Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fluttershy ACEO, Bailey pin-up, Cute puppy, and MANY sketches/WIPs...

 Fluttershy ACEO!  Will add Twilight later, I have to tweak something and she'll be done.  Omg, this series is almost done ;-;

Headshot sketch requests from Tuesday's streams.  

Fortinbras!  Typical pomeranian specimen.  Super cute.  Belongs to Andy & Liam.  Scan tried to remove his nose, apparently.

Thank-you sketch for Boe, he's sending me a book. :) 
Really gross and stupid sketch of Liam racing down...a kill Sam with a knife?  With his other dog Hamlet derpily by his side...or is that nobly.  Sam isn't phased since you can't kill the dead.  She just wanted to take her repulsive stinking reanimated deer carcass for a stroll.  Jeeze, people.  :/

(based off of something in shadowed lives...this doesn't actually happen in the

She can decorate herself and her deer by sticking in decorative needles and pins.  Yum!....Also she has a bloody nose so that's the line on her face :P Will also sew on flower designs, ribbons, fabric scraps, pearls and beads, etc. to her deer friend.  (inspired by some heavily decorated taxidermy I saw on tumblr.)
Group dance picture.  Was going well until I did Carlos' face.  ;-; gonna print it out and try again....*sigh*
I needed a ref for a fist and forgot to look it up.  Hence the missing hand.

WARNING: Nudity and adult content under the cut!

Gage being cute, naked, and smart with books.  Eating some grub things and strawberries.  I transferred this but so far prefer the sketch.  I may go in an dink it, who knows. 

for sale, $20+, used/new books/CDs, crafts, clothes, stuff from my wishlists/items for art page...anything.  I'm so tired of this piece, looking at it gives me a headache.  
I do like the carpet and the wall decal though.  And Bailey.  The background makes me picture dying markers and me gritting my teeth and being angry though, haha.  

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