Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12: Ayami Trade Sketch

Here's the sketch so far:
(Sorry for the massive fullview.  My computer is being weird.)

I'm inking it right now and will post the update later!
Pose reffed from Posemaniacs, which I highly recommend to any person looking to better their human art.  It's a free tool that has an archive of poses broken down to muscle, viewable on a grid in many angles, and it also has sections showing just certain parts of the body, like feet.  I think you can even get it as a phone app.  There's no fee but donations are encouraged.  The person this trade is for actually recommended it to me a few years ago.
Background is going to be a bunch of fish and glow-bugs, things the character greatly enjoys.  I will probably put it on scrapbook paper after that or another piece of paper so I can make the background like a roller rink a little, unsure!

Hoping to post a few character concepts later as well as updates on the image's progress.

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  1. Whoa, that looks incredible so far! Awesome work with that challenging pose.