Saturday, February 26, 2011

When I redesigned Carlos....

Warning: nudity under the cut.
I'm working on redoing part of the reference sheet since her body is really out of proportion and dumb-looking.  I remembered I scanned these, though.
Still unable to get rid of the dog here.  She was still a fox here but I was adding more markings and playing with what could be done.  We meet our new friends, the butt-feathers.  They stay with the design.  Her chest isn't that big.  I have a feeling I keep drawing her far too masculine/androgynous.  

This is probably closer to her body type than the ref--slender, small-chested.  Except I think her hips would be wider--she doesn't look quite feminine enough.  She's a small B-cup.  At this point she was in serious danger of becoming a chihuahua-unicorn-thing.  Ouch.  

This is my favorite from the redesign sketches.  I hadn't redone the wings yet and couldn't fathom removing the dog from her at this point still (I think this is between the other two designs above, somewheres).  But the pose is so cute, she looks like a pudgy little puppy.  Ahaha, I was considering changing her little optional butt design to having a lock showing her submission (at times) but also showing that for the most part, she is a whip-wielder.  Then I figured that wasn't too cute.  :/ 

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