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So, Liam is my primary writing muse.  He and I have collaborated a little on some little first-person sketches and snapshots, and one longer story.  Most of these are whiny things concerning his previous drug habits and shameful acts.  Unfortunately.  Or maybe that's fine.  I'm not sure.

(apologies for lack of a nice background, I totally forgot and was gluing things when I realized I didn't scan it properly)
Full name: Liam Anthony Starling
Birthday: November 20, 1989
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Body Type: Stout, masculine, somewhat muscled.  Bullneck lol!
Occupation: Freelance surreal, horror, sci-fi, dystopian, and LBGT fiction writer, hobby artist (watercolors mostly), theatre actor, playwright.  
Ethnicity/Species: Human!, French, German, Polish.
Faith: STRONGLY opposed to most faith.  Atheist.
Sexuality: homosexual, 100% for sure yes definitely.
Partner: Andy
Children: Someday (future daughter-Harley, future sons-Isaac & Eli)
Siblings: Alyssa, 6 years younger.
Music: Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Brand New, Murder by Death, Cursive,  Gravy Train!!!!, Catch-22, Cocks in Love*, Smashing Pumpkins, Talking Heads, Leftover Crack, Dear & The Headlights, Dead Kennedys, The Pixies, Tool, Bob Dylan, Flight of the Concords, Bad Spider*, ANTELOPE+2*, I Read the Giver*, Elvis Presley, A Perfect Circle, AFI (pre-decemberunderground), Johnny Cash, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Soundgarden, Say Anything, OPERATION IVY, The Blood Brothers, T-Bone Walker, Of Montreal, Cat Stevens, Alice in Chains, The Sex Pistols, Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Jam, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sublime, Manic Street Preachers, Explosions in the Sky, Iggy Pop, Interpol, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matt & Kim, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Rufus Wainwright, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jane’s Addiction, Bob Marley, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Doors, Rage Against the Machine, The Rolling Stones, The Used, 311, Deftones, Killswitch Engaged, Nine Inch Nails, NoFX, Audioslave, MCR, The Vines, and lol, Jonny McGovern.  Rock, punk, stoner, queercore, indie, reggae, ska and skacore, hardcore, metal, acoustic, British blues-rock, blues, folk, 90’s. 
Fashion: WOODEN ENGAGMENT RING NOT OPTIONAL NOR IS THE DORKY BANDANA as his forehead sweats often so he hides it this way plus keeps his hair from being directly in his eyes (well…no).  Can be any color but pink, always paisley.  Can also be a skullcap, lol.  Homemade screenprinted tees, band tees, theatre humor tees (Shakespeare jokes, etc), Batman, Watchmen, X-Men, and Sandman tees too.  Some mildly offensive/brash gay as hell tees—not hugely gross/sexual.  Ancient baggy jeans, cargo pants, whatever.  LOTS of hoodies, and mostly dark or muted colors, black, green, brown, grey, etc. but will wear some eggplant and some red too, hell, even yellow.  hemp bracelets/necklaces. NO RAINBOWS EVER, except a pride/rights button or bracelet, may do more for a parade or something.  For the feets, birkenstocks, sandals, skater shoes, cheap sneakers, whatever.
Personality: Two main sides: the really scary young angry tortured artist, and the big silly best-friend-ever.  He’s an insomniac and copes frighteningly well on almost no sleep.  He has a very big, often offensive/disgusting, over-the-top, sarcastic, and totally gay sense of humor—and is pretty much capable of making anybody laugh.  He writes constantly, often staying up all night clacking away at the typewriter his grandfather gave him.  For Liam, his art forms are his entire life purpose.  Well, that and his dogs and friends and life goal to adopt little kidlets, too. He’s medicated, but used to skip on purpose at times (not smart)—he felt it stifled his creativity and energy but really he was used to relying on his mania for productivity.  The rapid cycling that characterizes bipolar 2 is still present, but manic and depressive swings are usually pretty mild and manageable.  If he was not successfully medicated he would not be capable of a normal lifestyle.  He has almost too many triggers to keep track of.  He is horrifyingly impulsive and used to act rashly often, but has learned to curb this.  Who he was in high school still hurts him terribly.  Liam’s incredibly devoted to his partner, Andy, who in turn has stuck by him through even the worst of his illness (and other problems).  He is acutely aware of his addictive personality—drugs, but also betting and competitions are all potential habits for him.  He should probably avoid Dan and Rob and other friends, then. The part of him that’s the young angry artist is the part of him that’s wickedly opinionated—he almost wants someone to come up and challenge him, because while he’s somewhat okay in his own skin, some of his family isn’t and the rest of the world (well, some of it) isn’t either.  It’s the part of him that gets down about things.  When he’s on your side, he’s a wonderful listener and likes helping people and hugging people until they yell at him to cut it out.  If he’s on the opposite side, beware. :/ 
Drugs: recovering heroin user, relapses sometimes but is fairly diligent.  Pot sometimes.  Drinks often—usually gross cheap whiskey—and chain smokes like a fiend. Like…there’s a lit cigarette on him all the time.
Likes: Batman, guys, Livejournal, Cilian Murphey, dogs-especially big breeds, mastiffs, and bullies, typewriters, band tees, zombies, screenprinting, Mythbusters, racing games, horror, David Levithan, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Stephen King, Dave McKean, superheroes, movies/movie theatres, bell peppers (he’ll eat anything but this is his favorite), Shakespeare, acting, writing, whiskey, watercolor, crafty stuff, illustration/cartooning, skyscrapers, horror, practical jokes, dares, drawing, playing guitar, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Jiz and the Mammograms (lol), lizards--horned toads and bearded dragons especially, working, hardcore dance pits (lol mosh), reading, concerts, really hella gay stuff, cute little kidlets.
Dislikes: Girls, the porn industry, Pete Wentz, McDonald’s and other big food companies, the PETA, coconut, how chocolate bars are cheaper than vegetables, the cost of cigarettes, not being able to pet Andy’s tail as much as he wants (lol), himself, Jeffree Star and like every scene thing alive, women’s clothing, pigs, home improvement shows, drag queens sometimes, clowns, club kids and ravers, a TON of 80’s cartoons, Parenthetical Girls. 
Movies: Little Miss Sunshine—favorite movie ever, Pleasantville, All the Batman Films (favorites are Adam West Batman, Batman Returns and the first of the new Batman films), Mirrormask, No Country For Old Men, Donnie Darko, Where the Wild Things Are, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, Coraline, The Shining, The Prestige, Pan’s Labyrinth, Ponyo. O Brother Where Art Thou, 2010 True Grit, Zombieland. Inception,The Iron Giant, Stand By Me, Fargo, The Shawshank Redemption.  Anything by Studio Ghibli or the Cohen Brothers is game to him.

European Starling tattoo on right arm, Sandman quote on ribbon underneath: “You are alive, so, live.”
Grey eyes, prominent, permanent bags.  They age his face hugely.
Large earlobes, pierced, but he doesn’t wear earrings anymore.
Bulbous pug nose.
Thick jaw, small chin.
Hair can be short or long in front, can have dye (green or black only), usually doesn’t. 
Sunburnt/tanned shoulders and arms.  
Scruffy facial hair, often in a short beard.  
Barely-there scruff ‘stache optional.

Fursonas: Timber wolf, bandogge (mastiff-bully mix), bearded dragon, orange tabby cat.  He draws himself as any of the aforementioned, often mixing features of the different animals to fit his mood or the particular picture he’s drawing.  He doesn’t have a set fursona design.  ALSO he has a pokesona, a feraligatr.  
Usually he draws himself as a bipedal with a humanlike build, but he does draw digigrade legs sometimes too, and his pokesona often is drawn as a feraligatr usually is, on its hind legs, hunched over.  
Feel free to draw him doing naughty things in any form, but note that Liam doesn’t like to see animal bits and doesn’t draw himself with them.  I don’t like that either, so please, no dog, cat, lizard, etc. genitals ☹ Human bits only!  
He also is never drawn as a quad, but can look like a were-animal. 
Also, Liam is against most fetishes.  Unless it’s a derpy joke picture AND WE ARE CLOSE FRIENDS, you can’t draw him doing anything adult besides good old fashioned fucking with other two-legged, consenting, grown-up characters.  And please, boys only.  ☹ He is monogamous but feel free to draw him with Batman, Destruction from Sandman, or any of his celebrity crushes. XP Or his partner, Andy.  And please no bondage.  I may like that, but that’s not his deal.  
A bandana or skullcap and wooden engagement ring are a must.  Fashion follows what he wears as a human: muted colors excluding rasta or purple and yellow, faggy/band/self-made screenprinted/theatre/geekery shirts, jeans or khakis, hemp jewelry, birkenstocks, skate sneakers, or...whatever lol. 

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