Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/21/12: ACEOs and art nouveau badges!

Kinda overdue raffle prize for Burgerbaby, first I was waiting on refs and then just, waiting for an idea :P Did this last night, VERY happy with it!  I rarely get the opportunity to draw chubby characters (which makes me so sad) and I love drawing height difference couples, so this was fun!  And I loved just embellishing the linework and leaving it be to speak for itself.  The ACEO I had actually colored a few months ago, I felt it would be perfect.  

FenrirsChild was awesome enough to be a guinea pig for my art nouveau themed standard badges!  She suggested the moon crescent and I added the phases with paint.  The way I work with my pencils on parchment varies depending on what effect I want.  I was playing with opacity since I think of art nouveau as having a very vivid/thick coloring style with a lot of softer details, relying on shading instead of excessive linework (very different from my style).  I normally have trouble getting opaque pencils to look okay on parchment but I think this looks pretty good.  :) I hope these catch on, I'd love to make more of them in the future.

As a side note, my MLP doll project is all caught up, only the gala gowns (may come at a later date, depends) and the elements of harmony are left.  I'm fixing a few outfits that had fit poorly but that's done too, now!  So close and I can finally scan and share them with everypony everyone!

Warning: adult art under the cut

 My Trashcan pin-up is finished!  I love how it came out, she looks so wild and eager ;-; I just noticed I forgot to color in the tattoo of herself and her boyfriend, the grey's missing.  Dx I'll go do that.
This may wind up on Furbuy if you're interested, selling price of $20.  I should make an "originals for sale" page on here but that's what I use Etsy for, so idk.....HM.
In any case it's done and I think it's cute.

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