Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/22/11: Trade//Ref//Adult Trade//ACEO

As it says.  Trades, ref, ACEO.
I'm not going to shade my MLPs anymore.  I only did it once.  Here.  I don't like how it looks.  Still, pleased with how it came out in terms of pose...gonna cut it out and rescan.  Trade half with Opossumsrubnoses
Lindsay finished.  I used graphite instead of iridescent stuff on the background...Pretty happy with how it looks.  A lot of people draw her with brown patches instead of grey, but the actual breed can have either.  I prefer her with the grey, but it's shown here to be a sort of grey-brown.  Her new ref will come soon, I hope. 

Other trade and ref under the cut. Nudity AND adult content.

Darkmoon ref WIP.  I don't draw her much, I's coming pretty good, I think.

And finally, trade with N-N-Nails!  Really pleased with how it came out.  Gonna have prints of this available at AC (along with the above Lindsay image, and an assortment of other cards).  I really liked the opportunity to draw this subject, I tend to neglect adult art on my own and it's hard for me to finish....but this was really fun.  

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