Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1/12: Badges!

Fancy badge commission for Clockworkgh0st of Octavian.  HEAVILY Velvet Goldmine inspired, note the green earring ;)
His horns were quite long and I wound up trimming them to make them fit, but made them go off the border to suggest they're longer than shown.  It came out pretty well.

Trade for the ATC-Badge-Trade group on FA, for Wildelion.  She requested a candy/chocolate theme!  I haven't drawn an anthro with fur thick enough to keep it from having to wear clothes in years...I mean, since middle school, years.  It was really odd but kind of fun.  I hope I got her fun and silly personality across!
Also I did a poll on my facebook page (adkstudios) and decided to make the exposed photo paper badges a full option, as well as sigil ink and paint badges.  Those were the two themes/medias I used while testing ink badges out.
While working on Wilde's badge I realized that this derp badge included a character's interest instead of the usual "character in a silly/fun pose".  I thought maybe I could also split derp badges into "interest" and "cute pose" with interest showing the character surrounded by things they love, and cute pose being the standard shapey colorful backdrop and jumping/jogging/sitting character.

I also want to start a 20s theme for fancy and/or standard badges, and maybe a few halloween themes for each badge type (elegant for fancy, super scary for ink and paint, spooky cute/halloween party for derp, etc).  I know some artists do themes along with medias/sizes, and I'd like to do so, in order to get a clearer idea of where to do while drawing for someone else.  Hopefully I can open for some super cheap guinea pig commissions or do a few trades to test out some of my ideas.
I also just uploaded a new character, Gage, to the character section.  He's pretty adorable, you all should check him out!

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