Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am SICK as a DOG.  Which is fitting if my fursona's a coydog.  Hahaha.

So while I'm home with the same exact damn sinus infection I had a few weeks ago (I apparently needed a second dose of the antibiotics but no one thought I did at the time, way to go guys) I've been working on reference sheets (all I do anymore, am I right?) but I also have an exciting announcement as well as some finished work that I am really happy with.
As per usual refs are under the cut.

First-off, I finally finished part of my trade with Twinklestah!
It's her fab fox girl Tika-Tiri doing some maaaagical stuff with a few bones and feathers.  My canine anatomy -sucks- and I'm the first to admit there's something off with her neck, but I'm still pleased with how this ended up.  I like the coloring and I bought this funky paper-tape border stuff that I used on here (it sort of tore, sorry about that Dx) and I really love it.  The background, I edited with little it's patchwork, for the Patchwork Plane, where her characters live.

Then it's the final version of Dance In The Dark, for that challenge I'm giving myself to live a little within my art and just sort of do things.  It scanned -horribly- but I don't really have a camera handy so...yeah.
I'm really happy with it.

Now it's just a million ref WIPs and a finished thing of Carlos.
Some nudity under the cut.

This is just a change for her current ref, which needed updating.  I just sort of totally BS'd her first ref and the anatomy was crap.  I took a lot of time on this one and I think it portrays her body type, coloring, and markings MUCH better.  I'm really pleased with her ears, the softness of the grey facial "freckles" and how I colored the iridescent scales on her arms and legs.
Her tail is different now, way thinner, but that's about it.  Small chest, slender, rather androgynous...her basic body shape hasn't changed -that- much.  Pre-op trans, afraid of surgery and hospitals and unwilling to commit to a sex reassignment operation for many reasons.
I was aiming to get her personality in the pose.  She's a little childish, loves dressing up and feeling girly, and likes being the center of attention.

This is the original ref idea, but I liked her face pointing up better so I traced and redid that.  She's stretching her arms behind her back and kind of.  stretching in general.
I wanted to--again--get her in the pose so I was trying for something casual, sexy, and teasing.  Rachel isn't exactly a sleaze but is obsessed with her own body image.  She is a successfully recovered anorexic, and used to use her body as power over men she dated, but usually wound up being used.  Old habits die hard--there's a part of her that still wants to attract men she doesn't necessarily want to date.  A deep-down desire to be an exhibitionist except she knows she'd regret it and hate it heartily (lol, she's been scouted for porn but always laughs in the peoples' faces and declines).  Also she's WAY into body art, but I didn't include her tattoos on the anthro ref.  The human one--she's usually a human--will come later.

The idea behind the design is her self-criticism.  She knows, in a vague way, that she's attractive or capable of being attractive at least, but really doesn't see herself as such through her own eyes.  She likes chinese crested dogs and has one named Winnie, who is her little bby, and opossums are vermin that dig through the trash--she sees herself as trashy due to who she used to be and the people she used to date, some of which were really dangerous men that hurt her.  So she threw them together to make something of two animals many people see as ugly.  It's really sad I guess.

his pose is unassuming otherwise it would be REALLY stupid and silly so I thought I'd save us.  I'm not sure if the proportions or anatomy are right but I like his face.  He's fun to draw.

(dan's ref used this whole let's be posing like our personalities thing, he was standing looking awkward instead of loud and obnoxious, because deep down inside he is a sad little boy)

More of Tess.  She's a shameless OMG BOOBS character, I'll admit, and her pose doesn't really mean anything except HEY GUYS I'M A SUGAR GLIDER.
She's modest and doesn't really like her breasts much, they're too big and therefore make it hard for her to wear certain cut tops and dresses and whatnot while still looking modest.  I always feel really bad for certain girls at my school who -insist- on wearing tops I'd look fine in that due to their chest size they appear to spill out of.  Sucks.  One of the reasons Tess likes Lance/Emilie so much is that he's not constantly eyeing her chest.  She's got a cute color scheme aww.  Reminds me of toast.

Also more Emilie. XP  I'm working on the background.

veeeery pleased with this!


after like two years of almost no use I am finally using Bailey again.  I was watching Velvet Goldmine over the weekend and was all the sudden LOVING him again.  It was magical.
So this is him.  I actually checked my anatomy for once.
EXCEPT I'm changing the legs, screwed up the hand horribly and tried to replace a finger somewheres else and ended up making a mess, and I really do NOT like the shading inside his ears and one is too short.  So that will all be fixed.
So I'm editing the scan.

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