT.
and Darkmoon will draw pinups of you.
May finish.  I need a ref before I do though and I have several for this pose since I like it so much.  Little rattie toes <3

ALSO CUTEST RAT MARKING EVER.  oh, such a cute baby ;-;

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