Friday, December 24, 2010


Finished another gift for my friend Quiche.

I wasn't sure if I'd have time to make her a character, or even what I'd do, but she asked me if I'd do that for her.  I got all excited and felt super honored <3  so I played around with some ideas...a little.  mostly I thought of the photos of sugar gliders I had printed to make a new character.  I thought she'd make a good sugar glider, did a sketch of her as one, and then we decided on colors based off of the photos I had (I printed one for literally -every possible color type- of sugar glider recorded on the web) and did the sheet.

She's just a standard one: standard colors and markings.  She doesn't have any skin for gliding though, it was either removed or she was born without it.  I have a feeling that anthro gliders, since they aren't exactly aerodynamic, would either not have it, have only a little webbing, or have full-out skin, but would also most likely get such skin removed at birth.
She has a pouch and unfortunately I didn't make it sideways like a proper one.  It's kind of cute and cartoony and she could keep stuff in it. :P
The outfits are basically in a lot of bright/cheery colors, or blues, greens, and browns (which most of her wardrobe is made of).  She has an awesome collection of novelty tights/stockings/socks with lots of fun prints and colors and she wears them all frequently.  Cute hair, clips in every day.  She's very studious and likes studying languages...and knitting.  I just drew some of the outfits she wears regularly (she helped me with the dress) and threw on some shoes she has.  She has legit shoes.  The white ones are these heels that you can keep on by lacing up ribbons---you can put in any ribbon that fits.
Also, Slytherin scarf she made.  In the best of ways--because Slytherins aren't described as douches, just as ambitious people-she is a Slytherin for certain.

I'm working on a glider character for myself too, as mentioned above.  Her name's Tess, she's a sort of rusty tan color, she's got turquoise hair, and her tits are awesome. XP  Also she's gonna be Lance's friend/possible girlfriend but he'll meet her/fall in love with her as Emilie (very unfortunate!).
I'll have some sketches of her up soon.  All I know for sure is, I probably am going to give her an unrealistic body. XP  skinny, cute huggable butt, and large cup size. D:  But she's also trying to live life with this obnoxious glider skin getting in the way and it bunches up under her bra/undies all the time (or else it would be blown out in the wind...).  Ouch.

OH ALSO Liz's character has a little pet alligator that Laurel and I came up with for her.  Cute, right? :P

It's not great.  I colored it pretty fast and I now realize I forgot to color in its collar.  But whatevs, it's cute and it's done which means her ref (which took me an inordinate amount of time) will be done by the end of the day.

Have a great Christmas!

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