Tuesday, March 29, 2011


FIRSTLY, I made a new header.  The old one was big and ugly and I meant to remove it and somehow forgot to....Anyway.  Anyway, I will -probably- make a new one using the same elements in a little while if/when I get an animating program in anticipation of college.  

I challenged myself to make 100 images--or something like that, maybe more--where I would draw something to a song or something that would have to come easily or be worked on in whatever way I wanted.  This is finished now but it started with the background, which was splatter art.  It's not quite done, I think.  I'm planning to add some shadows and iridescent medium and some text.  So you don't see it yet.  Soon, though.  I promise.  This was to Dance in the Dark by Lady GaGa.  

I traced and reworked the old version of this.  Evelyn Evelyn fanart.  http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=2182416918151440743&postID=6558473618026877693 original version.  

 I could've sworn I scanned a trade for twinklestah, whose blog on here is REALLY awesome and you should all see it: http://twinklestah.blogspot.com
But I either didn't or finished cleaning it up before I transferred things to my new laptop.

Warning: adult content under the cut. 

FIRST, a picture of Emilie colored with pencils that I'm making a room-background for.
I fixed the angle of the rug and watercolored it loosely then inked over that.  Going to scan that soon....yeah.

SECOND, the FINALLY FINISHED! picture of Garbage and Trashcan (Derrick and Rachel respectively--grimy fursonas with grimy fursona names).  That's markers, colored pencils, watercolor, and iridescent medium.  

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