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Kale's the frontman for I Read The Giver, a prodigal musician with a great deal of talent.  His parents' divorce was ugly and that, combined with his desire to get his band further ahead through any possible means (and the desire to be a "cool rock star") really degenerated him into a walking trainwreck.  He is loved, feared, hated, and pitied all at once.  Through raw talent (and a lot of behind-the-scenes fucking and bribing for the best times and venues) Kale has made them the best-known local college group on the scene.
But alas, what profit a man if he gains the whole world, only to lose his soul?
or something like that....

Dave's hero, Liam's biggest punchline.  Everyone else just sort of watches him make beautiful music and  ruin himself with a mixture of horror, pity, and admiration.

Full Name: Kale Sullivan
Birthday: December 22,1987
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 169
Body Type: Slight pudge, strong forearms, lady-hands XP otherwise, untoned and a little sickly looking. Slightly feminine.
Occupation: Works at the local record store.
Ethnicity/Species: Human; Russian, English, Dutch.
Faith: He’s too cool for faith; atheist and nihilistic hedonist. :P
Sexuality: Gay, but will fuck girls. XP
Partner: oh god
Siblings: Jeremy (Jer-Bear) who is pretty much the light of his asshole-life.  5.
Music: Nine Inch Nails, The Dead Science, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Tool, Tapeworm, Skinny Puppy, Puscifer, Alice in Chains, The Smiths, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and any classical music.  That’s pretty much all he listens to, ever.  But he knows about a lot of music.
Fashion: Grimy, ripped up jeans, shirts, flannels, and hoodies.  Band tees, “stoner” colors, lotta plaid.  Wears skinnies as well as looser pants: blue, black, whatever.  Pyjama pants too.  Any shoes do just fine.
Personality: Total fucking douchebag, near-sociopath, completely self-absorbed.  Screams a lot when he is upset (which is a lot of the time) and his neighbors think he’s severely autistic or retarded or something due to his racket.  Oppositional-defiant and nearly borderline (mild borderline?).  Reacts violently (vocally and physically) to like, everything.  Manipulative, totally anti-social.  COMPLETE slut.  Loves feeling like a trash heap; loves feeling sexually used and abused.  Will sleep with anyone and anything and has a gazillion band-groupies he puts out for.  Paranoid as fuck, capable of being a really bad friend, sees self as GOD of some sort, but seems to have some sort of self-loathing at the same time.  Hates talking about his feelings to too many people, but loves complaining.  Wants to be closer to people but yet goes between liking and hating people and just finding them boring (usually he’s “bored” with people). ACTUALLY THOUGH, he is capable, for the most part, of being some weird, mostly-normal narcissist that can actually be pretty cool, so the information above and below sort of applies to certain times and situations (more to his home life and when he’s really stressed).  His musical genius is why he still has friends, and he always gives credit where it’s deserved.  He can be a good friend, even while he’s an asshole, and many people look up to him even as they look down at him.  Also still lives at BOTH homes of his divorced parents who spoil him and are somewhat afraid of/still love him. Is wary of his parents, and surly when spoken to.  Sometimes he can have a decent conversation with one of his biological parents and can be comforted if he’s in a miserable enough mood.  He throws fits still. Oh and has had (rare) psychotic episodes resulting from past, serious drug abuse.  Can get silly and girlish when in a sexymood and sometimes acts like a giggly little girl arm candy sort of thing and it’s gross to watch.  Every relationship he cares about, he cries over. He calls Eric, Wiggles, and Benny all the time and bitches.  He wants a boyfriend and wants to be loved, but obv. wouldn't make a great boyfriend, and usually winds up not attracting the sorts of people he wants anyway.  He treats his mother in law like shit and threatens to kill/maim her often and has physically harmed her several times.  Oh and hates having a job and hates school stuff—he quit college for a choice few dumb reasons.  MOOCHER.  Can’t drive.  Only seems to be actually happy when fucking and it’s more some manic, trashy energy than real happiness.  WELL THAT’S A LIE, his little brother makes him very happy, although he didn’t always like his brother.  Hobbies include sitting very still and listening to music on headphones and helping his little brother play games and color in dinosaur coloring books.  Also has Splenda, the cat, who is the only thing besides Jeremy that makes him happy/normal (that and playing music).
Drugs: Ecstacy, psilocybin, alcohol, pot, special K, LSD, morphine, ecstasy, and on incredibly rare occasion, cocaine.
Likes: Sex drugs rock n’ roll, his cat, himself, his little brother, drawing and painting, SAM MICKENS, and orange colored foods (kraft mac n cheese, orange juice MUST BE PULP-FREE or else whoever bought it will get the glass thrown in their face, etc.) and maybe a few guys he crushes on.  And I thought I should mention his little brother again.    
Dislikes: Everything else (or simply doesn’t give a flying fuck).  Oh, and fucking a guy with his dick instead of taking it in the ass.  He only likes being assfucked.  ONLY LIKES BEING ASSFUCKED.
Movies: The Wall.  That’s all I’ve got for now, I don’t think he really “notices” what he watches or rather, it doesn’t really impress him much, usually.  He usually sits at home and watches things with his brother or dad.

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