Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok, ok, real art soon, I promise.
But this is sort of like a sketchblog, right?  yeah.  so I can post what I want.  Like, human practice and new pictures in a teeny sketchbook I got a few weeks back.

 Emma being awesome.  Dan's girlfriend's real form.  she can't become an opossum, it's just cute and fun to draw.  plus he's a sort of furry artist-thing, so. yeah.  The inking's fucked and I think that thing to the right was going to be the dramatic height difference between Emma & Liam but I made him a mime instead.  :P Liam's around...5'7" I think, and Emma's like, 5'10".  Dan's...5'4" but he has the excuse of poor diet, hardcore drugs during growth-spurt years, lack of testosterone in his blood, and shitty-ass childhood to explain that away.  Liam has no excuse for being so goddamn short.
Emma totally used to play rugby. she is competitive and will kill you.  
cute cover for my senior project brochure.  It's on lesbians in graphic novels.  Kind of a speed-drawing, but it's pretty much what I wanted AND shows a ton of things that attract me, like, mohawks, green hair, curvy girls, septum rings, skinny, that's it I think.  Most self-indulgent project ever.

one more thing.
warning: adult art under the cut. 

Shitty sketch of emma jillin off, and a bunch of bad feet and legs.  As you can see I can't draw feet and had no reference on me when I did this, same for the legs, i was kind of going by memory or something.  Was going to be leg practice. I like how her butt's flat because she's sitting on a floor or something.  Her face gives me a lot of grief; I'm still working it out.

Now, I was SUPPOSED to have Rachel's finished reference sheet (it's super close to being done), a gift for someone on FA, and a bunch of practice pen sketches of Dan on here but that didn't happen.  Oh well.  I'll have my life back in literally two days.  Was busy with the aforementioned project.  

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