Sunday, April 15, 2012

Badge, sketch, and adult ACEO

<3 My BFF and co-owner of nearly all the characters has a birthday coming up and got to be a guinea pig for my 20s photography badges.  This was so fun to make, all my favorite things at once pretty much!  I hope others commission me for them JUST so I can draw more of them, they're so fun.  $15 each, they're standard badges.

A sketch I've had kicking around for a while.  Trying to make more dynamic images, draw more humans, and human/anthro interaction.  Also I wanted to show their relationships through movement and positioning. I think I did a good job.  Transferred and began inking, it'll get purple sketch lines added since I really love how they look.

Kept forgetting to scan/post, it's in my portfolio pile.  A few animals I sketched at the museum.  I love taxidermy specimens...they stay still for you.  the fawn is my favorite.  His/her spots were SO vivid, but the shading I did made it hard to add them.  I originally was going to paint them on later.

Made two months ago (close to when the above was made).  A lot I'm not thrilled with but overallI like it.  I may finish it.  And yes, I do see Baphomet as my preferred way to visualize the universe/nature in a single form of chaos and balance.  Philosophically I'm similar to a LaVeyan Satanist but not exact.  And while I haven't done much yet I have a lot of interest in sigil work and other kinds of magick.  I never thought I'd find faith but hey, look.
This is not meant to be "satanic" or "offensive" imagery. 

Warning: adult content under the cut!

Started an ACEO of Trashcan.  Here's the inks...I had to fix her breasts when I added her tattoos, htat line was a bit funky.

And here it is, partially colored.  I finished it yesterday and will scan it soon.

That's all for now.  I've done some little digital doodles too, but not much worth posting.

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