Wednesday, April 6, 2011


BFFs with Carlos, lives with her and Carmichael and during certain times Merriweather too.  Does a lot of stuff for a living, makes good money, is kind of on the rise.
Also friends with Bailey, Jazz, Gage, and others.
Pretty bad childhood, she doesn't like to talk about it.  Her mother is very unstable and unfit to parent but not an unkind woman; Lindsay took care of her more than she did Lindsay.  Her father was a disgusting abusive pervert pig of a person but he's kind of out of the picture, luckily.  She has a little residual stress but copes really well with tough situations, better, probably, than any of my other characters.

Full Name: Lindsay Powers
Birthday: December 18, 1989
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 90 pounds
Body Type: Leggy, well-muscled, petite.  Slender, almost bony build, small chest.
Ethinicty/Species: Chinese Crested Dog (hairless).  Chinese.
Occupation: Fashion and fetish model, dance instructor/performer (burlesque, pole, children’s tap, ballroom, performance/artistic), drag queen, singer.  Also draws and sews much of her own clothing.  Almost totally self taught in all of above disciplines, except dance.
Faith: unconcerned.
Sexuality: straight.
Partner: Carmichael.
Music: Lady GaGa, The Knife, The Birthday Massacre, Iggy Pop, Ladytron, The Faint, Regina Spektor, Metric, Vince Giordano, GiGi, Cristina, Louis Prima, Kylie Minogue, La Roux, HelloGoodbye, ELO, Real Life, Panic! At the Disco, The Pipettes, Rhianna, Nine Inch Nails, Hot Chip, P!nk,  Duke Ellington, Dragonette,  ATC, Audra, Cocteau Twins, Daft Punk, Spinnerette, The Dresden Dolls, Chromeo, CocoRosie, Tones On Tail, Robyn, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, September, The Distillers, The Crystal Method, Sugar & Gold, Dead or Alive, The Pixies, David Bowie, Apoptygma Berzerk, The B-52’s, Shiny Toy Guns, Patrick Wolf, Annie.  Glam, electronic, pop, cabaret, goth, musical/theatre, 80’s, swing/big band.
Fashion: Being a high-fashion model, you can draw her in almost anything.  Wears a lot of pink and black, but is not limited to this!   Likes glam, drag, burlesque. HUGE on 20s fashion as well, can wear any color, especially white, green, blue, cream.  Also likes mod and deco, she enjoys doing more mature takes on Fairy Kei—that is, fewer accessories, corset elements, etc.  No Lolita.  Corsets, short skirts, skinny jeans, leggings (sometimes as pants), mod dresses, bold prints, nettings and stockings, legwarmers and armwarmers, partial tops, spaghetti straps, glitter, bows, faux fur, leopard and zebra print, sequins.  Will wear mild bondage elements.  Shoe addict, loves all kinds of shoes.
Personality: Intuitive, street smart, caring, sometimes blunt, a little gossip-y.  Likes shopping, dancing, helping others to expand their minds, solve their problems, etc.  Has a slight lisp.  Incredibly busy with her career—modeling and performing (singing, dancing, drag, etc.).  Loves conventions (art, music, dance, fashion, politically minded, etc), clubbing, performing, meeting new people, etc.  Has a low libido.  Used to be way more heavily into BDSM (subbing), still is, to a lesser degree.  Fan of suspension, latex and leather, spanking.  Not easily riled up or upset.  Incredibly dignified, but not egotistical.   Very insightful and aware of others’ problems.  She refuses to be pushed down by others and takes shit from nobody. Also a great baker.
Drugs: Drinks on rare occasion; never caught drunk.  On even rarer occasions, she’ll smoke weed w. Carlos, Merriweather, Bailey and friends.
Likes: Dance, exercise, glam fashion, teaching, baking, sewing, drawing, glitter, make-up, napping, DDR, helping others, SAILOR MOON…a lot, Jem, Rainbow Brite, MLP FiM, quiet afternoons and evenings, Disney movies, studying languages, Marilyn Monroe, interior design, conventions, drag performance, cabaret, classy burlesque, acting, singing, learning, gym class, pole dancing, modeling, BDSM, androgyny, gender studies, masculine men, gender awareness/rights, activism, Columbia (RHPS), kawaii stuff, sugary foods, stickers, Halloween, exotic foods, shoes.
Dislikes: Pedophilia humor and pedo bear, hate groups, forced feminization fetishes, her lisp (can usually work around it), trashy people, feminazis, casual sex, Ren and Stimpy, horror films, large concerts, hating on cabaret/burlesque/pole dance performers, math, her biological family, her rotten ex and his family.
Movies: Spirited Away, Hedwig and the Angry Itch, Some Like it Hot, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, My Neighbor Totoro, V for Vendetta, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Paprika, Kamikaze Girls, Tokyo Godfathers, Velvet Goldmine, Connie & Carla, Millennium Actress, West Side Story, Plague Dogs, The Aristocats, Lilo & Stitch, Lady & The Tramp, Oliver & Company…basically all the cute animal Disney movies.

Born intersex,but it doesn’t show at all (except internally)—she appears and ID’s as female.
Delicate, slender frame.
Two-tone heart nose!
Speckled, mottled skin.
Long muzzle.
Can shave fur from wrists and ankles.  Underneath are faint, pink scars from chafing of bondage supplies, scratches, rope burn, etc.
Hair is naturally white and rarely dyed, if ever.  Bangs are modeled after Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle or done into 20’s waves/sweeps.  Can crimp and curl it as well.
Birthmark on right cheek.
Grey-blue eyes, long lashes, sometimes adds decorative fake ones.
Tail is not like most Crested tails.
Ear piercings all at 16g..
Breasts are a small B cup.
Various scars on body, most are now just barely visible.  Include them if you want.

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