Friday, April 22, 2011


I finally finished Bailey's new ref!
I finished it just an hour ago, in the wake of watching -many- Disney movies, a three-part crime thriller, a ton of HBO stuff and Kamikaze Girls, one of my favorite movies.  This was over several weeks of work.  I've been stuck for time for a lot of art, honestly, and I keep thinking that I'd feel more productive if I took photographs of the paintings I do for school.  Most of my time and effort goes there now...I should try to take some pictures of them all.

Bailey and I had a falling-out, you could say.  It wasn't anyone's fault.  I just made some dumb decisions regarding friendships and wound up associating him with people I wanted to get away from.  I started seeing him as a symbol of things that were ruined for me, of lies, and of things and people I was even afraid of.  I finally detached him from that by watching Velvet Goldmine.  I thought of him then in such a positive way that I did this, and it was quite therapeutic.

I went to a drag show with a friend last night, and it was also quite therapeutic, just being around so many people my age who were there with not only friends but partners too.  It was nice, seeing other lesbians my own age.  AND UM, I used to toy with making Bailey a drag persona.  I'm tempted to bring that back...we'll see, I suppose.

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