Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fluffpie Badge

Wow, I feel like this has been more empty of late, in terms of WIPs and stuff....
So here, have a cute bunny!
For Conjurecakes, who I just found out is part of my roomiegroup for AC 2012~~ Very excited!  
I'm open for pre-orders and can even mail them if people would prefer, to have before the con. In a way I'd prefer that since I don't have a table.....:/
ANYWAY, it was fun and her badge for me was super cute too!
Fluffpie is the cutest/sexiest rabbit ever I swear.  And utilizes my favorite cutecolors too!

Hoping to do some actual *work* today that I can post besides MLP dolls and sketchbook doodles....hmm, I should probably start scanning my sketchbook pages, but it's mostly anatomical practice that, more often than not, becomes Merriweather masochism.

I still owe two trades that I need to get on, though :) so that should keep me busy.....
Gonna be watching a bunch of Studio Ghibli movies with a friend so hopefully that'll inspire me to do a lot of work.

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