Sunday, December 4, 2011


I decided to make some ponysonas for myself and a few of my far just Carlos and Merriweather. 

Carlos is the only one with a finalized design, so I drew her out...

Her ponysona's name is Sweet Surprise, her element is spontaneity, her special talents are performance art and design, and her cutie mark symbolizes that, along with her strong ties to family and friends and interest in kink.

Her wings are really quite weak; she's afraid of flying and isn't very good at it, is only able to hover a little. Her horn is much more powerful and she is an accomplished magic user.
Sweet Surprise is also half zebra, hence the stripes on her legs.

I'm gonna make a doll of her to go with the others too, I think.  I have all the bodies done and I need to scan them.  I'm starting the clothes--the underwear is all inked except for AJ and about halfway colored.

Also, an ACEO that's probably going to my grandma for Christmas.  I had been messing around with my inks and tinted a few cards, then decided to draw a peacock (reference-less) on the card.  No undersketch.  I hope she likes it.  I never know what to get my relatives and I VERY rarely am able to draw something I know they'll enjoy, so this will literally be the first piece of art I remember planning to make and give to a relative.

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