Monday, April 9, 2012

Jazz Tagobe

Based off of a half-concieved character from forever ago.  Friends with few, mostly just Bailey, Gage, Gage's immediate family (mother especially), Lindsay, Merriweather (recent development since Gage is in a band with him and Carlos now) and Carlos a little but she finds Carlos a bit overwhelming, as she does many people and social situations.
Has a yorkie.  No name yet.  Will have to update this later, then.

Full Name: Jasmine “Jazz” Tagobe.  Called Jasper Michael Laudner for a large part of her life, has been called many different names.  Original surname was Tagobe, first name forgotten/no longer relevant to her identity.
Nicknames: Jazz.  No one calls her Jasmine.
Birthday: 4/6/1989
Height: 6’
Weight: 150 lbs
Body Type: Tall, slender, small-boned.
Occupation: Biology student, dog walker.
Ethnicity/Species: Tree Kangaroo x Green-Cheeked Conure
Faith: Loosely spiritual.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Partner: In an open relationship with Gage (does not take other partners ever)
Siblings: -/?
Music: Spc Eco, Scarling., Mozart, Radiohead, VNV Nation, Rasputina, Eurythmatics, Razed In Black, The Birthday Massacre, Amanda Palmer, Carina Round, Pnau, Metric, Apoptygma Berzerk, Tapping The Vein, Keane, Cat Stevens, Klaxons, TV On The Radio, Bright Eyes, Loreena McKennit, Cocteau Twins, Uncertain, Deerhoof, Dean Martin, The Knife, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Cut Copy, CocoRosie, Regina Spektor, The Killers, The Smiths, Mother Mother, The Antlers, Your Heart Breaks, Gage.  Electronic, shoegaze, ambient, goth, folk, alternative, queer.
Fashion: Modest, but can wear short things as long as leggings/tights are present.  Sometimes wears black OR white gothy elegant/aristocratic/glamour things, with a slight cyber leaning at times.  Usually rather minimal, but often wears CRAZY shoes/boots.  Casual wear is jeans and skirts with sandals, combat/clunky boots, or sneakers, loose and breezy tops, peasant dresses.  Jewelry includes rosaries (collects them—not strong religious attachment but more of a good luck charm), feathers, hoops and delicate chains, pearls, dangling earrings, delicate items.  Also fond of vintage (20s, 30s, 40s) dresses, gloves, jewelry.  Favorite colors are purples, soft, buttery yellows, white, black, midnight blue, rich greens.  Adores loose and flowing clothing, gradients and tie-dye, and butterfly, moth, floral patterns.  Cannot wear warm colors except for yellow, brown, and gold (likes both gold and silver).
Personality: Hugely introverted, will only go out with Gage and occasionally Lindsay.  Taciturn and almost a little cold with even intimate friends (which are only Gage and Lindsay).  Trusts people very little.  Hability to handle her emotions is very weak; serious anxiety, rage, guilt, and depression issues.  Self harm tendencies.  Sleeps too much. Tends to have low self-confidence when approaching big projects.  While she loves Gage deeply she does not feel comfortable being physically sexual with him (or anyone) and for this reason allows him to take other partners, which sometimes makes her angry and sometimes is totally fine with her.  Had been abducted as a young child and sold into human(oid) trafficking; is now in a safe living situation with Gage.  She admires his looseness and confidence, and lack of guilt and shame in his life choices.  Like Gage, Jazz is genderqueer but prefers to keep her identity ambiguous with all but the closest of friends and Gage’s immediate family, who are helping her pay for college (Gage comes from money).  Has been lovers with Bailey in the past and still harbors feelings for him, but they are more platonic and aesthetic than sexual and romantic today.  He helped her to escape several situations and they dated in the past.
Drugs: Drinks socially, smokes cloves lightly.  Not an addictive personality.
Likes: Butterflies and moths, plants and flowers, dreadfalls, napping, dogs, spring and summer, being alone, forests and fields—nature in general, nature shows, reading and writing, performance poetry, Popples, dancing (when others aren’t watching, Gage = exception), singing in the shower, chinese food, sushi, avocado, stuffed animals, live gigs/concerts (small only), street art including chalk art, mixed CDs, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, fish insects and tofu (meat substitutes—piscetarian).
Dislikes: Oversleeping, crowded/noisy places, noisy people, red and white meat, her constant issues with depression, anxiety, and triggers, excess sexual and violent content in film games etc, being stared at/being the center of attention, hunting, a lot of the internet and TV, objectification of women in mass media, traffic, driving.
Movies: Ponyo, Lady & The Tramp, The Last Unicorn, Sleeping Beauty, Big Fish, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Secret of Kells, 1408, Hedwig & The Angry Itch, The Artist, Velvet Goldmine, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kinky Boots, Pirate Radio, Where The Wild Things Are.  Upbeat films, LBGT, and to a degree some horror but it can’t be too gory.

Faint small SI scars and occasional bandaids, on arms.
Hair naturally black, shoulder-length without dreadfalls (almost always present).
Uneven framing of the bangs is purposeful and always present.
Right lobe pierced ONLY.
Feathering on back, shoulders, down arms, tail, on top of feet and hands, under knees and eyes, on forehead.  Shorter feathers are green, longer are green and lavender mixed or just lavender. NO wings, feather cluster instead.
Ruff of feathers from base of neck to tail.
Long muzzle, soft pink nose, thin lips.
Lavender eyes.
Three long toes, like a tree kangaroo’s foot.  Good for climbing, makes standing on tiptoe somewhat easier.  Wears special shoes or goes barefoot.
Biologically male.  May wear breasts, doesn’t always.  Wears a v-string most of the time to cover her genitalia.
Do not draw her in sexual situations.  

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